An Incredible Confirmation, Only Weeks Left – War is Coming Soon, to America – It is Time for Last Minute Prepping – John Shorey

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Prophetic Newsletter
By John Shorey 7-31-2018
An Incredible Confirmation, Only Weeks Left
War is Coming Soon, to America
It is Time for Last Minute Prepping
Author of, “The Window of the Lord’s Return”

I have much to share in this newsletter. I have broken my studies into three subjects. In my last newsletter I covered two very important topics. One topic covering timing errors that when corrected point to the beginning of major domino events, starting by this September of 2018. The second most important topic from my 7-19-2018 newsletter was a concise outline of events that I see as a possible scenario of how the dominos could fall and bring America and the world into the Great Tribulation. Since sending out my 7-19-18 newsletter I have received incredible confirmations from Prophets and news headlines that confirm time has almost run out. If you did not read my 7-19-18 newsletter you can go on my site and read my newsletters from the last year.

An Incredible Confirmation, Only Weeks Left
When I sent out my last newsletter dated 7-19-2018, I emailed a copy to Jeffrey Byerly who has an end time’s blog. When he read my scenario story he could not believe the similarities to what the Lord spoke to him two years ago. He contacted me and asked me to read what the Lord told him and asked for my opinion. I could not believe what I was reading, it contained more detail then my possible scenario but almost every major point was covered. My scenario was confirming what the Lord told him and his word from the Lord was confirming my take on this as well.
We both agree that the likelihood of these events happening this year is very high up on the percentage scale. I personally believe that the kickoff event will happen in the current Jewish calendar year that ends with the two day celebration called Rosh Hashana. This event happens September 10th and 11th. The 10th is the last day of the Jewish year and the 11th is the first day of the following Jewish year. I am not setting a date but I strongly believe the kickoff event will happen before the end of the Jewish calendar year. If not I would say at least a 90% chance before year end. This is not a rapture time; it will be the kickoff event that will bring us to the beginning of Daniels 70th week in the months following the first of the coming dominoes.
Below the prophetic word from Jeff Byerly, is a prophetic confirmation that was just given yesterday confirming an attack on America. I have seen other prophetic confirmations to numerous to mention.

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  1. i’ve heard so many predictions that were wrong in last several years its brought me and numerous others to realize that ‘most’ definitely are not real prophets, best consider yourselves real lucky . old folks in past were stoned . I also have noticed most of now wanna-be prophets, pull info from each other and say they’ve got a revelation from the Lord . I feel there’s a 3 way plan . prepare people for tough times ahead, of course, but keep an eye open for hurting people who need Christ. make disciples, train them, if we don’t they’ll fall away . devil is a lion and looking hard to devour, get them saved to stay saved. feed sheep and enjoy even the storms . we’re more than conquerors. these are my feelings.

  2. The Lord sent me in April to two cities in East Germany to pray and warn people. The first morning, I think it was the 26. of April 2018 I was speaking in a dream: Repent, repent, repent for the judgment of God is near…repent, repent, repent for the judgment of God is near! The next morning I spoke in another dream: war is coming!
    Normally I speak and dream in German but these dreams were in English.

  3. There have been ample warning to stop naming dates but these warnings for the most part with few exceptions have been ignored. The following are words Wendi Lee received from Father in the 2015 -2017 time frame:

    I received this Word from King Yeshua at 11:45 am on 7 September 2015:
    Please take this Word to Our Good Shepherd:
    My Wonderful Loves, your King of Kings desires to give you an explanation somewhat of what is going to be happening on this earth very soon now. Know that My Times are not your times, you will not know My Plans altogether, but you do know all of My Warnings. For I have let them be known to all of My Children. I AM God, your Heavenly Father of all things, great and small. I can and I will save all of My Beloveds from the enemy’s hands. I desire all of My Children to be ready at any moment for the chaos to take place. That means, Children, to be aware and vigilant at all times. So many of My Remnant are trying to put dates to what will occur. Know this, My Loves, I do not give any dates to My Wrath. I do not. No person will know when things will happen until it occurs. If I were to give dates, the enemy would be smiling from ear to ear. You do have markers for events to occur, though. These are designed to let you know that the Great Shaking is about to occur. I have given time frames for My Children to ponder over. Only I know the sequence of events and when, My Loves. Know this also, My Beautiful Children, that you will never know My Time of Rescue for My Faithful Bride, not even I know; but only My Father. Never listen to any date for the Rapture My Children. It only creates confusion and heartache when it doesn’t happen. It also pushes My Beautiful Creation farther from Me. I will tell you that you do not have much longer to wait, not much longer according to man’s time. Keep looking up for your Blessed Hope, because I AM coming soon. Your Bridegroom is so very anxious to hold each and every one of His Children. I love each of you as My Own,King Yeshua Ha Mashiach


