“The time is coming. It approaches.
The destruction of America will begin in the Fall. The fall begins in the Fall. Remember I told you this. 
And today I will make one more thing clear to you.
I speak of this Fall.
There will be no more Falls, as in no more Autumn days. This is the last beautiful Fall, with all of the colors for America. Her days are numbered. No one will notice the seasons after this Fall.
War, destruction will take its toll upon this nation. Natural disasters also. A great increase.
They have only seen the beginning of this with the Californian fires and flooding events. Earthquakes are yet to come. Yellowstone is brewing. All have seen how volatile this place is.
Denver will burn. The elite will have their underground refuges, but the city above will not survive.”

I received the above word yesterday, 9th August.  And today the Lord rebuked me for not believing I had heard correctly from Him.   I am aware that Fall is a favourite season for many Americans. It is very beautiful with all the changing colors. So I did not want to bring this word at this time.  It is not the first time He has told me that the fall will be in the Fall. He has told others also.  But it is the first time the Lord has said, THIS Fall.
I have never been to Yellowstone and know very little about it, Likewise Denver.  I am Australian. But I do not find it strange that the Lord would speak to me about these places, because He told me some years ago that America  would fall and be no more, as it is written in Revelation chapter 18.  He has since given me a heart for this place and people and put me in direct contact with many Americans.

Please pray about this, as with all you hear and ask the Lord to speak directly into your own hearts concerning this.
May the Lord bless you and keep you in the day of trouble.

29 thoughts on “AMERICAS FALL BEGINS IN THE FALL – Alison Pound”

  1. Did you still remember “Order of events” that Chuck Youngbrandt prophecy now seem to one by one fulfilled especially for the first year of tribulation? The whole article is below:

    I post below the first years of the event, some seem to very families to events that take place recently:
    First year of events (2005) This not inclusive, some of it is messed up from trying to interpret his timetables…

    1. Do not buy an air conditioner – get used to the heat.

    2. Do buy gas cans and store white gas. (I assume white gas means propane).

    3. Spring rain will be followed by summer heat and gas shortages.

    4. The dollar will begin to slide in July. For this reason, crude oil imported to the United States will increase sharply and there will be gold value problems.

    5. Temperature rise will begin in early June, (Chuck asked the Lord “when in early June?” Jesus said, “June 9”.) and climb in temperature reaching peak temperatures in July and this will hold all through July, August, and September followed by sudden and drastic temperature drop in October.

    6. There will be no rain of any significance from mid-June and on.

    7. Devestating Hurricane to hit New Orleans in September

    8. The President will be in serious trouble by December.

    9. Japan and China will become friends through economic agreements this year and arrange certain defense agreements that will seem aimed at Russia-but secretly aimed initially at the United States. This will be a great deception. The United States will fall for it. Japanese government will change character drastically in a visible way.

    10. The angel of death awaits through this year.

    13. Continue in faith. The Net of Prayer will grow steadily and then unexpectedly-be ready!

    14. Do not fear. This year many will lose jobs and city and state governments will fail suddenly.

    15. There will be serious economic crumbling. Psalm 37:39 quoted.

    16. Disease will start from California and move east. Many left incapacitated.

    17. From Georgia a plague to kill thousands as it spreads. Panic and fear will grip the nation.

    18. Food riots will break out in August in many major cities.

    19. Food costs to soar, availability declines, quality poor, hoarding magnifies the problems.

    20. Government tries, but fails to instill confidence.

    21. Those who rebel against God will also rebel against government and hundreds of thousands will want for food and starvation begins. Psalm 37:35 quoted.

    22. Heat is unbearable. No rain. Multitudes curse God but those touched by love of Christ will repent and God will spare them. Psalm 53:1 quoted.

    23. Power outs caused by heat. Fuel shortage grows worse.

    24. Riots and deliberate destruction by enraged individuals and extremist groups aiming at overthrow of the government. Proverbs 3:25, 26 quoted.

    25. Local police will fail to deal with violence and State troupes will be called out and in some areas, the violence will be so severe that Federal troops and tanks will have to be called out. Psalm 125:1 quoted.

    26. In December Russia will “accidentally” nuke 4 American cities, Lexington, KY, Richmond, VA, Columbia, SC and just north of New York City. The U.S. Counter attacks and hits three Russian cities.

  2. Allison, Jeff and others: I don’t see this as date setting, but it is interesting how the Fall lines up with John Shorey’s thoughts about September, and then Jeanette had her dream where September and John Shorey were shown to her. Jeff, I did not know about your 2016 message about the “fall being in the Fall” but will read that next.
    I think with all of the “events” that have been coming in the Fall over the past several years, it is understandable why any of us would pause before believing the next one. The Blood Moon Tetrads had eclipses in the Fall in 2014 and 2015 – many people speculated what would happen; then 2017 we had the major Solar eclipse and the Revelation 12 sign (August and September respectively). I keep thinking something was coming in September 2016, but am not sure what that was.(???)

