Within the next few days… Steve

How many of you have read a statement from a prophet that said “within the next few days” or perhaps “very soon” or my favorite “you are in the season”, then a week passed, then a month passed, and heck maybe a year passes, and you think to yourself “Oh the prophet is not hearing the lord?” So quick we are to judge others, and even quicker to judge that which is written but does not come to pass in ‘our’ time frame.

I ask you to step outside your little world, and look at the example above from a different perspective.

Pretend you have a ruler at your feet, and there is a little ant on that rule.  If you are pretty close to that ruler, you can see that little ant is 1/4″ away from the 1″ mark.

The ant does not move, but now you climb up on a ladder so you are looking at that ruler from a much further perspective.  Yet now, from this new perspective, that ant is right on top of the 1″ mark.

This is how the Lord sees things.  Look at some of the messages the Lord has given us from his prophets:

  1. Years ago, Henry Gruver saw the US being destroyed by missiles back in the 80s.  The Lord never told Henry this was soon.  Just gave him the vision and I believe Henry figured they would take place when radio towers went up.  He later figured out the radio towers were really cell towers.
  2. I remember reading how we were in the “season” of the event, and thought “well, seasons don’t go more than a few months!”.  Silly me!
  3. Recently, we read from various sources how the event or other events are perhaps within the next few days.

#3 above to me means from the Lord’s perspective, the “event” and Us are right on top of each other.  Ie, we are there.  Do not assume otherwise.

The Lord is vague on purpose, if you think what is about to unfold is something you can put on a calendar and mark on your watch you are wrong.  He tells us these things so we prepare now.  The lord will provide, but He is providing by giving you lots of warnings.  I do not think it is wise to do nothing (no gas for a generator, no food, no supplies, no nothing) then expect the Lord will handle it for you.  Even Jesus wanted a few fish and loafs to start things off.

You should be thinking of you and the Lord as partners.  He expects to work with you – he did not create us so we can sit back and do nothing. We are to work with him, side by side.

He told me once “I am the hand, you are the pencil”.  That is how you should view things.

Hope that helps some frustrated folks – Steve

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  1. I hear you and understand your point, but also these general timelines often cause confusion in the Body yet the Word tells us God is not the author of confusion. So these things are hard to reconcile even for mature Christians. One day we will see Him as He is, and that’s all that matters! Blessings

    1. I just find it frustrating. “Within the next few days”, in my book is <30 days. Soon, in my book, is <1 year. Very soon <6 months. But I do not see what He sees, and I am just that little ant so my perspective is very narrow. But I totally get what you are saying!

      1. In David Wilkerson’s book, The Vision, much of what he saw was future in The United States, the family, social issues and world events. For example, he said he saw a submarine missile launch from the west coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Two circumstances existed in this vision that really did not exist at the time but today.
        1. Cyber attack. He said that the U.S. response to the missile attack was hindered by problems with the computers.
        2. The incoming missiles seemed to be able to avoid the missile interceptors fired at them. To my knowledge, this capability was sufficiently available about 10 years ago when it was discovered that The new Russian Intercontinental Ballistic missiles had the ability avoid incoming missiles.

        There was more but just touched on this subject…

        I too find it a little frustrating regarding a timeline so I usually pass it off and just be aware. It is like the weatherman saids, well there is a front and we are going get 1-2 inches of rain, heavy gusts and it never happens, we just get a sprinkle.

        Be blessed

    2. Also there’s watch man & new testament prophets. As we know the OT were killed if wrong.
      Regardless of timing we still have to test all prophecies as commanded to do. When one says ” thus sath the Lord ” & gives a date hmm that prophet better hope they’re right
      We have to treat prophecy as Gods word tells us to, not how man does. There’s none of us thats infallible !!

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