China fires SIX warning shots at US Navy plane telling it to ‘leave disputed islands immediately’

The US aircraft crew refused to leave the area (Image: CNN)

The Chinese government sent six warnings to a US Naval plane and commanded it to “leave immediately” after it flew over a contested part of the South China Sea.

A group of American journalists were aboard the P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane when multiple tense warnings were issued by the Chinese military telling them they were in their airspace.

“Leave immediately and keep out to avoid any misunderstanding” a voice said.

But the US plane refused, according to CNN who had reporters on the plane.

Crew responded with: “I am a sovereign immune United States naval aircraft conducting lawful military activities beyond the national airspace of any coastal state.

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2 thoughts on “China fires SIX warning shots at US Navy plane telling it to ‘leave disputed islands immediately’”

  1. The bases that The Chinese have built on these coral reefs and others gives them a great reach with their long range anti-ship missiles,recon and bombers.

    I believe they are going to isolate and take Taiwan and before U.S. or any Ally can get close enough; These Coral reef Bases will have to be neutralized I think.

    Based on what I have read, The U.S. and its Allies may get bogged on in a War on The Korean mainland and at that time China will move against Taiwan and take it.

    Already, The U.S. has had to redeploy ships from The Pacific to meet a raising Russian Submarine Threat in The Atlantic.

    It could get nasty in the future.

    I believe The Korean Peace imitative may have been an honorable deed on the part of our Government, it has given China more time to get ready.

    Taiwan used to be called Formosa.

    Many Chinese escaped with Chiang Kai-shek after The Communist took over after The Civil War.

    China seeks unification.

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