WhistleBlowerJeff – what it is…and isn’t.

*If you believe what you have is important, send it to the below email address.  All of these “guidlines” are just that.  We aren’t perfect just trying to keep the data manageable.*

What it is: WhistleblowerJeff (WBJ) is a website that was setup to post stories related to the return of Jesus and and the “days of Noah”.   This includes actual news items from various sources, and current prophetic words from those who have a good history of sharing the Lord’s words.

What it isn’t: WBJ isn’t going to entertain personal attacks against any other people (how is that Love thy neighbor?). That is one reason why comments had to be shut down.  WBJ isn’t going to entertain ‘dreams’ from just anybody who sends a dream to the email alias, unless that specific person is pretty well known.  The problem with dreams is that they are subject to “interpretation”.  Was the dream from God or was it You, or was it satanic forces? WBJ isn’t going to post stuff from years ago – if you want stuff from years ago, then go read it from years ago.  We want the new visions/words from the Lord because time is getting very short.

Some criteria to follow:if you have a neat story, dream or vision or what you believe is a Word from God, before you send it in to be published, please take the time and follow these steps:

  1. Does whatever it is you received have dates? If Yes, you should assume it is not from the Lord.  He doesn’t do dates. Why would He? He will provide you with enough information so that you can prepare.
  2. Is there Fear in whatever you received? Example: “Seattle will be toast – get out while you can”, and that is the main message. You should be concerned. His messages are never about fear – you should have no fear with all the things you are hearing and seeing. Why would you? You fear HIM and only Him – all the rest is just a waste of your energy.
  3. Does it match the bible – not as easy as 1 & 2, but if it matches what the bible says, you are probably in good shape.  If not (ie, the sun will smash into the earth and all will be lost.  That does not match at all) then it is probably not from Him.
  4. Lastly, was the message from the Lord, you or them.  This one is hard, but you have to ask yourself these questions and it sucks to ask, but you have to do it.  Was it really the lord, or was it you, and sadly you have to ask if was it “them” (Demons, Fallen Angles, etc).  “They” have authority here, and do not be fooled into thinking you don’t hear from them, everybody does.  They watch what you do, hear what you say, and while they are not God, they are darn good at their job.  You think you are better than them? Think again.  Just pray on this for a bit, ask the Lord if it was Him, Them or You. He will respond, or you might have a feeling if it was Them.  They can achieve their objective of keeping you from your Father by various means.  The easy stuff is to just lie to you, but they can also do it by subtle means – give you 99% truth and 1% lies, and when it does not happen, you think the Lord lied to you.   Then you get all upset and say I refuse to hear anything again because this didn’t happen.  They got you!

I’ve created a special email account just for comments, stories, dreams and visions and I will keep it at the top of this website to the right: