Major Event World Wide, Stay Vigilant, Follow The White Rabbit


Italy says they are no longer taking refugees, shipping them to Malta. Kim Jong Un and Trump are getting ready to meet in Singapore for the peace summit. Russia pushing for peace in Afghanistan. Russia warns that there is another false flag coming in Syria. Assad says the western nations are behind the war in Syria. Q is back and has dropped alot of bread crumbs. These include North Korea, IG report, false flag on a world wide basis, the ability to access the blackhat phone system, dark is turning to light. Follow the white rabbit.

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2 thoughts on “Major Event World Wide, Stay Vigilant, Follow The White Rabbit”

  1. White Rabbit is a song by the Jefferson Airplane in 1967. It has drug references, and is based on Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Q : The code name used by this person.

    From Star Trek The next Generation and Voyager.

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