Prophetic Newsletter – A Confirmation we must not Ignore – John Shorey – 8-06-2018

Dear Prophetic Friends,
This has been the most different sort of newsletter I have ever written. Recently I have had my newsletters posted on Jeff Byerly’s blog called Whistleblower Jeff. He posts prophetic words from people he believes hear from God. Last week he posted a dream by a prophetess known as Jeanette. She had sent Jeff a dream that was unusual even for her. In this dream she was in a room and looking out the window she saw war was breaking out in America. After seeing war breaking out, God gave her my name, John Shorey, followed by the month of September. I will explain later in this newsletter why I believe this dream was from God, giving His church a warning for what is soon coming.
Today Jeanette posted another personal take on what this could be all about. She said this dream has caused a firestorm of comments. She said some are saying that this is a confirmation that John Shorey’s teachings are correct. I take this position as I don’t see how you can miss this.

Then she says others are saying that this dream proves that John Shorey’s teachings are not correct. If you read how the dream is written I don’t know how you can see it this way? I will point out that Jeanette does not back down from the fact that God did give her the name John Shorey followed by the month of September.
My further take on this is, God is not the author of confusion, but satan is. You can be sure that satan is stirred up and angry by this dream, as satan does not want the church to be warned.

Mark my words, before September there will be a great effort to discredit this dream and discredit John Shorey. I imagine there will be attacks on my character. I will be accused of being in this for the money. I will be called a false prophet. I have never claimed to be a prophet; I know God has raised me up to be a prophetic teacher. I believe people who have either known me for many years or those who have followed my ministry over the years will attest to my character and my sincerity. It is easy to accuse someone for having poor motives and character but those who really know me will testify that I am not in this for the money or any form of personal glory. My desire is to be obedient to God in every way and bring praise and honor to my Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for you and me.
Jeanette does not like date setting, I agree that No man will knows the day or the hour of the Lord’s return but I am not talking about the rapture event. If you will read my studies for yourself you will see that I am teaching about God’s calendar that has been written in the sun, moon and the stars. I am showing from Gods word that He said the sign of his coming will be seen in the sun, moon and the stars. I further show how these recent events have been pointing to the prophetic year that started last September. This was the beginning of the Jewish calendar year that we are currently in. This Jewish calendar year ends September 10th. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel fell in the middle of this year.

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  1. Thanks Robin b, I am taken what written to heart to apply to every aspect of my life, o how I long to live holy and be vessel of honor to God and a true worshiper to him. Thanks for sharing that, blessing to u in Yeshua name

  2. It is never wise to try to determine a date. What IS wise, is to remain in a state of Grace – DO NOT SIN. Be prepared for anything on any given day and trust in the Providence, love and guidance of God Almighty. Surrender to HIS plans and TRUST that he will guide you every step of the way, whatever happens. Never deny Him, never stop believing in His Truth, always Trust and obey His Commandments.

  3. Sure is much spiritual cloudiness over this.

    We all miss it. I do. Miss a sentence, a word, but if people would reread the second paragraph of jeanette’s initial posting, it might clear up what is occurring because it has started a firestorm or such.

    Here I will copy and paste.

    Last night the Lord Jesus gave me a dream. The dream was guarded by Him. I felt His presence watching over the dream. The Lord also made me aware that there was a dark presence that was laughing. I asked the Lord to remove the dark presence. The Lord said, “pay attention only to me. Do not pay attention to the dark spirit.

    Pay attention to me and not be distracted –I added that part . And how much distraction is occurring now?

    The only good date setting is :
    1. go on vacation.
    2. graduation
    3.get married
    4. attend a sporting event.
    5. family reunions.
    6. court hearings.
    7. whatever else you can think of.

    But then, they are subject to change.

    When a person is having a relationship with another, they usually seek to learn all they can about the other person.

    Sometimes one partner will think they know the other person so well they say something to that person and exactly know what the response will be.