    (He gave Wendi this message back in September 16,2015)

    Judgment is not only at the door, but it is through the door. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT. Run to your Mighty Savior who is faithful and just to forgive you your sins. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT, all of My faithful. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT. All who think they belong to me but produce no fruit for you are known by your fruit

    I received this Word on September 16, 2015 at 3.45 pm
    Daughter, take down My Words for My beautiful Children of Light.
    I, King Yeshua ha Mashiach, God of all Heaven and earth, I am coming to you My holy children, whoever has an ear, hear what your blessed savior is saying this day. I AM supplying more instructions to My dear ones. It is time to start focusing on getting things wrapped up, preparing for what is about to come to earth. My faithful, money will not be worth anything in the days ahead for there will be a global affair that is going to collapse the money systems. My children, now is the time to start really stocking up on water, drinking and for sanitation and hygiene purposes, batteries for flashlights, plenty of canned food and non-perishable items. Think of storm preparedness kits, do research if you need do, to comprise a list for you and your family. This is not a test, My loves. I want My faithful to be prepared for I will not leave My lovely ones in the dark. My children, do not fear for what is coming will be so fantastic for My own. Do not ever listen to any dates, My loves, do not. There will never be correct. Be ready to share what you have with your neighbors especially those who are still asleep and do not know the time they are living in. It is time, My beloveds, the enemy has been planning this event for a long time. And now it will come to past. Be strong in Me, your Protector. For if God be for you, My loves there can no one, or nothing against you. My will be done on earth. It will be so glorious for you. Expect to see more signs and wonders from the Great I AM, and the skies, and everywhere. Expect to be looking at the unexpected, My loves. As I mentioned before, My loves, this time is the most wonderful time for those who love their Savior more than mother, father, husband, wife, sisters and brothers. Those who are picking up their crosses every day, to be with Me, the righteous Redeemer. Do not be alarmed, My beautiful ones, this is what I have been warning about for all creation. Read My Word, my lovely creation. There will be lying, signs and wonders from the evil one. Also, if you know Me, you will not be deceived. If you are grounded in My Perfect and Holy Word, you will not be carried away by Dan (?). My creation, come to your Savior now. Time is gone. The travail comes fiercer now and there will be much unrest and lawlessness. I welcome you into My bosom where I can shelter you and tell you how much I love you. Get down on your knees and be in complete repentance for your sins. I tell you the truth, I know your hearts. There will be more instructions coming forth. It is here, My loves, the Judgment and last of the Birth pains. Your Wonderful and Merciful God Jehovah”

    “My Beautiful Daughter of Zion, Wendi, write My Words for all of My Children to hear and to experience hearing from Father Yahweh The Almighty God of Wonders: Do not continue to try to guess at My Times. I want all of My Faithful in My Son Yeshua, to turn and cling tightly to Him. Concentrate on your relationship with Him. My Timing will come soon enough. Use this little time you have left to get ever so close to My Son Yeshua. He desires more intimacy with His Children and He knows what everyone of His Faithful needs from Him. I say this – I Command this, no more dates! Not for My Wrath and not for My Son’s Rescue. It only causes heartache for My Children. It may turn them away from My Son when it doesn’t come to pass. Now, My Faithful and My disobedient children, I tell you another thing, which has been revealed only a few times before. My Son revealed it to My Daughter and other of My Servants. Father God Yahweh is going to catch away in a rapture all of My Babies upon the earth. It will save them from what is coming upon this earth. My Innocent Little Ones who cannot take care of themselves. My Beautiful Children which I give as perfect little gifts to mother and fathers. Some of the parents do not care for My Innocent Ones. My Daughter was given a vision a few weeks ago and I will have her post it with this Message. Listen to it very carefully. I warn before I take action. This is going to be a very mourningful time; but a most necessary rescue. My Faithful and True will remain true to Me; their Jehovah God. However, there will be many that will say they hate their God for taking their babies. Always know, I have all of My Children’s Interests at My Heart. I, Father Yahweh have the Perfect Plans for this earth. When this occurs, many things will come upon this earth. For I will have removed the Innocent Ones away from every harm. They will grow up with Me their Loving Creator. It will not be long before their Faithful and True parents join them, when I perform My Merciful Act. All inhabitants of My Earth, know that God is in control, and I will never be mocked. I know every one of your hearts; whether you love Me or not. Pay attention to My Signs. Father God Yahweh Elohim Eternal Grace, Love, and Mercy has spoken!

