YOUR EYES – Gary Bertnick

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Your eyes will see Him,
The beauty of your own eyes will come fully alive
As you behold the Majesty of the Holy One
The Fire of Glory in His eyes

As the King, the Ruler of Creation looks upon you in purest love;
A trumpet sounds and time joyfully disappears
In the “blink of an eye”
While Zion’s Light floods outwards the Eternal Presence,
The Light of Truth within clouds of the redeemed clothed in whitest robes
Their new beauty rises above creation bathed in songs of jubilation
Guided by the Holy Spirit and by many radiant angels
Into the Eternal Place
Heaven of Splendor, the Beauty of our King!
Glowing angels of worship surround in magnificence
The countless men and women together in triumphant praise, endless celebration,
To stand before our Lord in worship
To see and hear our High Priest
Who is One in splendid Majesty with His Father of Glory,
Our Father in Heaven
Greatness forever unsearchable!

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