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Sent in by brother Rick:

I’d like to submit a volcanic warning ‘package set’ testimony for your review.  In recent days, I prayed & asked the Lord if it is about time now to re-post my old volcanic warning from back in 2007?  For all of the signs today indicate the fulfillment of these prophecies is due very soon.

Vision of Volcano – Byron Searle

This day while in prayer, the Lord showed me a vision, but it was not like any vision I had before. This time, I didn’t just see or view it in front of me, I experienced it just like I was there while it was happening. I am at a loss for words and cannot convey just how horrified and completely overwhelmed I felt from this. The whole thing was so beyond my being able to adequately describe the horror and devastation of what took place. I was able to see, hear, and smell everything as it was happening all around me.

After it was over, I broke down and began sobbing and weeping. My wife came over and put her arms around me. She said I held my face in my hands and cried over and over, “I couldn’t help them! I couldn’t help them! I tried to help them, but they wouldn’t take my hand! I kept trying to reach them to pull them out, but they wouldn’t take my hand!”

Here is the vision:
I had been praying and began asking the Lord to reveal to me what was coming. I opened my Bible and began to read, and then He said to me, “I want to show you this. Write what you see.” I picked up my notebook and pen, and instantly I was at the scene of an event that was taking place, which looked to me like somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I was standing on a riverbank, watching a swollen river with very rough rapids. I thought to myself while I was observing that this must be the spring melt. I could smell and hear the water that was roaring so loudly and very violently. Then I noticed a large tree float by, then another and another. What was once just violent waters was now filled with debris, trees, and branches. Then the water started turning brown, light at first, still with all the trees, and it looked like soup. I then noticed the water was now turning darker brown and then became more muddy and then thicker mud. I asked what is causing this as it was now apparent that it was not just a spring melt. I then saw the body of a person floating by me, face down, and I knew he was dead. Then more and more bodies, all face down. I cried out to God, “What is this?”
He then took me up a little higher to what seemed about 30 feet up, and I saw thousands of bodies. Some people were alive and clawing at anything to rise above the mud. Some people were riding on the tree logs. They were covered with mud, screaming , and had looks of horror and fear on their faces. I saw some praying and crying out to God to save them. I was then at this time standing on the bank, trying to reach out to anyone I could. I would stretch out my hand, but the person would not reach for it. I said, “Lord, I am trying to save them, but they refuse my hand!”
I was then taken back up in the air, and I saw why the rivers were in torrents. It looked like the Northwest. I saw lots of smoke and fire everywhere, all over the ground. Everything was on fire. It looked like an earthquake had taken place and destroyed everything I could see. Then the Lord brought to my attention the mountains. I saw what looked like a volcano erupting, causing all the snow to melt and causing the mud to flow. I heard exlosions and could smell wood burning and also a sulfur, rotten egg kind of smell. I followed the mountain range down and noticed a second volcano erupting. I am not sure which mountain, but it was very tall.
I asked the Lord  when is this going to happen, and He said, “Very soon, My son, and no one will expect it.” He then said to me, “Tell My people, I am coming soon – Get ready!”

Messiah Jesus

Scripture:  Matthew 24: 7-8
For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

(Next, please notice this comment to the post above, at Z3news today)
Sister Linda
March 28, 2018 8:51 AM
Thanks Byron,
I live in Arlington Wa, just 40 miles or so north of Seattle. Arlington is ON the long Stillaguamish River and Mount Baker is about 30 miles north of me, and is an active volcano. Mount Rainer is south of me, and is also active. A beautiful man made blue lake is next to Mount Baker, and I’ve been on it when my son takes us for a ride in his nice new boat.Your vision seems to relate to Oregon, but the CS Zone runs the entire length of Washington also. I KNOW in my spirit something awful is just around the bend. I pray to the LORD GOD almost everyday; “Jesus, please put my family members exactly where you want them to be WHEN the earthquake hits.”Some of us have prepared for this to some extent. But if we live through this, our supplies will last only so long. The Prophecy God gave me this Sunday spoke of food shortages, and surely a huge natural disaster can cause such a thing.
GOD HAVE MERY ON US, I pray in Jesus Holy Name. Amen

Brother Rick emphasizes:

“I KNOW in my spirit something awful is just around the bend.”  Her words immediately jolted me awake!  The term “around the bend” is a prophetic utterance used by the Lord in my post (also included last, below) to show the location of a volcano soon to erupt in the Pacific Northwest.  The Lord gave me this volcanic warning some 11 years ago to post online, and then had me write warning letters to all of the goverment agencies, mayors, police, fire depts, churches, etc., in the metro areas from Bend, to Three Sisters, to South Sister City.

