UFO Seen In The Sky During A Super Bowl Game

ufo-superbowlThe New England Patriots were set to go against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl LII, and all eyes of the sporting world were on the U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, sky watchers extended their interest beyond planet Earth as they observed a UFO buzzing in the sky.
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4 thoughts on “UFO Seen In The Sky During A Super Bowl Game”

  1. On the site itself it says its a “symbolic picture”
    I believe Standing in the Gap averted an attack from something or someone…
    Ask the Lord for yourself!
    God Bless!

  2. comments on original site deem this a fake as it’s a nighttime picture and the SB happened mid afternoon? correct?

    1. I see you’ve added some titles to differentiate the articles – great, would it also be possible to add a link to the home page too, so you know have a better idea when catching up how much there is to read and to access the latest article more easily please.

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