Vision: “I cannot and will not postpone this any longer” – Daniela Sykora

Recorded July 21, 2018

I was in a prayer, at the feet of Papa God, when He suddenly leaned over, and picked me up. He tenderly held me, and told me not to fear. Then Papa God stood up from His throne with me in His mighty arms. The Father was looking down from His Holy Sanctuary, and as He was looking down, I looked down also, curious as to what He was looking at. What we were both looking at from above, was the entire USA. Then the Father said, “But I cannot and will not postpone this any longer. It has to be done. For their sake!” Then He pointed His finger at something down there and said, “You see that vapor?” As I zoomed in with my eyes, I saw a greenish looking vapor, which looked to me as it was rising up from a swamp. The Father said, “It’s the stench that is rising up towards the heavens, and it’s unbearable. It’s disgusting! It’s the stench of sin.”