North Korea is dismantling its nuclear site, but is it abandoning its arsenal or hiding evidence?

{Again, now we get more data from the ‘news’ saying maybe NK is hiding something.}

SEOUL (Reuters) – Satellite imagery shows North Korea dismantling facilities at its nuclear test site, but experts say the images can’t reveal whether it is the first step toward full denuclearization, or an attempt to cloak nuclear capabilities from outside observers.

North Korea’s intentions were thrown further into doubt on Wednesday, when it abruptly announced it may “reconsider” meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in June if the United States continues to insist on unilateral denuclearization.

Commercial satellite imagery – including photos taken by Planet Labs as recently as May 14 – show North Korea removing some structures around its nuclear test site at Punggye-ri, experts say.

Graphic of North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site

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One thought on “North Korea is dismantling its nuclear site, but is it abandoning its arsenal or hiding evidence?”

  1. On May 12th 2018 had a 2.3 earthquake near the test facility(2 miles) but it has been reported as a natural earthquake.

    The talks will fall because I think it was a deception and North Korea has walked away before to get their way. It is a mind game, they are playing. At the peace talks in 1953, they would get up and leave if the flags of South Korea and U.S.A was a silly centimeter higher than theirs or the table was not right.

    When the U.S. said it would not remove troops from South Korea, in my opinion and I can be wrong, that was one of the nails in the coffin on the agreement.

    It is very well possible they have what they need and need no further testing.
    Some ministries or at least one, believes we will go into a crisis with North Korea that will threat the very survival of man kind.

    By the way, it is reported at least two North Korean satellites cross the U.S.A each day .

    In my opinion each day from now on will become more dangerous.

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