Santa Rosa Fires Revisited – Steve

When I first saw the fires in Santa Rosa, I told my wife something did not look right. I’ve seen various images of fires before (I used to live in Santa Barbara) and those were not fires.  The images did not make sense.  When a fire burns a building, it will burn items that can be burned.  Counter tops do not burn, fireplaces won’t burn.  But in these images you would see a house that was vaporized.  Not burned, but vaporized, but then next to it you would see a trash can just sitting there.   Bear with me as I explain where I am going in this little article…

Image result for santa rosa fire images
Sample of Santa Rosa fires, complete destruction.

Image result for forest fire house
Typical house fire. Notice the large amount of debris and the fireplace is still standing?

Image result for japan nuclear bomb images
Doesn’t this look like Santa Rosa? It isn’t! it is from Hiroshima JAPAN after a nuke was dropped on them. Look at it!

Since the fires, I’ve seen articles and videos about Directed Energy Weapons, and Laser weapons.  Both trying to explain it.  There are videos of BLUE laser lights showing up.  But if you look at how those weapons work, they are crude, and they do not create large-scale destruction like what you saw in the Santa Rosa fires.  Whatever vaporized these homes was done on a huge scale, and it was very accurate.  The fire was the distraction, the destroyed buildings were the target.

I kept thinking about this, and  few days later, the Lord told me that the weapon used in Santa Rosa was them “testing” a weapon from the days of Noah. My response was kind of like “huh”.  He said it was satellite based and they can control it from the south pole.  I am not making this up.  I really was told that, and further, I was told it was the same technology that will be used for the kick-off-event Jeff has spoken about for so long.  A city or cities will be vaporized, and it will look like a “nuke” hit those cities.  But there will be no radiation like a nuclear bomb went off. Look at those images of Santa Rosa again – from 1 perspective, you could say a nuke went off an They were testing this technology out because more and more of the technology from the Days of Noah are starting to turn back on.

No sooner than I was told about how this weapon would be used for the false-flag event than Jeff received the following:

“The “False Flag” event will also involve fire, but not the kind that you expect. Once again (as on 9-11) this will come from advanced weapons of “alien technology” that most of you do not even know exists. It will be made to look like one of the “Fall Guys” has caused the destruction, but it will actually come from the enemy within. The other “Fall Guy” will in turn retaliate and thus it shall begin.”

Recently I also heard Steve Quayle say that he knows technologies from the past are starting to work again.  Again, more confirmation that what I heard was no mistake.

Now, I am not sure how many of you realize, but both sides are required to convey to the world what their plans are.  The Lord uses his Prophets.  Satan and his followers use music, movies, TV, you name it, Satan uses it.  We are told it is “science fiction”, but we all know that is a lie.  While some of it is made up, much of it are the plans of things to come by the fallen ones.

And this brings me to the point of this article and why I am writing this now. I did not speak about this stuff last year because just did not seem like the time was right.  But I was watching a video that Jeff sent to me, and in that video the woman preacher brings up another video from a person who is speaking about direct energy weapons. But then at the end of this video on direct energy weapons, a strange thing happened, they brought up a “scene” from the 1987 ROBOCOP movie,  where in that video it spoke of a satellite that was in orbit and how 10,000 acres were scorched in an instant when a “Laser canon” was fired by mistake.  The clip is below (if it does not go to the time marker, go to 38:11)

Why am I speaking of this information now?  Because there is more than ample evidence that proves we are not dealing with conventional types of weapons here. People who’ve seen the Santa Rosa fires have published information how they do not conform to a normal wild fire.  I’ve  spoken to people who work in the forest service and they said those were not wild fires.  Nothing does that level of damage but leaves some things behind.  The final piece for me was that strange video clip from Robocop that this is not just me making things up.  I want you to also know the Robocop video even mentions Santa Barbara, which is strange still.

One Rule the Lord told me is simple: There are no coincidences.  What you might think is just some accident isn’t an accident.  What you might not understand, the Lord can completely understand – you just do not have enough information to understand everything is all.