    : God Jehovah Control that Lying Deceiving serpent satan
    Psalm 92:1-2 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto Thy Name, O Most High: 2 To shew forth Thy Lovingkindness in the morning, and Thy Faithfulness every night.

    I received this Word from Father God Yahweh at 8:02 pm on 16 March 2016:
    My Beautiful Daughter of Zion, who is so very faithful to her God JEHOVAH, write the Words you received while being escorted by My Son in My Holy Throne Room, to My Saints of the Most High: Can you see what is happening with spiritual eyes, My Saints? obama is a great flatterer with his lies and putrid sinful pride. My Saints, it is hard for some of you to see this, however, you will know it when he divides My Jerusalem. satan can’t wait to have his hands upon it, but it won’t be long, for I control that lying, deceiving serpent. I, God JEHOVAH will personally be breathing down his slimy neck. My Arm will reach wherever I want it to go. The time is escaping. Do not try to put dates on events as My Holy Days are coming up. When you do that, it pushes people away and hurts them. My Son wants you to be in Him every moment. He will keep you focused on My Kingdom, for your conversation should be on heavenly things. I see that more questions are being asked. My Saints, I will answer when I need to answer. If you do not receive an answer from these, My Messages, do not fret, come to Me in prayer. Remember, I AM God JEHOVAH, Papa Yahweh Elohim; I AM not a question and answer personality. I AM Holy, Righteous, and True. I know what is best for all of My Saints, and for this Ministry. It is always best to ask of Me through My Son Yeshua in prayer. Some questions will remain mysteries until they occur. Wait on God Almighty JEHOVAH, and you shall mount up with wings as eagles. I will most likely be answering questions that are derived from a Message that My Saints do not understand. Come to Me in prayer, My Saints; you will be surprised at how I may answer you, for I AM a God Who is full of mysteries and surprises. Papa Yahweh Elohim Eternal, I AM always here for you; come to Me in prayer, has spoken!

    Word from Father God’s Yahweh at 3:15 P.M. on 29 April, 2016:
    My beautiful daughter of Zion, write Papa Yahweh’s words that you received by My Son with my eternal spoon of love. Write, My daughter:
    To all of My saints, Father says all of you know by now that something is coming. Something big. My signs and wonders, they are coming. Father continues to tell you not to put dates on anything that I AM going to do. You will never be correct. God Jehovah operates so much higher than man. Flee from dates, My Holy children. I work right on time. I AM never early, nor am I ever late. Just when you think nothing is going to occur, I assure you, it will. Many of you have realized that you will be here for some of the persecution of the son of perdition. Many of you also realize that you will receive My Mighty power to do My end time works of bringing in the harvest; both are about to begin. My beautiful saints, concentrate on My Son Yeshua. Let Him be your every thought. He will help make time for you to go by quickly for you are in His perfect will. Time means nothing to your God Jehovah, but I know that it is everything in My children’s lives. The days will be shortened. Time will start to go by faster and faster. I tell everyone, Be Prepared. Father Yahweh conveys this to you. Do Not take it lightly. This year will be full of great wonders and great deception and great evil, but My Son’s lights will shine much brighter as evil is pushed back by love. Papa Yahweh, the darkness will never be able to comprehend the light.

