Prophetic Newsletter By John Shorey 9-01-2018 Do the Math, It’s all adding Up.

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Author of, “The Window of the Lord’s Return”

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This newsletter is a collection of some of my most important studies I have done in the last two years. I am asking you to “Do the Math”, read them carefully, and read them twice if you can. I see a compelling conclusion that I cannot ignore. Time is up. Looking at these studies together with the warnings of the prophets has convinced me that we could see a double hit on America in September. Please read and pray over this material.

I have condensed these studies and if you want to read them in their entirety, you can go to my site and click on the link for Prophetic Newsletters.

At the end of this Newsletter I give new info concerning how much time we have to order food from Augason Farms. I was trying to warn a friend back east that he needs to purchase a food kit for food insurance. He asked me how sure I am that the kickoff event would be in September. I don’t remember my exact answer but it would have been something like. “I believe there is a 90% chance that things will happen on Rosh Hashanah and a 99% chance by the end of September.” I believe we are so close to not being able to prepare that I would encourage you to beg, borrow ,but don’t steal, I canceled my life insurance policy a couple of years ago to buy food. If America is attacked, do you think the insurance companies will pay off? NO! They are not liable in a time of war.

It’s the Convergence

From 7-07-2018 Newsletter

“Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

I had a couple people ask, “If we can trust that these signs in the sun, moon and stars are really the signs in the sun, moon and the stars that we were to be looking for?”

If we asked the question, “Could we see other signs in the sun, moon and stars?” The answer to that question would have to be yes.

  1. We could see solar storms that could take out the power grid. This could be a sign in the sun. 2. There is a major blood moon happening this month of July 2018, this could be another sign in the moon. 3. A great meteor hitting the earth is spoken of in both Matthew 24 and mentioned more than once in the Book of Revelation. In Bible times meteors were seen as falling stars, thus making a meteor event as signs in the stars.

So does this mean that we should be looking for a different set of signs in the sun, moon and the stars, at a later date? The answer is No! What makes the recent events in the sun, moon and the stars so important is the convergence of these events with other events. We have not only seen the signs in the sun, moon and the stars, but we have seen,

  1. The rebirth of Israel as Jesus told his disciples would be a sign of His Coming.
  2. We have seen the shemitah cycles pointing to this year we are in.
  3. We just saw the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of Israel. In Psalms it says a generation is 70 years and Jesus said in Matthew 24 that this generation would not pass away until his return.
  1. Jesus listed five events that would point to the beginning of the days of sorrows. The fifth event was great earthquakes. Scientists announced that 2018 would be a year of great earthquakes.
  2. We are seeing the players coming together as foretold by the prophets for the wars of the end times.

When you consider these events that are converging with the signs Jesus told us to look for, signs in the sun, moon and the stars, if these are not the events and this is not the time for the Lord’s return, then the question I have to ask is, “If we cannot trust the convergence of these signs Jesus told us to look for, we would never be able to trust these signs again in the future.

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