This shall be the last message provided for you. – Diana Olivieri

Recived October 7, 2017
Published October 10, 2017

Saturday morning, I awoke and laid in bed. As I lay there, I heard get up and share this. It was heard as I normally hear the Lord but wow, I could sense this great emotion. He was upset… but the energy was one of frustration. So much so, it teetered on anger. This made me question … is this you Lord? So I have not shared this message. But just this morning… I was led to some things and received confirmation through another of receiving the same emotion in prayer from Him on the 7th and 8th. Very rarely have I experienced this great emotion from Him as He does not share that often. So yes… I did hear Him and I felt His emotion. I submit this for your discernment.

Word from the Lord October 7, 2017. Am. My child… share this message. You have been found worthy to provide its content. This shall be the last message provided for you. You shall stand tall when receiving it. Prepare yourselves for great shaking. The arrival of those I have warned and foretold is about to be. My love listen, you have given all you have been granted by me. Those who have listened will be covered, hidden away. Watch and see for it is near and I shall be with My children. Who knows these things but I? You shared the story I have given… the plans… and many jeer, mock. I say to you this day My love: they shall not mock any longer. [Lord? Are you upset with something?] My chains upon their neck. [Father?] Those not of Me… [Father is this you?] My dove listen. I have warned. I have granted. I have given…

I am not sure if that was all of the message as I was struggling to hear… but that is all I have noted down. It has been my sincere honor to have met each and every one of you, to have grown to know you as my sisters and brothers in the Lord… my family. I pray that things I have shared have helped you along the way. But most of all, I pray that the Lord’s heart was seen and heard in the messages provided. That is what He intended this channel to provide… to show that He loves you beyond measure… to show that He would die for you all over again… to show that He is not a tyrant but a loving Father full of mercy and grace. He wanted you to see Him for who He really is… the lover of your soul. God bless you all and until we meet again… I lay my pen down. May the love and peace of Yahweh be with you all. Shalom.