The Tower Fell with Great Power and Great Force…- Marty Breeden

I don’t often pre-qualify any dream but I will admit up front much of this does not make sense to me, so as always, I will only report what I saw:

Dream September 8, 2018

I was working a security detail out in a public place. I happened to notice as I looked around at all the people scanning the crowd as one would do while working security, that there was a very large Jewish presence.

In fact I could see that they were celebrating it seemed. I rejoiced in this and it resonated with me because of there being Jewish blood in my own veins.
I could see the laughter, hear the music, people were having a great time.
Then I observed a large structure. It appeared to be made as the Eiffel Tower.
Yet the large semblance did not appear to be as strong or structurally sound as the actual Eiffel Tower.
As the people gathered at the base of this tower, I did as well and I looked up through the center of it.
I remember having my family with me.
We looked up to the top and swirling around the top were thunderings and lightenings and dark blue skies, and it was obvious a terrible storm was coming!

I told my family, ” I really hope no one is up there on the observation deck, its dangerous up there, a terrible storm is coming!”

Almost immediately the STORM HIT!!
It caught everyone by surprise except those of us standing at the base looking up.
I then heard the structure begin to crack and break.

With GREAT power and GREAT FORCE this structure fell to the earth and injured MANY!
I believe it took lives as well.

I could hear the moans and groans of pain, I could see the injuries ….
I was able to quickly pull my family to safety , only because I saw this coming…..very few around me even knew it was about to storm.

Immediately I begin to do what I’ve always done and pull people to safety and get them help.
I saw many Jewish people hurt and injured. This broke my heart.
As the dream neared the end….it seemed that a few days had passed and I was walking with my family and I heard and saw a Jewish funeral taking place …..I wept for the loss and their loss.

(In fact, for some odd reason I had this exact same dream twice in a row)

I awoke……

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  1. FYC:
    During the month of September this year the following feasts all occur:
    Yom Teruah meaning Day of Trumpets – The coronation & royal wedding feast day, the 30 & 31st day of the 40 day time of Teshuvah (repentance)
    Yom Kippur meaning Day of Atonement – A fast day, no work to be done, a day of repentance and confessing sin, The 40th day of Teshuvah (repentance) – Seen as THE day to atone for sin
    Sukkot meaning Booths/Tabernacles – a 7-day feast where the people of Israel were instructed to live in temporary 3 sided shelters made of evergreen trees (like willow or myrtle). This feast mirrors the 7 days for wedding consummation in Jewish tradition, during this feast 4 “great lights” were burned in the court of the women, known as “the light of the world”.

    These feasts were concluded with the Sukkot feast which culminated in the “8th-day” feast of the water pouring/libation – A picture of the coming Christ, where water & wine (or blood) were poured onto the altar together, combined and ran together through a drain outside of the temple! (

    You talked about those who were standing on the firm foundation and the Jews who were also there celebrating & hurt… I submit they hadn’t accepted Christ (which puts you on a firm foundation) and because of that were hurt by the attack.

  2. Reading everything above, I wondered if the US similarity to France is in how we fall. Didn’t the lower class take over France and treat the previous ones in power and the wealthy with extreme cruelty. History does repeat itself.

  3. Jeff, I’ll comment here cause there’s no place to comment on the video from Bette. I just happened to see that this morning before I left out to do errands and shopping, I wasn’t even going to turn on my computer and check on your site but I felt led to. Just after I listened to that, I got up and turned around to leave and it was exactly 9:11 on the clock (again-seeing it every day now for months). Then saw the Godshealer message when I got home. I was supposed to work Friday but did not have to, which gave Friday and today to get some of my last minute prepping done which I would not have had time to do if I had been at work. I also saw a video the other day from a lady who said God told her to have all of her prepping done by the 8th of September which is today.

    1. Nancy Trimble – Wow. I assume you have seen or heard some of John Shorey’s information because he also is saying we need to have preps done by 9/8/18 (today). I also felt an urgency to get more organized with some of my “preps” yesterday (Friday). I had planned to do other things, but did that instead. Nothing huge, but I felt like I accomplished what I was supposed to. Somehow still feel I need to do more but something is coming very soon – don’t know when or what – but I thankful for people like you, Jeff, Marty and many others here who help keep us all awake! God bless.

      1. Yes there’s been more urgency in getting my “Preps” already the last month and especially this week. To those who read this website regularly there is no excuse for not being ready. Blessings love and peace my brother

      2. Yes I know, and we’re having to go back today, I wasn’t even planning on it but my hubby needs a few things, and his only day off before a full week. Then I realized I didn’t pick up extra vitamins, pet food, things like that. Got to think of the animals too. Please keep him in prayer this week, he fishes on the White River for a living here in the Ozarks, and it is below Bull Shoals Dam, the 5th largest dam in the country. I remember last time before 911, there were 4 muslim men that had wanted one of our guide friends to take them up below the dam to take ‘pictures’, which at the time he didn’t think anything about it. That was a month or so before 911. I think they were scoping it out as a target. We have to work, that’s what we do is guide for trout. So PLEASE keep him in prayer for protection as well as others that work on the river and all the people and resorts down below, that would be a huge disaster if that happened. I have no doubt that the Hoover Dam will be a target, I just hope we’re insignificant enough here to not matter! Just makes me nervous.

