THIS IS HUGE! Trump”s Leaked Two State Solution Brings Old City Under International Control

Will Israelis loose The Old City; Trump”s Leaked Two State Solution will Brings the Old City Under International Control just as Joel Bainerman, Barry Chamish, and Giulio Meotti all warned. Israeli News Live has help sound the alarm with two renowned Israeli Journalist.…………………

8 thoughts on “THIS IS HUGE! Trump”s Leaked Two State Solution Brings Old City Under International Control”

  1. Oh boy … the more I look at what Trump is starting to do (like with gun control, putting due process 2nd) the more I think he is indeed a freemason. I think he was a strong delusion to tell us what we wanted to hear, and he made us temporarily feel better compared to the other choice we had. Basically, “it” was going to happen no matter which candidate won! That is my current conclusion but I was always open to the idea it could happen that way, even though there are many things I liked about Trump. The past year was like an entertaining reality show, but since he’s likely a delusion, the reality show will get ugly. I’ve been noticing that satanic position he puts his hands in (pointing down) and I see him doing it a lot. It looks very deliberate. All I see is freemasonry everywhere lately, ugh! Trump is a ‘builder’ after all.

  2. I am still on the fence as to weather our president is a good guy or a bad guy. I think that good people make bad choices sometimes. I am glad that God is in control and I don’t have to know everything.

  3. I am not good at understanding things sometimes but as I was listening to this I kept thinking of a video that I have seen with Sadhu Sundar. Sundar had seen an angel and was shown a big sword plunged into the center of the U.S. and there was a great earthquake and God said as you have divided my land, I will divide yours. Also on a video he was talking about how Israels best friend will betray her. I felt like Trump was friends with Israel and he was really working for the good of Israel but now it makes sense. This looks like complete betrael to me if it comes down like Steven is saying it might. I could see how Jerusalem would become the center for the headquarters of the A.C. and how he could say he is God on that very site. I am totally in awe as to how fast this is coming down.

      1. True colors. Do you mean the fact that he has done more for Christians, Conservatives, and Jews in his first year than any modern President. Let me guess, you are one of them people who stood by with your tail between your leg for 8 years while we were under the devil’s minion, but now you feel liberated to criticize and insult our President for something as small and ridiculous as a “possible leak.” You people are idiots, and you are the reason we are in this state of soft tyranny from the shadow operators. We finally get someone in there who is blatantly anointed for the position, like Cyrus, yet you want to treat him as if he is the enemy. He did more for American justice with one tweet than the whole history of FBI. He shined the light on American corruption and has brought it out into the limelight. Can he stab us in the back? It is possible, but it is our duty to pray for him and to make our voices louder than the left wing minions of satan. I’m so fed up with you “holier than thou” people who act like you never make mistakes. If you knew your scriptures you would know that even the Messiah’s closest companions made mistakes and were influence by the devil. Why don’t you grow up!

        1. Believing any elected official of Babylon will save you is foolish. Nobody gets elected as president without the powers that be approving.

        2. And you need to bridle your tongue from evil against the brethren! You also need to open your eyes to the deception that you are living in. Yes he may be doing those things but it is because it is the time for disclosure and he is playing his part. All the world is a stage. Plain and simple. Yes we pray for him to do what is right, but it is more important to pray for God’s Will to be done. Do NOT trust in man. Let God be true and every man a liar.

          Much love and God Bless

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