Role-Player Registration: Oklahoma (IS THIS WHERE THE NEXT FALSE FLAG WILL BE?)

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Get PAID $475 to assist the Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas National Guard in Oklahoma City as a Casualty Role Player (CRP) the week of 30 OCTOBER thru 02 NOVEMBER


    Human Domain Solutions (HDS), LLC is now hiring ​Casualty Role Players (CRP)​ to participate in an Oklahoma Vigilant Guard training event October 30, 2017 thru November 2, 2017 at Warr Acres Fire Training Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ​This exercises will be an Oklahoma emergency response to a simulated incident involving contamination elements. CRPs will be moulaged (injury makeup and fake blood) to portray various physical and emotional injuries and conditions, and will go through medical triage, decontamination, and medical treatment several times during each day of the exercises. Arrival times will be early morning, and the exercises will run between 6-8 hours each day. CRPs will wear cut-away prop clothing and will be washed in decontamination lines to simulate the cleaning off of contamination substances.

    This is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for these brave men and women of the National Guard. Those who have participated in past National Guard disaster preparedness exercises have found it very rewarding: you get to support this important state and community service–and get paid while doing so.

    ELIGIBILITY:​ There is no security clearance requirement, so it is open to all, but criminal background checks and U.S. employment eligibility checks will be accomplished. All personnel must have appropriate ID and be without criminal background. IDs are scanned by security personnel and persons with felony convictions will not be allowed on site. Priority will be given to those with previous experience with role playing, acting, military, and/or first responder/disaster response experience. We also look for diversity amongst our CRPs, including gender, ethnicity, age, body type, disability, and foreign language ability – American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) speakers are also highly desired. Due to a potentially strenuous decontamination process, and varying outside temperature, CRPs may not have a life-threatening or serious medical conditions.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information Bill. I have never heard of the book of truth but it sounds like it is worth checking it out.

  2. Greetings dear reader,

    I do not expect to be believed but consider what is offered below.

    A basic familiarity with the contents of the Bible is that it features 73 Books (66 in Protestant versions). What is vastly unknown is that an unlisted 74th Book of Scripture (67th in Protestant versions) does exist as a promised Scripture of prophecy foretold to exist materially, somewhere in the continuum of time. This unlisted Book of prophecy Scripture is found mentioned in Daniel 10:21 and 12:4-9. These verses clearly indicate the promised Scripture is meant for a time other than Daniel the prophet’s time. Daniel was instructed to seal up the ‘Book of Truth’ (or ‘Truthful Book’ – depending upon translation), for it was not to be known until the time of the end.

    Fast forwarding about 2,600 years to November of 2010 continuing till 2015, an alleged prophet has come forward with a public message for the whole of mankind. According to the instructions given the alleged prophet, the public message given to mankind is foretold in the Book of Daniel and is to be called the ‘Book of Truth.’ Furthermore and most importantly, the alleged scriptural revelation is meant to prepare the souls of mankind for the Second Coming of Christ – the Great Day of the Lord. The alleged Book of Truth is said to be the interpretation of the Book of Revelation and is also said to be a guide of great benefit for those willing to listen, in these end times.

    Many believers of the Christian Bible, through the centuries, have scoffed at the mere notion of the Second Coming of Christ manifesting in the time in which they live. This is likely due to the simple historical record that life goes on as normal beyond the date of a popular end time prediction. While history is replete with failed predictions of this sort it is not wise to comfort oneself with this particular failure on the part of man, because one day the Lord will return – with signs preceding His Coming. Without the ability to know with certitude, by me or anyone else, it may however be accurate to say that no such failed end time prediction has ever been accompanied by a collection of alleged Heaven-sent messages which claim to be the Book of Truth, foretold in the Book of Daniel. Simply put, according to Daniel 12:4-9, the Second Coming of Christ will not manifest without first the Book of Truth being given to mankind. What is now at hand, and of serious need to consider, is the claim that this Book of Truth now exists. Via the internet and in book form, the alleged Book of Truth has been publicly given to mankind. The alleged end time prophet, said to have been chosen to announce to the world that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent, has related that all prophecies foretold in the Book of Truth are to manifest within the lifetime of most people living today. *A narrower prophetic timeline found in the Book of Truth indicates that the two presently living popes, Benedict and Francis, are to be significant characters of this alleged era preceding the day of Judgment.

    Before going onward be assured I would not trouble myself to bring you this information if it were not something that I feel of an imperatively serious nature and frankly, a duty – a duty that may one day be your own burden in regard to the welfare of others. I have nothing to gain, in a material sense, from this correspondence, due to the fact that the messages of the alleged Book of Truth can be read online or downloaded free, and no advertising exists on any of the Book of Truth archive sites. There are printed books of the messages if one desires that format, of which I have no connection. My sole desire is to alert humanity of what I perceive, at present to be true, and with hope, to bring others to join in a global prayer crusade, called for by the Book of Truth, to help mitigate the suffering of mankind at this time – the culmination of Biblical events leading to the Second Coming of Christ.

