Watch for the Assassination if Kim Jong Un – Redman


We’ve all have read about how ‘the kick-off’ event is going to be a false flag against the US. We’ve all ready know how this false flag will be blamed on North Korea and begin some kind of war, but also set into motion the demise of the US economy.  The details are real vague, but the reality is simple: Wars are typically economic based, and most wars are started by false flag – lies.

I would guess most of you have wondered to yourself how this will happen?  We see NK sitting down with the US, and it seems like both sides are making some kind of effort to do something. NK has blown up their nuclear test site (probably cause they already have built what they want), and the fact is no new missiles have been tested for months.

We also know that if a US city were just blown up out of the blue,say in 3 days, it would not make a lot of sense to blame NK, right?  I mean you do not nuke a city just cause it is fun – you do it for a reason.

It just occurred to me a few seconds ago, what we do know is Henry Gruver was given a vision by the Lord showing that Kim Jong Un will be assassinated by his personal woman bodyguard.  Henry was going to go over and tell Kim Jong Un but the Lord wouldn’t allow it.  Also note, it wasn’t that Kim Jong Un was blown up in some kind of attack by the US, he was murdered.

When I read this article, it spoke how NK sent 2 decoy aircraft because they think Kim will be assassinated or there will be an attempt on his life.  Again, very interesting piece of data.

At that very single moment, it occurred to me that Kim will be assassinated, and then the evil ones behind the scenes will use that to attack the US, and then have NK blamed for that attack.  Think about it.  Again, I am totally guessing here, but there is something about that idea that makes sense.

  1. We know Henry Gruver is a very godly guy, so I am going to take what Henry saw at face value – he saw Kim Jong Un murdered.
  2. We’ve read many prophets that speak of a false flag attack against the US, and that it will be blamed on North Korea.
  3. Just combine #1 and #2.
  4. We know it really isn’t NK that is doing the deed, it is the deep state.  However, even the deep state has to provide SOME Kind of justification. So they have an agent murder Kim Jong Un, then NK’s “response” is to launch a missile and blow up a US city (or 2 or 3).

If you see Kim Jong Un murdered in the next few weeks or months, watch out, I would highly suspect the event will be soon there after as North Korea’s response to the death of their beloved leader.



7 thoughts on “Watch for the Assassination if Kim Jong Un – Redman”

  1. Again more than ever Discerning of Spirits is so badly needed today and if not now there is ZERO chance when Francis and Obama are released.

  2. There are also prophecies released on the net that this Summit is a death-trap for Trump – and thank God that Mr. Trump will recover from it.

    Thanks for your summary/guessing, let’s get back to praying!



    1. Again more than ever Discerning of Spirits is so badly needed today and if not now there is ZERO chance when Francis and Obama are released.

    2. If Byron Searle truly said that, then he was dead wrong about this one, huh? Byron has been wrong on many of his phony false flag events. Several just this year. Is he truly hearing from the Lord? Is God lying to him? Things that make you say hmmmm….

      1. It is impossible to say he is dead wrong, cause there is no date or timeline. Could be what he was told happens in 4 months or 10 months or 1.5 years, right? It is also possible what he heard he got mixed up, as this happens to prophets. All I would say is be careful when you make a judgement on these guys. It isn’t easy what they do, that is for sure, and everybody knows they might here the Lord, but they also might hear them – and THEY are very good at throwing in lies in to the data stream.

        1. Well, you are trying to defend Byron, which I can understand; because there was apparently no timeline. But, how many times (and when) will Trump go back to Singapore, and there will be North Korean agents there?

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