Astrophysicist Predicts End of Human Civilization Is Approaching: ‘This World Is Not Our Home’

Image source: Facebook/Dr. Hugh RossA Christian astrophysicist has warned believers that the end of human civilization is fast approaching. Hugh Ross believes that we will shortly enter the next ice age, the fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s Great Commission and, ultimately, the end of the world.  Read More…                                                                                                 Image source: Facebook/Dr. Hugh Ross

2 thoughts on “Astrophysicist Predicts End of Human Civilization Is Approaching: ‘This World Is Not Our Home’”

  1. The article above this one says “Ask Me” as in, ask God. I reckon this is what Mr. Hugh Ross should do. That plus read his Bible again. The book of Revelation tells us what will happen in the end – no mention of an ice age there. The word ‘Fire’ is mentioned though. As to what constitutes a day, the Bible says in Genesis that evening and morning makes a day. That is one evening followed by one morning. Why would our Creator God who made the heavens and the earth not be able to accomplish all that Genesis records in 6 days? Is He God or isn’t He? Do we have to make up stuff, scientific gobbledygook just because it’s too hard for us to believe or accept what it says? We are living in the days when secrets and mysteries are to be revealed. They are being revealed. But alongside that, lies are being told and believed as truth also. We need to go to our Lord and God with Bible opened before us and ask Him! Rather than accepting what fallible men tell us.

  2. This man does have a point.

    The ego system is crashing. (fish kills, algae blooms and such)
    Second, cultures are coming apart. (increase suicides. intentional killing of infants,of parents)
    Thirdly, Faith or should I say religion beliefs replaced by humanist beliefs, belief in Alien intervention or no belief at all.

    I believe as we approach the end of days it will get worst and we will witness human conduct that if our grandparents saw it, would probably string them up but our society would scream tolerance and individual rights.

    And it all may crash on or about the same time into anarchy. I am not on a soap box, a person needs to prepare.

    But as scripture says, if the days are not shortened, no flesh will be saved.
    That includes you and I.

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