God will raise up a “CATERER” !!!!! – Marty Breeden


I feel this may be one of my most important posts honestly……

I submit to you that regardless of your political affiliation, that as Christian’s, instead of striving to “Make America Great Again”….
That our focus instead should be to:


There are exceptions but they are few…..and I often upset Pastors with post like this, but when I look back at the Book of Acts, I see that the modern day church HARDLY RESEMBLES AT ALL what they looked like!!!

We can’t come close to matching their power, their influence or the impact they had, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

Consider Stephen, who was hardly more than the head “Caterer”…
But the Bible says Stephen was full of power and full of the Holy Ghost!!
(As well as the FIRST Christian martyr!)
He theologically took apart the Pharisees with power and anointing !!!….A CATERER!!!

My word !!!!,??…A CATERER????!!
It cost him his life, but 75 verses are attributed to him in Acts 6&7 !!
THINK about THAT!!!

75 verses dedicated in the Bible to one called and chosen to serve food!!!!!!!……GOD HELP US!!!!

Who among us will stand up and be the “Stephen” of their day!!!
Make no mistake, when Gods own Prophets fail to prophesy, when His Watchman fail to warn, when His Pastors fail to proclaim and Shepherds fail lead the flock….

God will raise up a “CATERER” !!!!!

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