Putin slams Pope Francis, “he’s not a man of God”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has slammed Pope Francis for pushing political ideology instead of running the whole church.

Putin warned Pope Francis, saying that the leader‘is not a man of God.”

“Pope Francis is using his platform to push a dangerous far-left political ideology on vulnerable people around the world, people who trust him because of his position,” Russian chief executive said.

“If you look at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God. At least not the Christian God. Not the God of the Bible,” President Putin addresses the crowd at the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt.

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2 thoughts on “Putin slams Pope Francis, “he’s not a man of God””

  1. Previous posts have implied that he will be used as one of the AC puppets. so perhaps we should pray that he will hear God’s truth and have the strength to stand up against going to war.

  2. I gotta say that in my spirit there’s just something I love about Putin…I am well aware of all the various deceptions and agendas out there and how everything is mostly a circus with the globalist agenda…but honestly i just have to say it…i wish i could sit down with the man and have a conversation together…that would be awesome.

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