2 thoughts on “The Ship You are Now in Shall Sink and Unless You Come Out of This Ship You Shall Surely Die”

  1. Brother Jeff,
    Its interesting that I just had a dream the other night that ties into this word. I was driving and veered slightly to the left and suddenly my car (represents ministry)went into the river and was carried swiftly Downstream by the raging rapids. I had no control and was terrified by the power of the raging water especially as I came near a branch in the river that was drawing the water off into waterfalls and even stronger rapids. Yet my car kept going downstream away from the most dangerous and strong Rapids until it arrived at the riverbank to safety. What amazed me too was the beauty of the water it was a turquoise color like the ocean and so clear. However beautiful it was terrifying at the same time! As I pondered the dream I was reminded of Romans 8:28. We will go through rough waters ahead but God will bring those who love Him and are called according to His purpose to the end.

    1. Amen Candace!
      Thank you for sharing that encouraging confirmation!
      Let the Lord guide your ministry, He will take you away for danger

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