Leaders of Babylon, I see you sitting smug on your capital hill. – Barbara Francis (GODSHEALER7)

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Babylon..Leaders of Babylon, I see you sitting smug on your capital hill.

You place yourselves above my people. You pass laws that hurt my children and harm their families. You do not come to me in prayer as your forefathers did. YOU HAVE REPLACED ME WITH THE WORSHIP OF MONEY AND IDOLS. You will see my wrath and judgement. I will strike down your idols. I will cause your monetary system to fail. I will strike your nation with destruction. I WILL BURN YOUR CITIES . It is written, you will call on the rocks to fall on you. You will seek death and not find it. REPENT AND RETURN TO ME. NOW. BABYLON WILL BE DESTROYED THE SMOKE OF HER BURNING WILL RISE TO THE HEAVENS.


3 thoughts on “Leaders of Babylon, I see you sitting smug on your capital hill. – Barbara Francis (GODSHEALER7)”

  1. Gregg,

    I definitely feel the urgency as well. The funny thing to me is that our news media is still spending 90% of their time re-litigating the result of the 2016 election 2 years later and Hillary and the DNC’s excuses for losing it. I suppose the media will keep hammering on that crap until the day Trump is gone and Obama’s return.

  2. Jeff, I believe it was just a few days ago. Someone commented here or on HolySpiritWind about how he wondered why Godshealer7 and some others didn’t have messages about destruction coming soon. Well, she’s had 2 or 3 just recently and they all seem to agree with things happening soon. (not talking about rapture or anything) It would seem the downfall and destruction of America is high on the list of coming attractions. There is now, you , Jeff, Byron, John Shorey, Jeannette and Barbara that all are saying similar things. It will begin: in the Fall, soon (because the message was urgent), and within 30 days. Just pointing all of this out. My God. I pray for protection over all of God’s people and for millions to be woken up and swept into the kingdom before it is too late. God bless.

    1. Anen, Gregg and after Barbras last 3 words there is no longer a question… I pray that we can wait a few more up but most will be awakened after the kickoff event.

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