WARNING – 278pikelk (with transcript)


“Let Me say to you My Children, Let me be very clear, come back to Me now, back to your first Love so that you may escape the things that shall be coming upon the earth. I have warned through My Messengers and Scribes, through their Writings, Dreams and Visions for many years now. Review these things and you shall find the common links and parallels between them, and also between My Word. I have not used your modern day preachers, pastors, or evangelists to share these prophetic warnings, but have instead used mostly My Unknown Sheep who have no status among the people of your earth. Much of the information has already been put forth from these, in whom I have chosen and employed to release my plans in part. Find these warnings of what is to come and study these things so that you can be prepared. Search these prophetic words, dreams and visions out, so when you see these events occur you shall remain strong and in My Holy Spirit and know exactly how to proceed. Walk away from all distractions now and listen for only My Voice, for I assure you that if you belong to Me, you shall hear Me Loud and Clear. If the evidence of what is going on across your land and across your world is not bearing on your heart, it should be. If not, then your eyes are simply closed in fear. Open your eyes now and see all that is befalling upon your earth. Your earth and all of it’s inhabitants, including the animals are now searching for reconciliation unto Me, your Creator. The birth pains are now coming along closer and closer together, as the baby is about to crown. Man made, and earthly calamities abound, and soon it shall start to feel as if there is no safe place to live, as the only safe place is resting in Me. Go to My Word as it aligns with what all of My chosen Messengers have been sharing. you will be responsible in seeking out My warnings and my messages. As I have shown many and I had them share through various media. Remove faith in your man made religions and governments, and seek Me now, for no man shall be able to lend you support. I continue to bless My Children with messages of My Salvation, so that many shall be able to recognize the writing on the wall. My own shall remain protected and watched over, as the labor contractions draw closer and closer together, and more and more violent and painful in nature. If you even have a passing thought regarding how I shall use you in these times to come, come to me in Prayer and do not avoid My Plan for you and miss your calling. Prepare your hearts and minds to receive Guidance from My Holy Spirit. Be quiet in your mind and listen for My answers. If you allow yourself to be consumed by fear, you shall be unable to carry out your assignments. If you have just woken up to the timeline that you are in, do not be dismayed, for My Holy Spirit shall guide you with My Very Wisdom, and your lack of knowledge shall cease to matter. I underscore the importance of researching the things that I have shown My Messengers and Prophets in the past, for many of these have been called false, but now they shall be called True, and their messages shall be fulfilled, as My Word shall also be fulfilled. It breaks My Heart to see what some shall have to experience, but if their eyes are wide shut then this is what must be, for they shall be left upon this earth only wishing that they would have listened to My Call. My flock that has drawn near to Me shall remain being under My Watchful Eye, and nothing shall be allowed to devour them, yet the ones who wander shall be faced with all that is to come. They shall wish for their own deaths, but death shall escape them and they shall wander aimlessly in search of the basic human necessities. My Heart breaks for those who have shunned My Word and the Words of My Prophets. Those who have chosen to remain blind to what has been foretold, if you have already turned your face away from Me, it is still not too late to turn towards Me now. My Arms are still wide open to you and My Mercy covers you with My Blood. For the sin of all mankind has already been atoned for when you receive Me into your hearts. I beg you now to seek Me, for I promise to deliver you from the darkness to come, which shall be like nothing your earth has ever experienced. It is coming, for the baby is about to crown. I AM the Narrow Gate of Escape. Do Not Throw Away This Final Invitation. I Love You, All of My Children. Thus saith The Lord Thy God, Your Messiah, Jesus Christ.”

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