    The day has come when no extra time will be given and all things shall come to pass as it is written in My Holy Word. All of you would do well to know the things that must shortly come to pass by reading My Word, instead of listening or reading someone else’s interpretation. My Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. Please know this My dear ones, I do not give out dates, for there are too many variables involved. Each man’s actions alter the outcome of each event that is to happen. If I were to tell you the exact outcome of everything that would take place in your life, would it take any faith in Me on your part? Of course I know what the final outcome will be, I AM GOD! Those who are giving out dates that do not come to pass are causing unbelief both in the world and in My body. I warn them now to stop giving dates out in My name. If you have opinion about a certain date state it as such, but do not say that you are speaking My words.

  4. A couple of months ago on a prayer call I heard so definitely in my spirit the following.. ” The fuse is lit” and spoke it on the call. I’m on assignment right now in Oregon as a wildland fire paramedic, which I have done the past 5 years. I felt and heard in my spirit 3 weeks ago the following.. ” short summer” meaning this could be my last fire for the summer. I am awaiting confirmation from the Lord and now I see a very real possibility that the remainder of August I’m to be home praying up and finishing preparing and not out on another fire far from home. These posts are all revealing truth, the close similarities and volume alone tell us the door is almost closed. May the Lord finish preparing us and others quickly. Blessings to all.

  5. Quote from Jeff prophecy: “Many of My own will be taken home to be with Me because of these horrific events that are going to take place. ” Glynda Lomax and Mena Lee Grebin have word from the Lord that around 2016-2019 timeframe God will bring back many of His people, now we see the on going fulfillment of this prophecy especially the Lord bring back Chuck Youngbrandt and Billy Graham. Even I had heard from some prophecy (I think is pastor TD Hale) say after Billy dead, there will be continuous war in the 7 years period of time (7 years tribulation maybe?) Base on the timeframe above, I personally believe the kick of event will be either this fall or next year. Don’t forget sister Babara timeframe to proclaim the glorious kingdom until April 2019. She will be martyr very soon possible before her timeframe.

    By the way, as John Shorey say it is possible the Jubille years is around Sept 2017-Sept 2018, I believe it is true as:
    -prophet Neville Johnson (confirm by Sadhu Sundar) say the Lord told him Jews will celebrate their last Jubilee in 2017.
    -my pastor have prophecy that this year is Jubilee year in the beginning of 2018 (out of my surprise!)

    After the Jubilee shall be the judgement year, mean what you sow what you reap. If you do righteous, then your judgement will be blessing. If you do wicked, then your judgement will be chastisement and punishment (not the wrath of God!) Just remember the prophecy from Ribbi Judah ben Samuel state after the jubilee will be the beginning of the messianic endtime (I believe is 7 years tribulation)

  6. Very good recap! I have been sensing something in the month of September. I have consistently been seeing 911. If it is going to be New York City I would think 9/11 might once again be a possibility. I feel a very strong urging to get our final preparations done before the end of August and have been asking for the Lord to reveal anything else He would have me to know personally. I do know He has shown me things lately that have answered some questions about storing water and things that I wasn’t sure what to do. The job He has placed me in also is very interesting as now I would have access to certain things where I would not have had and would need in a time of crisis.

  7. It always seems that during this period, Sept-October of any year, people become more expectant of end day biblical events coming to and that is probably due to the belief of some that these events will occur during Jewish feast days and the argument that when The Lord followed the feast days while here on earth and believe that he will continue to follow that pattern.

    For example, The Feast of Trumpets, has been used by some as an example that at the last trump…. or the feast of tabernacles.

    Not trying to start an argument, but The Church is not bound by these feasts.
    Although people debate the rotation of the earth, the moon, cloud or cloudless nights. But, Feast Days are not on the same day as they were the previous year. For example, 9th Day of Av is a known historical event that on this day the jews have suffered great destruction and/or persecution.
    So on this day, even now, the world holds its breath when this day comes and go with or without a dramatic event occurring to the jews.