    A few years ago (not sure which) I had found out about Prophet Efrain Rodriguez’s message of a huge asteroid coming to crash near Puerto Rico and all the devastation that would cause. I tested the messages very carefully and read all the information he was giving out. He seemed like an honest, humble and sincere man and I concluded he was not false. (I still don’t think he was false) I even contacted his website people and they confirmed that the asteroid was coming before the end of whatever year that was. Well, you all know that is not how it happened.
    Was I mad at him? No. Did I proclaim him as false? No. But I did wonder what I had missed. This was one of the major prophecies that really kicked my prepping into gear. I took it very seriously and when it didn’t happen, I kept on preparing – knowing things were coming eventually.

    Over these past years, it has been very clear to me. God has given us PLENTY of warning and LOTS of time to prepare. If we believed his servants and prepared as they’ve warned, we would be way ahead of the game. I stop and think about this from time to time. Thank you Father for giving us more time so we can be better prepared. I don’t mean just for my family, but for all of those He will send our way so we can help them – after things really get bad.

    This morning I was praying and it dawned on me, that I had just recently realized I was hanging on to some sin that I had not let go off. I had somehow justified it and thought I was still okay. When it hit me, this extra time allowed me to wake up and get this straightened out with the Lord. My God. How evil and pervasive sin can be. Any extra time we get is His mercy and we should never object to that. Trouble will be here soon enough. One day we will wake up and it will have begun.
    I for one appreciate Allison, Jeff, John, Jeanette and the others who are passing on messages from the Lord. Thank you all and YHVH bless. Gregg

    1. Gregg, Thank you! Reading what you wrote makes it worth every minute that I spend warning.
      All for the glory of the name of Jesus and His eternal kingdom.

    2. Gregg, I think that is a great attitude you have toward these things. We oftentimes hear God speaking but we do not understand what He means. Or we use our own understanding, which is definitely ‘colored’ by our worldview and belief system. The eclipses are signs of things to come, not indicators of when the things are to come. Just letting us know we are in the season now when these things will begin to happen. This word the Lord gave me could easily be taken differently by each reader. More than likely will be! But it does not say that this will be Americas last Autumn. Or that something will happen this Fall. It simply says that after this one, it will be difficult to tell if it is Fall because weather events, natural disasters and war will begin to impact and people will be occupied dealing with these things. THIS Fall is a marker. Mark it as being the last ‘normal’ one that you might enjoy all the colours the season brings.

  3. Wow. This word is absolutely confirmed in my spirit. Just yesterday, my mom and I were led to move our trip from SFO to Denver from mid/late October to September 5-8. My mom is getting older and we’re going to visit my little brother in Fort Collins. I felt in my spirit that this could likely be our last opportunity to visit him based on all that’s coming and now accelerating. Confirmation for sure. Praise Almighty God. Time is short, indeed. Many Blessings to all.

  4. This is another confirmation to me of the Fall in the fall. After reading the articles by John Shorey I was really quickened in the spirit, and immediately remembered Jeff’s prophecy about the fall. I have personally been feeling that it is really going to begin to intensify in warfare, natural disasters, etc. by September. Also, God has placed me in a new job which I have 100% no doubt was His hand. It is at our small local airport, which now, I would have access to gasoline and water, plus income which the airport has to stay open. And in the event of the ‘event’, our fishing business would come to a halt just like at 911. We have been under intense persecution since February of this year. The latest was our well pump shorted out, and we’ve been without water for 6 days, but finally got that on today. So it’s like the Lord was getting me up and busy with my final water preparations now. It also has answered my questions about how to go about it too. And today, we got a nice surprise, a big refund from a company where they had a recall on vitamins I had purchased over the last 3 years, which will now give me the money to finish up preparations! Just seeing all of these things and how they have fallen into place is a multiple confirmation of something very big very soon. I have felt a tugging since the beginning of summer to get it done as soon as I can so I’m thinking by the end of this month and something must be coming soon because Satan has fought us all the way trying to slow us down and discouraging us with all of these problems and they have been BIG ones. Our AC went out and wasn’t even that old, we dealt with that for over 2 months before getting it resolved. Then he knocked the motor off his guide boat and sunk it. Then our well pump shorted out. It’s been about the hardest fight I’ve had in a while so I know by the way things have always happened with us that something is coming very soon.

