I had a dream last night and I saw two suns – Ken Roman


I had a dream last night and in the dream I saw in the sky what looked like 2 large bright suns exactly in front of me and they appeared to be about 4-5″ apart as I looked at them. One of the them clearly had a different texture but it was still as bright as the other one and there were no clouds obscuring them. This was in the daytime. 

I had my cell camera and I took some still shots and video of it. I then went to warn people and was telling them what was in the sky and was telling them to repent for what was in the sky God called His destroyer. I then showed the picture to some people and some of them said oh it is just a large moon and I said no it is not a moon it is a planet thinking to myself it does not look anything like a moon as it was in the daytime and very bright so that it was hard to look at it.  I was running telling the people that they needed to repent and they had little time but I could not remember anyone repenting even though I was showing them the video which was not as clear as the still shot but I had trouble getting it to play and everyone I saw I was going up to them and telling them to repent as they had very little time. Then the dream ended..

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  1. Sky divided in two as amazing ‘sunset split’ baffles local skywatchers in Kelowna, BC, Canada — Sky Strange Sounds – Mar 23, 2018

    The sky is burning over Thailand (video and pictures)

    2 moons? Or the sun, the moon and another planet?

    The light from the moon is behind the moon!

  2. The “two suns” phenomenon is predicted in many contemporary prophecies and will precede The Warning. Coming soon to planet Earth….NOW is the time to repent and stop sinning!!!!

    1. I agree. We will see a comet come close to earth and it will appear that there are 2 suns in the sky.

    2. Here is a word about a planet coming…Wendi Lee 7/19/16 How many of MY Saints are paying attention to what is happening , and relating them to MY SON’s Soon RETURN? FATHER says very few. I AM a very disappointed FATHER. I tell you there will not be a single person that will not know who MY PERFECT SON YESHUA is. He will give everyone a chance to meet with HIM in the physical realm; your realm; and discern their hearts to them. FATHER will be right there with MY SON. There will be pure excitement in the air, MY HOLY Angels will be everywhere on this earth, visible to your eyes. Amazing and quite breathtaking to be with YOUR GOD YAHWEH right here on earth!!!! I PAPA YAHWEH will be so ready to receive MY Children to MYSELF! All who accept MY SON during this Glorious Time of Wonders, will need to stay down here for 40 more days of trying and refining; to be ready to meet HIM in the air. Meanwhile, MY SON’S Bride will be heavy at work, with their Beautiful Feet, bringing more to MY sheepfold, and protecting and teaching them MY WAYS! There is a countdown now, for it is only a matter of time before FATHER’S Mystery Planet will be near earth’s orbit. Then they will be deceived by the fallen angels and your president, for they will not heed MY SON’S SOUND Doctrine. MY Righteous will be my wise and many great works they will do in MY SON’S MIGHT! FATHER warns, MY Planet comes now to your planet, great dismay and confusion comes with it! I , FATHER GOD YAHWEH have given these WORDS directly to MY Daughter.

  3. May I suggest that interested parties to this phenomena go to http://revelation12.ca/ to read plenty more revelation Word about the true story of the ‘second sun’ appearing in the sky now, along with pics & videos of more suns coming, up to 5 additional suns that will be visible. This site is called- THE TRUE STORY OF REVELATIONS 12. Mark does a great lay-out of the various Words & pics pertaining to all of this. For a deeper study on the entire subject, including the truth of the Nubiru matter, and ‘Planet X’, etc., go to prophecies.org & read all of Book 12 at The Mountain Prophecies site. I first discovered some of the ancient prophecies on this subject in the book- “The Hopi Survival Kit”, authored by a Christian writer who went directly to the Hopi elders & recorded their centuries old story, & then again had the entire subject confirmed to me as I read thru Book 12, mentioned above. For your info, I believe most all of the end-times Hopi prophecies have already been fulfilled, since the book was first published. rick

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