6 thoughts on “Situation Critical – This Fall May be “IT” – On Point Preparedness”

  1. Many prophecies are calling for a catastrophic crash in the markets.

    Physical gold and silver may be an appropriate hedge against market turmoil.

    Prices are pretty good right now. Just don’t get sucked in to buying certificates – you need the physical metal in your hand. Possibly physical cash as well as a run on the banks would restrict access to physical cash?

    Another consideration may be to stock up on items that may be good to be used to barter with? Coffee, spices, food, medicines – anything that people will desire in a Venezuela-like situation. Money may be worthless or inaccessible.

    Something to prayerfully consider anyways…

  2. I know many of you have retirement accounts that are invested in the market.
    If a crash occurs as believed, your accounts will significantly suffer if not swept clean.

    That will occur to many investors and especially seniors. So what do you do with your invested monies. Well, not much now but if I was invested in funds that were designated as high yield, which often are hit the hardest, I would speak to your fund’s money manager about moving to an investment with less exposure right now.

    If everyone was to move their monies from the market, yes then there would be a major crash. I think the stock market is propped up by personal investments. Millions of Americans are invested because CD’s don’t make that much, IRA’s not too much more. It is possible to have a multi million dollar account one day and the next day, nothing.

    The Chicago fire in the 1800’s made millionaires homeless because all their documents that certified their wealth was destroyed.

    I am not personally invested but too many people are counting on an income
    for a future date that many not come and still may have to work longer.
    If the crash that is coming as expected many will never retire because they cannot afford to.

    I could be a sad day for millions and then here would come the reports of many murder-suicides. Entire families. I’ve heard people bragging to one another about their families accounts and how well they are doing.

    I don’t care how much you have, if it is not blessed, may not work in you favor.

    America is in love with mammon and when and if the rug is pulled out from underneath, the fall will be terrible.

    Just my opinion…

    1. While on this journey – Yep, I agree also. But, you said people might need to work longer instead of retiring. I think there won’t be work – not at companies that exist now. Your paychecks will stop. Money from retirement funds, disability insurance, Social Security payments all stop. It might not happen immediately, but we should all plan for that if at all possible. Save up food, water, medicines, etc. and let that be your hedge. If people can and want to get gold or silver, it’s a good idea, but then you have to decide how to protect it. Your fellow man will want what you have. There is no great plan for this scenario – EXCEPT – putting all your Trust, Faith and Hope in the One True God. Yeshua paid for our sins. We have to believe it, accept it and ask God to credit our accounts with Yeshua’s blood. Not a new thing, just might sound different. Romans 10:9,10 sums it up. God bless you all.

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