    I do not present this Book of Truth information on the bet that claimed prophecies will one day manifest. I am of the firm opinion that nine prophecies, possibly more, have already become facts, at this early stage, with other predictions appearing to be in the process of fulfillment. According to the messages, much more, in terms of prophecies becoming fulfilled, is yet to come and will manifest in such a way that no one, not even a ‘hardened atheist’ will be able to deny that the Second Coming of Christ is close.

    At the fundamental level I would describe the Book of Truth as a guiding text for a time of increasing complexity. IF authentic, it reveals the general details of global conspiracy and the personalities involved who are to deceive an unsuspecting humanity, at this time of the end. On a positive note it is also a guide to the remedy of the declared multi-faceted global conspiracy. The remedy is simple, it is prayer. A commitment to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Crusade Prayers (found in the Book of Truth) is asked by Jesus, with emphasis on prayer groups forming. This regimen of prayer is to counter the increasing evil and to help in saving the souls of many. There is a level of complexity regarding the request for prayer and that is the subject of the ‘Remnant.’ Prayer is the key to the mitigation of suffering that is to be experienced by mankind. The Remnant is to play a crucial part in this regard – more prayer less suffering.

    Because I cannot aptly describe this concept of the ‘Remnant’ in a few lines, I offer for anyone interested, a tip to conduct your own review of certain messages which speak of the Remnant.

    If you desire, this is what I would suggest: There are many English language Book of Truth archive sites (numerous sites representing multiple languages seem to be part of the mystery of the global Remnant). One such English language sites that is easy for me to remember is:
    w w w . t h e b o o k o f t r u t h o n l i n e . b l o g s p o t . c o m.

    Go to this site and download the PDF file of the Book of Truth messages. Save the PDF on your computer. Next, open the PDF which will start your PDF reader (if you don’t have one go online to acquire one), at the top of the reader click on the EDIT tab, in the dropdown list click on ‘Find’, doing so will open a text box in the lower left-hand corner, therein place your search term (be sure to correctly spell the word(s)) and then click the ‘down’ arrow key to the right to get your first search term match, the match will show in highlighting. Further searching is done by clicking on the same down arrow key. The ‘up’ arrow key will reverse direction of search. To start a new search, drag the scroll bar to the top then click on the X to the right of the text box to clear the box for new search term to be entered.

    *For foreign language archive links go to: w w w . t h e r e m n a n t a r m y . i n f o

    If you wish to get a basic overview of what important subjects comprise the Book of Truth, in addition to ‘Remnant,’ below you will find recommended search terms (there will be some overlap of subjects since most messages have more than one topic).

    Search for:

    daniel, john, public message, fatima, benedict, seal of the living god, the warning, remnant army, crusade prayer groups, replace, apostasy, infiltrate, remnant church, apocalypse, new era of peace, new paradise, eucharist, final covenant, credo, group of twelve, ecclesiastical masonry, false prophet, oath, excom, changes, twist, it can never die, schism, abolish, earth will spin faster, new sun, new false book, sacrament, evil sect, new form of the cross, new kinds of crosses, new laws, empires, multiplied, laws of tolerance, babylon

    Here are some other search terms:

    where prayer groups are set up
    cup of suffering
    i will create miracles
    ten horns
    loyal servants discarded
    storms will increase
    special sign
    tower of babel
    seventh messenger
    my voice
    daily sacrifices
    little horn
    divine messages
    in time the refuges
    my church consists of those
    chair of peter
    new symbol of the one world religion
    tree of life
    mother of salvation
    medal of salvation
    two witnesses
    book of the living
    new prayers
    new age
    christian unified church
    new world religion
    new world church
    one world religion
    one world government
    new world order
    one world order
    new dawn
    cup of salvation
    gog and magog
    false doctrine
    false book
    human rights
    new symbol of the one world religion
    false prophets
    flame of the holy spirit
    the colour red

    Messages from the Book of Truth I feel are worth looking into, feature prophecies which are now known facts. Such dated messages are:

    This message contains predicted ecological events – a news report search for events and timelines align with all predictions made therein. Accordingly, the message was given to prove to the chosen end time prophet and to the world that the Book of Truth messages from Heaven were not imaginary.

    Russia and China are to join forces.
    h t t p : / / w w w . c n n . c o m / 2 0 1 6 / 0 9 / 1 2 / a s i a / c h i n a – r u s s i a – s o u t h – c h i n a – s e a – e x e r c i s e s /

    h t t p : / / w w w . b b c . c o m / n e w s / w o r l d – a s i a – 1 7 8 0 3 6 2 4 (4/22/12) (*special note in post script for this link)

    UK independence (Brexit Referendum – July of 2016 passage). In this message the UK is listed independent of the EU. At the time of the message date the UK was a member nation of the EU.

