“OVERLOAD!” A Prophetic Warning By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The time has come for a correction to be made to the human heart. There is an adjustment coming that will produce My desired effect! The mountains will move and the nations will tremble at the sound of My voice. (He impressed in my heart an increase of earthquake activities, even here in the States). I have spoken once in My anger and I will speak again to a nation that has forsaken My Laws and the Ways of My Son. I will stand and judge a people who live by the laws of self. For the hour has come for My righteous correction to be reveled to a rebellious people. America, I have waited patiently for the fruit of repentance but I only hear weeping, carnage, and the shedding of innocent blood! I will remove your king to prove to you that I am sovereign. I will prove that My plans will always prevail. Even still I will not get the glory from those who think I Am as they are. For they have lost the focus and have blurred My purpose to their children’s children.
What shall I do? What shall I say? I will judge righteously and I will speak clearly. My actions will not be in a corner, hidden for those who guess about My intentions. It will be plain as the noon day sun. Your tipping point is here America. Your overload is complete. What will you do without Me? Nothing!

(Scripture reference for this message is Malachi 3) To watch or listen to this message got to www.ignitedchurchlife.com or You Tube


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3 thoughts on ““OVERLOAD!” A Prophetic Warning By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth”

  1. My YouTube connection is on safety mode therefore couldn’t connect or get right links, got to wait till 9th before I can try that since everything on my phone barely able to get your site without waiting awhile, but thanks this really helps

  2. True correction is coming quickly and suddenly. Thanks Bro. Jeff on transcribing these videos it helps to know what said for us deaf people !!

    1. Thanks to West Coast Walter for that transcription. Did you do the Google search like I told you about the closed captioning on YouTube videos?

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