One thought on “The End of America! (2018-2019) – Jason A”

  1. Wow.

    We, are watching a direct satanic indoctrination in this video regarding the parts on the drag queens being allowed in class. Another one is the sexual assault on gender.

    Could actually be looking at demonic beings in human form. Called “walk-ins” on some of these TV programs and the hosts are afraid to say you look like a freak or criticize their life style for fear of being fired or other titles.

    This is where we are at. Christians are going to have to take their children out of the public school. You say well if the Christians leave, who is going to stand up? Very difficult to stand by yourself and the trauma the children will suffer will you at work.

    But it is part of the societal collapse that is on going not only in America, but the world.

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