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A message from Jeff Byerly:

Hello brothers and sisters!

I have been impressed upon by the Lord to make some changes to the Whistleblower Jeff website. As of today we at WBJ will no longer be posting prophetic words by anybody other than those found at http://holyspiritwind.net/ There are a few reasons for this. The first reason being that the Lord has been speaking to me about this for a few months and told me that I would know when the time is right to transition and He has told me it is NOW and Jonathan Theiben of 444 Prophecy News is in agreement. Reading and posting many other prophetic words has been affecting my ability to hear the voice of the Lord as clearly as I would like. For the time that is coming, I believe, in the very near future we all need to be hearing Him as clearly as possible.,

The second Johnathan Theiben of https://444prophecynews.com/ is doing a stupendous job at posting prophetic words and most times we are posting the exact same ones! “West Coast Walter” and myself will be forwarding any prophetic words that we receive to Jonathan at 444 Prophecy News.

The third reason WBJ will be changing, is to bring you the very latest end time/apocalyptic news, warnings, information and other features that we would not have otherwise have been able to post because of the vast amount of prophetic words coming out.

I believe that this arrangement is going to be a very good partnership for the entire body of Jesus Christ moving forward for the duration of what time we will be allowed to continue to operate on the internet. It might only be a few days or a few years…at any rate I know this is what the Lord is directing us to do.

Blessings, love and peace to you all!

Jeff Byerly



  1. Hi Jeff,
    has this started? I’ve gone to the 444 site everyday since you shared the news, and there is nothing new posted?

    1. Yes it has started . Try refreshing your browser, I have had that problem with that site as well I don’t know what’s going on…

  2. Hi Jeff 😊! Best Wishes for the new partnership! It warms my heart to see Brothers & Sisters in Christ uniting given the time we are now in, truly the calm just before the storm.

    May God’s hand allow this partnership amazing synergy through the combination of two very dedicated & committed soldiers in Christ’s army!

    Many Blessings to you both! 🙏🏻

  3. I have had it on my heart for some time that there should be a book or, better yet, DVD that can be searched through of prophetic messages, dreams and visions. Imagine when there is no internet, Christians will need something like that and it would be cherished because it will be so helpful and comforting.

    Please mention it to Jonathan, Jeff, if you speak to him. Thanks.

      1. Something else to ponder where electronic resources are concerned… when “The Event” happens (what ever IT) might be and it could be multiple things simultaneously- any of the coming events could likely affect the power grid. If that’s the case, many if not most could be without power. In which case I’m wondering if a DVD would do any good…books – especially hard copy/paper copy which are now almost considered antiquated would likely gain a new appreciation in a world turned upside down.

        1. That is a very good point! If there’s no electric any electronic device will not work unless you have some way to power it so I would rather tell people to print off what they think they are going to need to read now. Also it is a great idea to start memorizing scriptures and hide them in your heart. Someday you will need them I guarantee it! It’s also good to be able to sing songs to the Lord without any music as well. Small choruses such as Hallelujah, I love you Lord,Give thanks with a grateful heart and As the deer just to name a few are great for worshiping the Lord when there is nothing to play music on and no musical instruments are available. It’s good to practice now before the time that is soon coming actually gets here!

  4. I do think this is a good move. I have been going to both sites regularly and love them both. I always post things from both sites on my blog. Thanks Jeff.

  5. I love it when the body of Christ come together.
    I believe that this is a good move Jeff.
    keep up the good work.

  6. The timing of this is spot on. Also, I really appreciate the work and time done here on this site. I will be looking forward to the changes as well.

    God speaks to me in seasons quite often and right now is like when Pippin and Gandalf are looking out from the White city and they see dark ominous clouds of war and suffering coming, but unable to escape it. It’s at the door. This is the last growing stage for those called and chosen. It will last until about the end of 2019. No more dress rehearsal after.

    One love

    1. Thank you for your encouragement and support Brandon. We are in the home stretch! Time to catch our second wind,Holy Spirit Wind that is

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