      3. And yes Gregg, I have kept up with John Shorey’s messages, the timing of all of these things seems to be coming to a head very soon. Tuesday is anniversary of 911 and it is very possible although I would think they would be thinking people might be expecting something then, but who knows. Most people are asleep, pray for everyone you can think of to wake up and be prepared. Not much else we can do at this point but stay focused and alert and PRAY!

        1. Amen Nancy we do not know for sure if the kick off will happen on 9-11 but we are very close, I can feel it and so can many others…

  4. Jeff, I don’t know that it’s interpretation but immediately after I read the dream this morning I heard the word “Holocaust” – I asked The Lord for more but after reading your comment and reviewing your dialogue with Marty I’m thinking the word is related to the destruction he saw and specifically the point that the war ahead (be it 1st in the Spiritual or once it manifests in the Natural) is really all about The Blood (of Christ) and Bloodlines – especially since he was at the base of the tower – and Yahushua is Marty’s strong foundation. I’m hoping that makes sense…

  5. To provide an additional witness in interpreting this dream, also, I was reminded of the Lord being referred to in Scripture as “a strong tower.”

    This counterfeit tower in your dream, therefore, would represent something not grounded in the Lord; a feeble work of man.

    With the involving of the Jewish people celebrating — I’d say also that this seems to involve America doing something good for the Jews…on the surface. Hence, why they’re gathered in public (world stage?) and celebrating.

    America and Israel, anyone?

    I believe this all lines up with what the Lord has been saying through prophetic words concerning America’s betrayal of Israel and subsequent fall.

    Putting one’s trust in fallible man.

    Not discerning the fruits (Matthew 7:20).

    I believe that America is that tower — and her fall will be great.

  6. Your dream goes with Holy Spirit speaks to me: “The Eiffel Tower is like a wedding cake — the same above as below.” Then dream 5-5-18 (double grace) that I’m getting ready for a flight to Paris at 5:15 (5=Grace/15=rest) p.m. but am experiencing delays. I am aware that time is slipping away…
    Could the wedding of the Lamb be somehow connected to the Eiffel Tower’s falling? Read from Source: The Tower Fell with Great Power and Great Force…- Marty Breeden (I added you to my blog post today which this is taken from)

    None of us have the full picture — but are given pieces of God’s end-time puzzle so we can come together in unity and reason, sharing what we’ve been given for the edification of the body of Christ.

    I did research about the Eiffel Tower, trying to understand what Holy Spirit was sharing. Found this out:

    o Tower (like God is our strong tower) has 72 names engraved on it. God has our names engraved on his palms.

    o 5/15/1888 construction began on tower’s 2nd stage — would be exactly 130 years ago. (same numbers as flight time)

    o 4 bases at bottom (Holy Trinity + each single believer) becomes 1 at the top — speaks of union.

    o 1710 steps inside to climb this strong tower — like ascending the hill of the Lord. Long and hard but worth it in the end when you have a clear view at the top.

    Ultimately time will tell how the Eiffel Tower is like a wedding cake. Keep looking up!

    (Also in a separate dream, I was walking along a corridor with all the nations of the world having their names on separate doors. I marveled with heavenly escort as they all passed. When we arrived at Israel and Pakistan — they were right next to each other — I was told to keep my eyes on these doors, which I dutifully repeated, ” I will keep my eyes on Israel and Pakistan.” Perhaps events there will lead us closer to wedding time?)

    1. The Lord gave me an interpretation to this dream that I shared with Marty Breeden but he has told me to share here as well… here is our conversation:Jeff”Marty I believe the Lord just spoke to me that the tower represents America…do you get a witness?Also those standing at the base of the Tower were standing on the Solid Ground… Jesus Christ and they will see the fall but will get to safety.”
      Marty:”I agree my brother”
      Later on I received more interpretation

      Jeff:”The Lord has given me even more interpretation for you and I must say that he does not normally have me interpret dreams at all but you are going to be one of the transformed Harvesters that go around saving people after the destruction of the judgments takes place. You will do some of this in your natural body but you will do a whole lot more with a supernatural body… That’s all I have for now if he gives me more I will message you again. Love and peace bro.”
      Marty:”Amen and Amen!!!!!!!!!Thank you for your obedience my brother!!”

      1. Jeff, I was just wondering if the Lord has spoken to you as far as what will happen to you? Are you going to be one of the transformed harvesters as well?
        If you do not want to comment, I understand but I was just curious.

        1. Bonnie, He has never said specifically that I will be or not. I pray that if I havent already been taken to heaven by death that I would be. The Lord’s will be done!

      2. Interesting that this “facsimile of the original tower” would represent America. I don’t think of France or Paris as all that great or strong, but, America has been patterned after many Roman, Greek and European structures, cultural ideas, etc.
        Of course, it may not have anything to do with a similarity with France. They were a world power for a long time, and left God (long ago) and have been in decline ever since. Many also believe that America, the UK, France and many European countries are all the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel who were dispersed across the world after the Assyrian Exile. In that way, the US is one of those groups (all had times of greatness) which is ready to fall and become third rate. Just some thoughts. God bless.

      3. Jeff, I never comment, but I had to on this one. Your interpretation matches the same interpretation that I got. The only thing I got in addition is that the presence of the celebrating Jewish people represented a time frame of a Jewish holiday or celebration.

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