  5. Have there been any other prophetic words to tie in with this “fall is the fall”? And do you think we can pray for more mercy or time to intercede on our nation’s behalf? Thank you, and blessings.

      1. Thank you, Jeff. Just a question, because I’ve followed other believers who I feel in the spirit receive words prophetically, like Godshealer7 and Lois Vogel Sharp, but why do you think they have not received words more specifically directed toward the fall? I know Lois has talked about a coming economic crash happening before the Jubilee year is over (as I recall), but other words have not mentioned what I would believe to be crucial about this fall being the catalyst for events.

        I’m not trying to sound like I’m pegging your word or anyone else’s as false, and I guess I should take a step back and remember how all these people I follow have spoken of judgement at a more accelerated pace now, so there’s that. What’s interesting to note is that my family and I are more to our new house out on land we’ve purchased the beginning of September, and I’ve always felt like that was part of God’s perfect timing, where we’ll have water, crops, and more, hopefully. So perhaps this fall really is a marker in time prophetically, and maybe we will hear more words about this fall from other people hearing from God. I’ll keep watch.

        1. Evan, as prophetic voices we are each given a ‘piece of the picture’. No one person has the whole picture. And the Lord is only able to tell us what we are ready to hear. I have clear memory of the Lord telling me on several occasions that He would have told me something before, but I was not ready to hear it. Frankly, some people have not heard that Americas days are numbered because they do not want to hear it. Some listen just long enough to get the gist and then lean to their own understanding. It is so important that with all things we hear and read, we go directly to the Lord and ask Him to speak to us about it. Our ability to hear is directly affected by the quality of our walk with Him, whether we are harbouring sin and /or worldly attitudes and behaviours. These things are not simple to understand and require us to study His Word and to wait before Him to see if He will reveal more to us. I have found that with some things, the Lord will speak over a period of time bringing more light and detail, and had I waited for Him, I would have had much more understanding. Blessings.

          1. Excellent explanation Alison!
            You do a much better job than I could have explaining that and agree 1000%.

          2. Thank you for your response, and that makes sense. We must remain vigilant.

            I just have one more question, then, because I remember back on z3 the word given to you October 24th, 2017 about America’s next 7 years. Do you still believe we have 7 years left? God does change his mind, as shown in the Bible, and even with the window of opportunity we’ve had now, while I have witnessed to people and tried to speak messages about Jesus (although I’m not perfect by any means), it saddens me to say that our state as a country has grown considerably worse morally, even with the current president, and the church appears to be still sound asleep, as with many Christians.

            The decadence and idolatry here in general just seems to be getting worse and worse, from my observations, and with everything that’s happened this year, following all of the events in the Middle East and the soon unveiling of Trump’s Peace Plan, I almost can’t imagine what all the years would look like up to 2024. I know Israel is God’s prophetic time clock, so I’m not sure how that bodes for America, but just wanted to hear your thoughts on it, keeping this recent word and the alarming rate of other warnings people have been given in mind. Thank you, and have a blessed day.

            1. Evan, though there will 7 yrs for sure fuel tribulation period which focus more on Israel plus wrath of God. But I believe we are gone before then simply not because of escaping but looking for him, if we go 3 and half and survive till mid tribulation u escape if u live or even die u escape, my view is different from pre trib even I am that belief, but I will debate seen to many on different site saying otherwise like John Shorey who I like but no agree, that my take if wrong I wrong if not hallelujah, I just want out of here, I praying for the lost humanity every day doing what I can!!

            2. Hi Evan, short answer to your question is America had 7 years ( now 6) to turn back to the Lord as a nation. He said it, I believe it. During this time shakings, judgements will increase. We are seeing that happening. Following that, if they have not repented, final destruction will come at a time designated by God. Just a recap on what the Lord actually said in the z3 word you mentioned:
              Prophecy written in the Scriptures will be fullfilled in a time known only to God.
              God lives outside of time.
              He grants the luxury of more time to His beloved. Up to a point!
              America has 7 years (6now) to turn around.
              He will not return in those 7 years
              BUT It is not 7 years until He returns
              We are to stick to what He said and not speculate.
              There are things yet to be fulfilled in the Scriptures before He can return.
              America has an end date and her end date is written -we are told the season.
              We will know if we read the Scriptures, when we are in that season because of the other events we are told about that will be happening.
              The end for America is near.
              7 is Gods number
              When He uses the word seven,we will know that He is setting and has set a date. It is not negotiable. 7 is written into Creation.
              It really is not looking good for America. Sadly, her end is swiftly coming upon her. But then this applies to the whole earth. God is going to finally deal with sin and unbelief. Only a remnant will be saved. It’s just that in the Scriptures we are told that Babylon will fall first before the final end comes for the other nations. All the others will witness her destruction and be dismayed at how great a fall she takes. These things are very hard to hear, difficult to talk about. But necessary to learn about, to prepare ourselves in repentance, that we might draw near and find shelter in the everlasting arms.