    Several years ago I read a posting from a well known T.V. minister who said that some senior Jewish Rabbis believe that there is a miscalculation of their calendar and that the current year (like using 5781 as an example), may be off and its later, although the new moon and such comes and goes and other times
    I think they are counting from Adam. Just posting what what someone else said and they could be wrong.

    Although intentions are honorable, The Lord is not going to share his glory with anyone. He would not share it with Moses. Cost him the opportunity to cross into the promise land and in heaven, when we eventually get there, there will be no person walking around saying I was right, I was right. The Lord is not going to walk about heaven saying, yes my best buddy John or whoever got it right.

    Not that John Shorey seeks that, which I don’t believe and I hope no others do.

    These are mysteries and we waste our time in an attempt to tie down to a specific date.

    1. Hi While on a Journey! I like your examples on date setting. Made me laugh out loud, especially because most of the people i know are usually late even when dates and times are set…I would love it if someone was able to figure out God’s timing, but I too am doubtful when anyone picks a specific day for certain. I’m learning that the Lord’s feast days seem to be high watch days, but none of really know anything for certain…Only that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior..much love brother

  4. Agree Steve, over the years when things didn’t happen the attitude is just another word that didn’t happen then people starting not to believe, I di believe when ever it happens it will be suddenly

    1. Hi David, I have to share a word I just read with you on The Call of the Bride website. It is a word by someone I don’t know, but I felt like it’s what you and I really need to hear! Maybe others too…It really blessed me..hope it does the same for you…08/07/18 – Anne Shikuh FB
      My beloved,

      I have desired to elevate you from one level to another, from glory to glory and from strength to strength. To order your steps and make your paths straight and smooth ahead of you.
      The enemy has been working against you, to keep you out of My will for you, using the weapons of offense and discouragement. He has been doing this through releasing his sound through the gateway of your ears.
      You will always, eventually, be led and influenced by the sound you are listening to. When you give heed to voices that release offense and discouragement, not only do you get distracted and your head hangs low, but also the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy gets a chance to injure your feet so that you can no longer move.
      This is how, many times, My purposes and plans for you have been delayed. The enemy triggered people and circumstances to offend and discourage you, and instead of you drawing near to Me and resisting the enemy, you listened to him and allowed his schemes to work against you.
      I have given you My Spirit who will enable you to ignore and overlook offenses and resist the spirit of discouragement. Yield to him continually, for He will help you to forgive quickly so the root of bitterness does not find room to grow in you.
      Give yourself to Him, and He will replace every heaviness with praise and thanksgiving. Instead of grumbling and complaining against people and circumstances, you will be filled with My peace and contentment, and with the feet of a deer, you will swiftly rise and keep on rising, regardless of what’s going on around you.
      You are meant to be unstoppable and undeterred. The enemy can only delay or stop you if you allow him to distract you. Resist him and he will flee from you!
      Your Mighty Warrior, your Deliverer, your Rock,

  5. I do not believe in dates, everybody whom I’ve read who had some kind of date was wrong, and then, what happens, is people go “see I told you so”. Yes, the Lord has His calendar in the sun, moon and stars, but I do not see those as being “exact” dates, more like milepost along the way towards something. You know, you are driving to the Grand Canyon and you see a sign “Grand Canyon 400 miles away”, and you go great, we are getting there. Then you see another sign, “Grand Canyon 240 miles away”, and you are like OH YEAH. Well, that is what I believe we see in the sun, moon and stars.

    But the thing is, if what I said about you agree with, then you also probably have to admit, something has changed in the past few weeks. The messages from those whom I believe hear the Lord are converging – even Faircloth’s latest sermon said “Prepare for Impact”. Look what Byron just wrote today.

    John, I will be shocked if Sept 9 or 11 something happens. I will be just has surprised if it does not happen before the year is out.

    I just get concerned people will watch a date come and go then go “See, he was wrong again”. Then, on Sept 23rd, sudden destruction.

    Be ready folks, I personally believe the long summer sleep days might be coming to an abrupt end, and it might just shock the hell out of all of us!

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