Black Flag! 4 22 18 – Benjamin Faircloth

Listen to the word of the Lord He said:”America your date with Destiny has arrived. The event that will change your nation forever is soon to become a living reality.

My hands have been tied by your refusal to repent. My intentions of giving you the grace to sustain you has been rejected and refused.

Your lies and your deception have fooled the Nations who support you but your enemies see through your facade.

What will you do America when 911 part 2 hits your shores? What will you do when chaos shatters your quiet streets and your silent churches?

I’ve asked you to prepare. I’ve beckoned you to repent but you refuse to lift the cover off the bed of your defilement and come clean. You think my prophets prophesy for gain and in vain but I tell you, Oh nation of Witchcraft, their testimony is before Me and their words are sure they have spoken and what they have spoken will surely come to pass. Noah was mocked before the flood. The rain fell as he was told and none escaped except his family. in faith they believed his words.

What will you do with the words of my prophets?”