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This is what the Lord said to me during my time with Him on June 18.
The weather is going to be very bad here. Right across the nation weather patterns will stretch from east to west from west to east. Destructive winds will come frequently.
 Damage to homes and property will become common.
You will see My hand of protection upon your own home at this time. It will not be touched by these winds.

Hail will affect some areas. Very destructive hail.
This is My judgments beginning to fall on the wicked.
Again, there will be some in the midst of this hail who will not be touched. Their properties will be untouched.  They are My people and safe refuge.
It will be commented in the news media that  the hail is becoming selective. An odd comment.  But it will be noticed that there are those who are being spared from damage time and time again.
More flooding rains will occur.
The earthquake in the Goldfields and north east of Perth is coming soon I am going to awaken so many through this.
The Lord has mentioned an earthquake in the Goldfields and north east of Perth twice now.  He said there would be an awakening as a result of this shaking. Many will come to Him in this time.  In 2010 there was a 5.2M earthquake in Kalgoorlie/Boulder. This is right in the Goldfields area of Western Australia, so it has happened before. I do not know what Magnitude the next one will be or what area of the Goldfields will be hit, just that it is coming.
Reports on the news of severe weather and big freezes in the eastern states have been coming in since receiving this word on June 18.  And here in the west there have been very strong and destructive winds all around my house on 2 separate occasions over  the last 2 or so weeks. The back fence went down, the house was untouched. Next door lost their patio roof.  So this was a very quick fulfilment of what the Lord said to me.
I believe this is only the beginning of the bad weather to come. We are in the time of the end. God is shaking the people that they might repent, turn from the world and surrender to Him.
 Praying that many will turn their hearts to the Lord and cry out to Him at this time.

2 thoughts on “BAD WEATHER COMING TO AUSTRALIA – Alison Pound”

  1. Dear Alison

    Can attest to what you said concerning the LORD protecting your home. In 2012 the HOLY SPIRIT
    told me to anoint the four corner posts of the farm here in Canada. On May 21st 2013 a tornado
    with winds of 120 mph. brought much devastation to properties next to the farm. One branch
    from a maple tree snapped off at the front of the house. The LORD said this branch was an example
    of the devastation that would have come if the farm property hadn’t been anointed for protection
    and if i hadn’t been one of HIS children.

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