My big question is- Do you think she said that line (“around the bend”) coincidentally, or was she led by the Holy Spirit to say that EXACT phrase to catch my eye?  Next, please read the following volcanic warning I posted many years ago that is NOW due for fulfillment, to see how all of this ties together perfectly.  I think you will see by what is reported in my prophetic post that it is for this season that is NOW here at hand.  I’m not saying that this is one of the volcanoes seen in the dream above, but I am saying it is time for the following prophecy to come forth.  You’ll notice her exact phrase, (around the bend) is used as a ‘locator clue’ in my post, below, which is what makes this ‘package set’ so amazing! 

Volcanic Eruption For Oregon Warning
by brother Rick – 2007

Prophetic Word for Bend/Three Sisters

Last year I saw this vision during my prayer time. For a while I wasn’t led to report this and merely recorded it in my daily journal, but the unction to share the warning now is very strong. About 1 month ago Holy Spirit led me to an article by Bobby Conner about a vision he had telling of coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon. I found his testimony of nearly 2 years ago archived in my journal. His vision was then quickened to what I saw so that the individual parts aligned and connected in a most inspired and revealing way, as you’ll see. Though I don’t personally know Bobby, I’m grateful for his faithful contribution to this revelation. (Link to Bobby’s post: It’s Coming Down The Track And Around The Bend)

THE VISION. In the first scene I was standing in a vacated town with empty streets and looking up at the side of a nearby volcanic mountain. In the background I could hear voices as on a news station. I ‘knew’ the town had been warned of a pending eruption and the voices on the news were talking about how some people had chosen “to stay until the last minute” and refused to leave. The news story was about those who stayed behind to “pay wages.” I saw no one on the street in front of me, but I ’knew’ people were still inside the shops, or up on the mountainside. I felt that the town had tourist business activity. I gathered that the volcano was near a populated area and located in the great Northwest somewhere.

In the second scene I was focused on the cone-shaped mountain towering above the town when it began to shake. It shook so violently that I could visibly see the shaking begin at a mid-point halfway up the slope, and then it intensified and the entire mountain began to tremble. I was not shown the very top of the mountain. The slopes of the mountain were covered with evergreen trees. Whether trees exist on the slopes both ‘in the spirit’ and ‘in the world’, I do not know. There was no snow on the lower slopes of the mountain in my view. (I caution that the details I was given may represent deeper meanings than what ‘meets the eye’ in the physical world?)

Suddenly a massive chunk exploded out of the side of the mountain from about halfway up and shot through the air. It blasted out from the same center section where the shaking first began. The chunk flew through the air over my right shoulder and zipped past me like a meteor. Behind this explosion I saw a bright burst of red-hot lava streak through the air. A huge gaping hole was left, and the whole center section of the volcano continued to shake and rise violently revealing an overflowing flood of rising magma. For a moment I could see directly inside the resulting giant cavity left in the side of the mountain and watched as the magma flowed out above the town. It was evident that if people were still on the slopes it would have been like standing at ground-zero of a bomb blast. There was no indication that the top of the mountain blew.

Quickened revelation: Recently I was led back to Bobby Conner’s post archived in my daily journal. Then Holy Spirit quickened this Word to me; “…I will quicken My personal Word to you through any and all of life, no matter who or what. Keep your eyes on Me and I will quicken and bring to life My Word to you…” I Cor. 13:9- 13, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known. And now abide FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY these three; but the greatest of these is CHARITY.” (My emphasis.) This verse turned out to be a great insight!

At this point let’s take a look at Bobby Conner’s vision: The title of his article is called “It’s Coming Down The Track And Around The BEND.” (My emphasis.) Now I’m going to quote the parts more directly quickened to my part of this revelation. Bobby says, “I was then told that the coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon would announce the beginning of one of the greatest healing revivals in history. This healing revival will start around Hamilton, Ontario, and then blaze across Canada to Vancouver. From there it will turn down the Northwest Coast of the U.S. and cross the Pacific to the Far East.”