  6. Yeah Robin b, wish things were written in stone, lol but not, I try to connect on site to give u comments but nothing would work , not sure what I did wrong, read it article on the dog u got, lost 1 6 weeks ago it still hurts even though I got 3 but this one was my listening dog, my prayer to see her again in heaven even if people don’t believe that ,doesn’t matter it what I feel

    1. I’m not too computer savvy, but I will check and see if I accidentally set something incorrectly in the comment section. thanks for telling me. Sorry about your dog….they become like family.

    2. David, sorry for the loss of your pet. I understand your loss. I lost my miniature Fox Terrier, Chiquita of 8 years to a spinal injury. In my heart and mind, she is sitting in the crook of Jesus’s arm- wearing a golden threaded Cape, a tiny tiara and gazing at Jesus with adoration. The same adoration and love given to me when she was with me. I can’t recall which of the ancient books, it is written we are accountable for how we treat our pets and that we will see them again. Our pets are God’s creation, too. There is a grieving Orca, who has been towing her dead baby for two weeks. She refuses to release the baby. I pray and ask that God reach out to his creation and comfort her. God bless you. Not everyone is able to understand the love we have for our pets.

      1. Thanks MJ, ur comment touch my heart and made feel better in that I will see her again I love how put her in and wonderful outfit, my Jessie really love me and faithful she died as i praying for her healing 1 hand on bible and other hand on her i had saturated her in anointing oil, then right in front she passed, in my lifetime have 14 dogs 11 gone on 3 still with me. Again thanks for taking the time in showing concern and comfort, may God richly bless u MJ

  7. All dates and time frames ever announced or set on this website have been false so far. So, we shall see if this one is true or not.

  8. Hey David, I thought you may be interested in the dream since you live in Louisiana too. Although I believe Louisiana in the dream represents the nation as a whole….NW US is probably around Yellowstone, and E US is probably around North Carolina…maybe. Interpretation of dreams comes by faith and listening to the Lord… at least for me, I don’t get a megaphone announcement written out in stone. :)) Sure wish I did!

  9. I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I believe to be from the Lord Jesus. It may also be a piece to the timing of the “kick-off” event. It connects with Alison’s word and Jeff’s football parable. If interested you can click on my name and that will bring you to my blog. The post is titled “LSU Football Tickets.”

    1. Interesting I live 30 miles from Ruston home of Louisiana Tech football team, 4 hrs from LSU, I believe something up in September whether personally or global I don’t know what , so all I can say stay close to Jesus

    2. Robin, I am going to share your dream on WBJ thank you for sharing it here. We are getting lots of confirmations now I really do believe that something major is about to happen in the fall.

      Blessings love and peace sister!

    3. And Robin…I read your dream (have continued to read it.)
      I know to you and to many it appears to be about date-setting – but I don’t think it is actually about setting dates for anything (granted game dates are involved). Yes, you mentioned how these sporting events are viewed by this region of the country; and yes – football is glorified, almost, to the point of idolatry. We know how God views idolatry.

      What I see is that it appears he is confirming who YOU ARE in Christ. From what He has spoken to me, if you are willing to ACCEPT the invitation He gave you by accepting His Will – as proposed by “Like it or Not” and you make the choice to “Like” what He has for you, you will both be Blessed…and a Blessing to others.

  10. Hi Alison, we have recently come across this site and appreciate your ministry. We have been hearing the Lord for a few years now that things were coming to a head and have believed that this Sept will indeed be a huge time kicking off many end time events. So your word certainly confirms what we have felt from the Lord. its amazing that the Lord has you speaking on US events. Do you have anything on Australia, we saw you said there would be an earthquake in WA.

    1. Hi Bill, thanks. Praise God that you are going to Him yourself and hearing His voice. It’s quite a story how I came to be speaking prophetic words to America, all set up by Him. It began with ‘stumbling’ onto an amazing blog of one man in Texas and God telling me to send him a message saying I would be praying for him. He gave me a voice in America but not one here in Australia. It has been all about America, I believe because her time is nearly up. I believe her to be the modern day Babylon. I do get words for Australia and have posted on here and on Z3news. The Lord had quite a bit to say about our recent govt. decision on gay marriage etc. You are an Aussie? Always encouraged to hear from Aussies who are awake to the times and season we are in. Blessings to you.

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