    My point is that it has been fruitless to set dates. Because when a minister does that and it doesn’t come to past, then they lose credibility although the evidence, the clues are there. But as with the 9th of Av, it seems that some dates are dates of destruction. For the U.S., 9-11 is one but I bet if you look at
    past dates of dramatic events occurring in our country, you can easily tie them in with policies regarding the division of the land of Israel , such as Katrina and 9-11.

    But I propose this that what John has posted is not just throwing a empty prophecy out here, let us perhaps regard that our country may be getting ready
    to betray Israel or make Israel surrender land to form a second state for The Palestinians with certain neighborhoods in East Jerusalem given to them of which a capital can be established.

    In regard to Taiwan, I do not believe The U.S. will defend it. China is part of The New World Order.

    1. The church is not bound by Yahwey’s divine apts, even though Jesus fulfilled Passover – Pentecost and if you got saved it was BECAUSE OF THESE. DO people think through their statements? Yes, God uses these even after the 2nd covenant to help us and this 70th birthday of his nation, 4 months later Rosh Hashanah, you better pay attention to. That’s a 1/ 6000 chance of happening and it’s funny people don’t r ealize it. Yom Hakeseh is Day and Zhou job man knows by exact feast day title which is also Trumpets and Rosh. Messiah was born on 9/ 11/ 3bc Rosh. 9/ 11/ 18 Rosh is in 41 days. Jesus noted a 4 month interval for eternal life . May 14, 2018 – 9/ 11/ 18 is 120 days/4 months and it could only occur this 2018 at Israel ‘s birthday. But she has refused to let get souls rest, as she also refused to let through land soil rest in curing 483/ 490 years punishment. This 7 to finish 490 coincide with Rosh. Wake up. Warn people.

      1. Yes,
        Queen of Sheba gave
        120 Talents of GOLD to Solomon’s TREASURY, he had 666 TOTAL
        120 at PENTECOST WHEN FIRE 🔥 FELL, in the upper room
        120 Trumpets on QUEEN ESTERS WEDDING
        Israel’s 70th. May 14, 2018 is
        66.6 lunar years. On that day
        TRUMP Donald who lived@
        666 5th. Ave in NY
        MOVED Embassy Yerusalaim
        120 days later
        Trumpets on 911.18
        Trump’s 600 the. Day
        911.18 is
        20018 days AFTER JFK AND
        16,666+6 DAYS AFTER
        ROE V WADE
        911.1880 TRUMP’S Momma born
        Elizabeth Crist Trump

  8. To John Shorey,
    Regarding your belief that things will happen by the “end of the Jewish year”. I must point out that the time you refer to is biblically NOT the end of the year. Rosh Hashanah is NOT the biblical date of the beginning of a year. Scripture makes it clear that this is the day of the Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah. This is according to Leviticus 23 the 1st day of the 7th month on the biblical calendar. If you are not aware yet, that is the day which is considered “no man knows the day or the hour”. It begins when the New Moon (first sliver crescent) is seen over Jerusalem by 2 witnesses. When that happens, the Day of Blowing or Feast of Trumpets begins. Remember the day begins at sundown. So, when the sun goes down and the New Moon is seen, the new day and in this case the new month begin. You can email me if you want more explanation. This is the Word of God, not some theory. Thousands of believers all over the world observe God’s calendar this way. The date of the Feast of Trumpets cannot be pre-calculated. You must see the new moon. If the moon is not seen, you have to wait for the next day. (this does not go on for multiple days, but it is crucial to see the New Moon) This does not negate your theory (per se) but just it is NOT the New Year. Judaism follows a rabbinic calendar even though they know when Messiah comes we will all follow the calendar described above. God doesn’t work off of man’s calendar. He has his own; gave it to us in the Torah, and if we want to meet Him, we need to be on His schedule – His calendar. I hope this will help shed some light on your studies. Your brother in Messiah Yeshua, Gregg.

  9. Or not. I’ve not known 1 person who got the dates right. We just do not know, and while there are a LOT more signs than I’ve seen in 20 years, saying we have just a few weeks to prepare, and this is it is stilly. We should already be prepared, you are not promised tomorrow!

    1. You are right Steve! If you are not prepared do it NOW! I dont know if the Kick off event will be this fall or not but if you are not prepared you are just asking for trouble. Prepare spiritually and then physically.

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