I do not know when, but I suspect very soon, we will wake up and 1 or more US Cities will be gone. They will blame North Korea (or Iran or whomever), and it will set the stage for WW3 and the destruction of the US.   Why the Lord wants to speak to you, why he wants you to shut down your head so you can hear Him is because He wants to guide and protect you during these times.

Cheers! – Steve

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  1. On pics/videos have been posted of columss of light vertical that impact the ground and go straight up into the sky or vice versa. or one column.

    Similar to the lights used at the The 9-11 memorial remembrance at nights on that day.

    Did somebody open the book of shadows? Mysterious beam of light baffles skywatchers in Rockwall near Dallas (video)

    Strange sky phenomena: Spotless sun sparks pink auroras in Norway and extremely rare light pillar in Hawaii

    Another interdimensional portal opens up in remote Chuvashia

    Oh I believe it.

  2. Brilliant!! Totally believe this. What is this preachers name as would love to watch more of her info. Great word! Witnessed heavily to my spirit.

  3. Brilliant!! Totally believe this. What is this preachers name as would love to watch more of her info. Great word! Witnessed heavily to my spirit.

  4. Nice article Steve. I have been pondering how a laser-size weapon…and they come in different sizes…but how something that specific in it’s targeting could do so much damage over a large area, #1) without more in the way of footprints/flight records, etc., and #2) why the vaporization was somewhat spotty throughout the burns.
    When I read your article what the Lord told Jeff makes sense, especially considering how VERY LITTLE most of us understand of the days of Noah that required God to kill almost everything on earth to stop it. It brought back to my mind a pic of a very puzzling object the Lord showed me last year while poking around Antarctica on Google Earth. It’s largely set into the ice on Bristol Island. GE seems to have now removed the pic marker on that island, but I found a ~2-min YT that includes the pic I saw. I had the long/lat, but lost it on a device that died last month.
    There’s chat on the YT about movie props, photoshopped pics, etc., but I was able with the long + lat to go straight to it on GE, so believe it’s legit. But I have no idea what or why it is…
    YT title – UFO buried on Bristol Island? “Reichsflugscheibe” – how to locate with Google Earth.

  5. So…it was “days of Noah” technology?

    That just makes me wonder whether or not the people of Noah’s time had common access to technologies that still exceed ours?

    I believe it would makes sense, in the context of Ham’s bloodline (especially Nimrod) seeking to reestablish the times of old (Tower of Babel?)

    1. It is my understanding that the days of Noah were way more advanced that we have today. Think about it, those guys lived 1000 years. What kind of tech would we have if some guys like Einstein lived 1000 years?

  6. Indeed!

    People have and are being exposed to truths through ‘entertainment’ and ‘signs’ constantly!

    Matthew 13:16 (King James Version)
    ‘But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.’

    We all need to pray that all our eyes and ears be, and remain opened in these end times! A true blessing! Hallelujah!


  7. Hi Steve,

    I had the tv on last night and not really watching it but my attention was drawn to it where the ‘good guys’ are realising that the ‘bad guys’ have put a weapon into space, a satellite that reflects solar rays to any part of the earth’s surface that they want to “target.” I felt an urge to check this out in ‘real world.” These are a couple of sites that popped up in my search..

    Then of course the first post that pops up on Jeff’s site is your post. I also do not believe in coincidences so just thought I’d share 🙂

    With love from your sister through our amazing Heavenly Father!

    1. That is what the James Bond movie Goldeneye was about. A weapon that would redirect the sun’s energy and vaporize stuff below – and oddly that specific movie was about North Korea. They used the weapon to destroy the DMZ.

      Lord told me the weapon that will be used for the event can destroy a 20×20 mile area on its highest setting, but it can also take out a car.

      Seems the truth is much stranger than fiction!

      1. Brilliant!! Totally believe this. What is this preachers name as would love to watch more of her info. Great word! Witnessed heavily to my spirit.

        1. She is in the video I posted. You can rewind the video if you want, it is like 2 hours long. The video I posted just goes to the part where they speak about the Robocop stuff in 1987.

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