    This message predicts the forced removal of Pope Benedict through devious efforts. Exactly one year after the message date Pope Benedict resigned (2/11/13). Whether or not Pope Benedict willingly resigned or was forced from the papal office is speculative, however because of information found in other Book of Truth messages, we come to understand he would be succeeded while still alive. By implication the Book of Truth messages predicted the historical rarity of an era of two living popes, specifically naming Benedict XVI, making it a contemporary prediction of the alleged end times. Francis is directly indicated as the man to succeed Benedict. Francis’ character and activities are also related in remarkable detail.

    In this message it is said: “Pope Benedict XVI is being plotted against, within his own corridors, by an evil sect.”

    *This prophecy of Benedict’s forced removal is supported by public admission given by a cardinal belonging to the St. Gallen’s Group. This cardinal has boastfully spoken in public of his involvement in removing Benedict XVI and placing Francis in the Chair of Peter. The cardinal’s public admissions are found in an authorized biography, radio and video footage. Here are two articles for your review:

    w w w . l i f e s i t e n e w s . c o m / o p i n i o n / s w i s s – b i s h o p s – c o n f i r m – e x i s t e n c e – o f – c a r d i n a l – d a n n e e l s – m a f i a – a g a i n s t – b e n e d i c t

    w w w . l i f e s i t e n e w s . c o m / n e w s / c a r d i n a l – d a n n e e l s – a d m i t s – b e i n g – p a r t – o f – c l e r i c a l – m a f i a – t h a t – p l o t t e d – f r a n c i s

    In this message it is stated that “floods will be commonplace”. Because of this prophecy I have been watching a couple websites the last 3 years, which report on weather extremes and other world events. According to weather experts, flooding around the globe is increasing at a rapid pace and coastlines are eroding. If interested, here are the websites, pertaining to ecological and other world events.

    w w w . t h e b I g w o b b l e . o r g

    w w w. w a t c h e r s . n e w s

    4/7/12, 11/1/13 & 4/8/14
    These messages speak of the structural changes which are to be implemented in the Catholic Church upon which many varied changes will be spawned, including new Church laws that are contrary to Church teaching. A “healthy decentralization” of the Church has been promised by the present pope. For the last few months we have seen the restructuring of Vatican offices, with more curia reforms promised in the very near future (this pope [Francis] is referred to in the Book of Truth, as an impostor, elected by an Apostolic College infiltrated by freemasonry [this is one such over-arching conspiracy written about in the Book of Truth] and is further referred to as the False Prophet written about in the Book of Revelation – the herald of the antichrist).

    To many concerned observers it has become apparent that something is very wrong with the direction Francis is heading. Consider the recent development of a newly formed coalition of pro-family/pro-life organizations from around the globe which is warning the Catholic faithful to ‘resist’ the alliance Francis is forming with the UN. See: h t t p s : / / w w w . l i f e s i t e n e w s . c o m / n e w s / v a t i c a n – u n d e r – f r a n c i s – h a s – b e t r a y e d – c h i l d r e n – b y – s u p p o r t i n g – u n – p r o – a b o r t i o n – g
    A related and worthy information resource can be found here: h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = T S 1 G C 2 k X 9 H Y & f e a t u r e = y o u t u . b e (*special note in post script for this link)
    Another aspect of the Francis pontificate that has no logical basis is the continued ridicule which is directed toward the Catholic faithful, those who adhere to the Catechism of the Church, both clergy and the laity. The frequency of the ridicule is as mysterious as is the reason – which no one knows of. One astute blogger has assembled a collection, a very long list with links to articles featuring quotations from Francis, of the names he has levied against faithful Catholics – cardinals, bishops, priests and laity alike. Here is the blogger’s link:
    h t t p : / / t h a t t h e b o n e s y o u h a v e c r u s h e d m a y t h r i l l . b l o g s p o t . c o m / 2 0 1 3 / 1 2 / t h e – p o p e – f r a n c i s – l i t t l e – b o o k – o f – i n s u l t s . h t m l
    (this persecution is prophesied in the Book of Truth, see messages dated 4/12/12 & 8/5/13 04:05 hours [there are others])

