PEACE  OFFERINGS – Gary Bertnick

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As peace offerings to a restless child
Pulled here a little, there a little
Feeling lost
Alone without much attention
Waiting without the care desired
For some love to be given even in play time

To laugh and joke
A smile meeting a smile,
Lightheartedness to soothe and calm this small child;
Maybe read a book to him
Artwork or play a simple pleasant game.
So many grown children act the same
Restless and easily agitated
Stirred and used as props
As tools to publicly distract and to create problems
To amplify conflicts
And feed older corrupt appetites;
The struggle for control and power
Ruthless and without personal care for others,
Weak, lukewarm and selfish media play us that way as well.
Some people though, hear the Truth spoken in love
Respond to the warmth of honesty
Encouragement feeds the healthy hunger of a sincere soul;
The Lord of Life watches from Heaven
Shepherd of all His own,
Leaves the stubborn and rebellious to wander off for awhile
In complete frustrated aimlessness
Without Peace.
       “The Book of Calling Home”