Rocket Attacks Against Israel for Full 24 Hours from Gaza – ONGOING Thursday

{SteveQ said One of Henry Gruver’s time markers is when Israel invades Gaza.  This starts the full scale mid-east war.}

Yesterday, Wednesday August 7, beginning at about noon eastern US time, Arabs in the Gaza Strip began firing Rockets and Mortars into Israel.  Over 150 Rockets and dozens of Mortars were launched, damaging homes, businesses and landing near school playgrounds in Israel. The attacks continued all day, into the night, and OVERNIGHT!  All parties to any ceasefire agreement, told the UN and Egypt the ceasefire is over.  There is now talk of “war.”

Video from Israel showed small school kids panicking as they ran toward school bomb shelters on the playground; shelters which were already full with other terrified children, leaving kids around age 5 or 7, outside and exposed to the deafening blasts.

This round of rockets brought new horror: Blast Fragmentation Warheads, designed to hurl shrapnel on impact.  For the first time, Israelis began seeing cars and homes penetrated by shrapnel, not just damaged or set on fire by such rockets.

Several Israelis have been wounded.  At least two Pregnant women went into fear-induced Labor.  Homes and cars have been set on fire by flaming kites and Molotov balloons.

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) troops came under repeated Sniper fire and overt gunfire.

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