The Lord spoke to me 9-7-18 in  the morning to be in prayer and fasting starting after dinner until He tells me me to stop. He also said ONLY to post what He specifically tells me to starting 9-8-18. Please listen to the video below, I believe that what Bette says is confirmation…I am getting a Word from the Lord as well and that will be posted later when He is done speaking… Please set aside time for prayer and fasting this weekend!

Love, peace and protection for you all!
Jeff Byerly

7 thoughts on “PRAYER AND FASTING!”

  1. Coincidentally enough (i.e. I don’t believe it’s coincidence), I started fasting and praying at midnight, last night; in part, for some personal issues I’ve got going on.

    (A certain region on my body is seeping black liquid, in the spirit, and I believe that I REALLY need to fast and pray about this. Support prayers appreciated)

    Anyhow, I’m fasting and praying also! Not much time left.

    And I heard about good ‘ole #44 saying that we don’t need a Savior or Messiah. …I’m sure he’ll be all-too-willing to fulfill that role for the world when his spiritual father fully possesses him.

    …and I’m sure Francis is ready to join O., also, when it’s their time to reveal themselves upon the world stage. He’ll be all-too-willing, also, to yoke all comers into their one-world religion; possibly beginning with the unification of Islam and the Catholic Church.

    Antichrist and False prophet.

  2. I heard Bette’s warning earlier this morning & her spirit really seemed disturbed by what the Lord told her. It is 9/11 on Tuesday, there are hurricanes headed for the East coast now, and a certain former president made an appearance yesterday saying we don’t need a savior or messiah .. this is pretty bad. I have not been praying as much as usual lately (and I usually do but got caught up in politics/news). But after hearing from you & Bette will set aside time to pray again. I can’t fast either due to med. but hopefully prayer will make up for it.

    That’s interesting Jeff that He told you to only post now what He tells you – I believe this is because He needs us to focus because the news has been crazy on a daily basis. I know I have lost my focus from following the news all the time and I need to get back to reading my Bible. Thank you & God bless you!

  3. Bro. JEFF ,been fasting 1 meal a day because of medication I can only fast 1 meal been fasting last 3 days of August and to fast 1 meal all of September, doing a lot 15 minutes a day prayer, sometimes about 12 x 15 in day so I doing my part, couldn’t understand the video due to deafness

    1. Brother, what sister Bette said in the video is that she was awake and very early between 4 and 5 a.m. I believe. And the Lord said to her that it is very urgent for her to be praying for America. She also added that she didn’t believe that the Judgment could be taken away and basically that is all she said… I am sending this from memory so I may have missed a couple details. I know that sister Bette not one to cry wolf like some others… So take it to the Lord for yourself

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