One thought on “Understanding the Times – A Report on War, Deception, and Fake News – Nathan Leal”

  1. He has a point.

    It seems and understand what I mean here: We have read The Bible and know what circumstances are going to exist at The Second Coming of Jesus Christ which will not be a peaceful entrance. It will be a violent entry to stop man from destroying himself and save Israel from destruction. I have heard/read over 2.6 Billion people will die prior.

    But it seems with the recent event in Israel, which I support because Jerusalem is Israel’s legitimate capital and will be someday The Lord will rule the World from there; has set in motion the wheels of war.

    But, this is what is a problem

    Some pastors who have major T.V. ministries act as if they are trying to start the final war themselves. We are suppose to pray for peace. But that is the nature of the country. Country very militant. On my first tour of Israel we had a tour member who walked around in military type clothing claiming he came to join the IDF.

    Some are giving Israel a pass that they don’t need Jesus and they do and some are even apologizing for Christian attempts of evangelizing.
    Even saying The Lord has a separate plan for the Jews.

    There is no other way into heaven other than Jesus Christ and no other name under heaven than man can be saved by.

    Israel is the apple of God’s eye but it is in rebellion and distant from God and as with many of us, has to be brought to its knees and see its condition and its need of a savior.
    I am not anti-Israel, been there, love the country and its people. But it has rejected The New Covenant and that will cost her.

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