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Dream. Summer 2016

I was dreaming I was in my home, working in the kitchen and standing next to a large glass patio door. I looked out through the glass and I could see white clouds gathering above, in the blue sky. They were small clouds but there were a lot of them and they seem to cover the blue sky completely. Then it began to rain lightly, a very nice, refreshing rain.  I felt that there was an approaching storm in the distance. I heard in my head “the airplanes can still fly”.

I then looked away to talk to another Children’s Sunday School teacher who was in the kitchen with me. After a certain time passed, I again looked out through the glass again and to my alarm those white clouds have descended down, floating about 5 ft above ground. I could see the tops of these clouds from the deck. They were so close, that in the dream I felt I could reach out and touch them. I felt alarmed. I then heard “The storm is closing in, the airplanes now have to land” and I felt worried.  I turned away again, but in a very short time glanced through the glass again.  I saw those same clouds, except they suddenly started changing color to gray, to dark gray and then immediately to black and at that point I felt great alarm and I quickly ran with my family to the safe room. It was our utility room that we had designated as safe room in case of storms. I knew there was a terrible thing happening outside, a terrible storm and I was crying out in prayer, praying in the Spirit.  In my dream there was a window in the safe room (there was no window in our actual utility room) and through the window I could see the terror that was happening outside and it was so scary! There were tornadoes ripping everything apart and such darkness. I don’t have the words to describe how horrible it was.

Dear brothers and sisters, I had this dream before I heard prophecies of the coming calamities and of the coming war.  As time passed, the meaning of this dream became clearer to me.  I believe it shows the order of certain events and how it relates to working in ministry.  When I first saw the white clouds covering the sky and felt the falling rain, it was a very nice rain.  I would describe it as a blessing.  I heard “the airplanes can still fly”. That meant although clouds are gathering and the storm is approaching, there were still opportunities for ministry. I now understand the airplanes in my dream were representing world wide ministry, more specifically, Youtube ministry.  The second time the clouds descended close to the ground and at that time the airplanes had to land. The events happened very quickly. 

As far as Youtube, there is a window of opportunity for this type of ministry, and at some point in time, it will no longer be available.  If the Lord is calling you to do His work on Youtube, please answer sooner than later. Children’s ministry is almost non-existent on Youtube.  Please pray that the Lord sends workers to that field.

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  1. I’m doing Youtube videos. I’ve had visions. I’ve told many people of the troubles that lie ahead. Few listen. Most say I’m crazy – That I’ve become a religious nut. Most of my family and all my best friends have stopped speaking to me. They don’t want to hear about this stuff. They make fun of me for for it.

    Here’s the first video I made. It’s an introduction to the vision I had.

  2. Thank you.

    I find that I am using YouTube to spread prophetic messages and my research on YT has ramped up a lot. I feel compelled to get messages out quickly to reach as many as possible. I pray it’s working. As you say YouTube may not be around.

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