    The Book of Truth states that in the beginning period of the end times the Catholic Church will begin to be assailed from within. What Catholics are to look for as prophetic signs in regard to the Church is (not listed in a chronological order, nor is this an exhaustive list): twisted teachings of faith and moral doctrines by Francis and other hierarchy will lead to great confusion among the faithful and division among the clergy; ambiguous and varied contradictions will be introduced within the Francis’ teachings; mortal sin is to be justified; faithful Catholics will be “demonized” for upholding the Laws of God and declared to be cruel and wicked; there will be promotion of a political campaign for the poor and marginalized; we are to experience a restructuring of the Church; scripture is to be rewritten (amended); we are to soon hear an “announcement that the Catholic Church is being modernized”; changes in the Liturgy that is to negate the consecration of the Body and Blood of Christ; a change in vestments; pagan symbols placed on altars and in the churches and on statues of the Virgin Mary; an outward devotion to Mary and a campaign of caring for the poor are to serve as a facade to cover the dismantling of the Church agenda of Francis and his cohorts; we are to see an emphasis on embracing all creeds into the Church – “a promotion of all-inclusive congregations – all religions rolled into one, so-called Christian Unified Church”; traditional crosses are to be replaced; replacement of gold Tabernacles with wood or stone models; new Church laws introduced to accept sin as only a human weakness, not an offense against God or neighbor; “The existence of Hell will be publicly declared, by the Church, to be nonsense”; sacramental rites to be changed – for example the renunciation of Satan is to be dropped from the baptismal rite; the Eucharist is eventually to be abolished; Holy Communion is to come to mean “a gathering of all people as one in the Eyes of God”; the Sacrament of Confession is to be abolished; widespread unease among the faithful; the Creed is to change – “Jesus of the Light”; hierarchy and priests at odds with each other – widespread division; priests are to be pressured to sign an oath of fidelity to the present Church leadership; a very large number of excommunications is to come about – clergy and laity; a three-staged schism is to result from Francis-led initiatives, his heterodox teachings of faith and morality, his ecumenical stridency and the excommunications of “hundreds of thousands” of clergy and laymen; a Remnant Army is to develop (20 million prayer warriors joined in ‘Jesus to Mankind’ prayer groups – a globally connected network of prayer groups); Benedict XVI is to flee from Rome and lead the Remnant Church – the result of the schism, while in exile, to the Second Coming event; at some point in the near future, is to occur The Warning – a mystical encounter with Jesus, which is to reveal the state of one’s soul as God sees it – it will not be an eternal judgment, but only a warning of one’s eternity, if they were to be judged at that moment, also each is to come to understand the truth of the next life; a short period of persecution by the antichrist, throughout the world, is to come about after The Warning; those sealed with the Seal of the Living God will be protected from the persecution and other purification events; a three day period of complete darkness is to cover the Earth (only blessed candles will illumine dwellings); then comes the Second Coming judgment; the New Era of Peace is to commence thereafter – a literal 1000 years of peace under the Reign of Christ.

    All religions are to be affected by the works of the false prophet and antichrist and eventually brought into a one world religion.

    In closing I would like to express that I have no professional credentials to evaluate the Book of Truth messages, however, an honest assessment of the major prophecies which have seemingly come to pass, weeks, months or years after the dated predictions, I feel has to be taken into account with serious reflection. It can also be rationally assessed that the Catholic Church is presently in a very contentious moment over the traditional law of adultery and the reception of Holy Communion for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics who desire to receive Holy Communion. Francis has introduced ambiguous language on this subject, in his Apostolic Exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia” (ch. 8) and is refusing to offer clarification to the many and varied requests from the hierarchy, subsequently some bishops conferences are interpreting the ambiguous teachings directly contrary to Church Teaching. This type of heterodoxy and divisiveness is predicted in the Book of Truth. We also know with certainty that someplace in the history of mankind will arrive the ‘Book of Truth’ as foretold in the Book of Daniel. To ignore what appears to be numerous fulfilled prophecy from messages claiming to be end time Bible scripture, would be, in my opinion, very unwise.

    We are to have no fear of this time, says the Book of Truth, but are to rejoice that Satan’s time is nearing the end, as is the Second Coming to manifest and the commencing of the New Era of Peace soon to begin. We can choose to actively participate in closing this era by making a monumental difference in its outcome. Engaging in a deeper life of prayer for the intentions related in the Book of Truth and joining in prayer groups if possible, I feel is our collective calling from Heaven. The message of February 20th, 2012 (Seal of the Living God [see chapter 7 of Revelation for biblical reference]) should be read by all. If God has chosen this time and generation to close human history as we know it, His Seal will be a great Gift of mercy for those willing to listen.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. In the links offered above, you have noticed they are in expanded form. I have done this so that link-sensitive email filters do not flag the links’ addresses as hyperlinks thus junk-mailing or blocking the email altogether. I feel the links are of necessary importance for this letter to you.

    If you desire to view the websites and webpages, just copy and paste the expanded link, as it appears, into a browser address box, press Enter.

    *Special note for the BBC, YouTube, & links. These links will not connect unless the spaces are eliminated. Backspace characters, then copy and paste into browser, press Enter.

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