“I was then told to spell locomotive ’local-motive’. The Lord said that this local area in the Northwest was a seedbed of the healing anointing that was upon John G. Lake. The sign of the volcanic activity is that the Lord is turning up the heat, but it will bring about a refining and purifying of His people so He can release healing in the earth in an unprecedented way.”

“The voice that was speaking then said to me, “Have you ever seen anything like this?” I looked and saw the very top of a mountain, which was covered with pure white snow. (Remember that I did not see the top of the mountain in my vision, and Bobby is seeing yet another part.) I was carried to the rim so that I could look over into the large open top of the mountain. It was filled with beautiful clear boiling water. I knew that this was the Word of God.”

When this testimony was quickened to me it helped me find the physical location of the volcano and to see deeper meanings. Bobby saw his volcano near Bend, Oregon, and that is why I highlighted references like “Around the Bend.” I also noticed some other phrases used in his testimony that connected with the eruption I saw. Notice the phrases in his article, like, “clear boiling water,” and “looked like dust and steam,” and “a loud sound,” and “through the dust and ashes,” and “after the heat and pressure that are coming.” These are all phrases applicable to a volcanic eruption. Again notice, “the coming volcanic activity near Bend, Oregon,” and “turning up the heat,” and “clear boiling water,” and “a great cloud of dust and steam,” and “of fire coming,” and “mixed with dust,” and “the dust which is mixed in with the steam at first,” and “a loud sound,” and “a great disturbance,” and more.

Other insights. Next I began to research existing volcanoes in the Bend, Oregon area, based on these leadings. To my surprise, there were more than a few. On the Internet, I felt led to focus my search on the USGS report titled “DESCRIPTION: Three Sisters Volcanoes, Oregon.” I saw the subtitle, “”Faith”, “Hope”, and “Charity.”” Now remember the verse I quoted earlier from I Cor. 13:9- 13. I highlighted the word “CHARITY” in that verse. To my astonishment, as I began to read about these volcanoes I discovered that their original name said to be given in the early 1800s, is FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY! Now notice what the scripture said above about which one is the greatest. I found it interesting that the volcanoes were each named beginning from the north. Mt. Faith was the northern most, then Mt. Hope, and the southern most was called Mt. Charity! And Mt. Charity is also the tallest and measures 10,358 feet high, over 200 feet greater than the other two! Only South Sister, Mt. Charity, has had eruptions in recent history. Now remember that Bobby said “I was carried to the rim so that I could look over into the large open top of the mountain. It was filled with beautiful, clear boiling water.” The South Sister volcano, Mt. Charity, also has a fresh water crater lake inside the cone!

Next I found an article titled “Suspected Volcano Forming In Oregon.” This shows how geologists recently recorded a swarm of 350 small quakes only 3 miles south of the South Sister volcano. They speculate that an underground lake of molten lava is forming and causing a bulge in the ground that was detected by satellite. I quote, “The US Geological Survey (USGS) says that a bulge in the Earth’s crust, covering an area of around 100 square miles, seems to be getting bigger, suggesting that a large quantity of magma is on the move.” (This article was published by Lucy Sherriff of The Register, Oregon, Thursday, Sept. 8th, 2005.)

I also found a USGS article titled “Ground Uplift Near South Sister Volcano.” This report includes a color graphic of a radar interferogram again showing the giant size of the area effected by this magma bulge. The ground uplift was measured by satellite to be about 4 inches over 4 years. This recorded evidence helps me see just how immanently urgent these vision/revelations are. Now we can begin to see that something BIG is happening right now under the ‘greatest of these’ volcanoes, Mt. Charity, the South Sister Volcano, near Bend, Oregon. In the last article above there is a subsection called “Volcanic Background.” I quote the opening line, “Three Sisters is one of three potentially active volcanic centers that lie close to resort areas in Central Oregon.” And that is what was also quickened to me.

As an added confirmation the Lord said that the latest message that He gave me You Will Go Through Fiery Trials as My Follower applies to these prophetic warnings and that everyone but especially those living in the Pacific Northwest should seek the Lord as to how these warnings apply to their lives specifically.
Jeff Byerly