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  1. Thanks On Sojourn for transcripts deeply appreciated, I have been doing fasting and deep prayers in tongues, worship him and loving him preparing for anything, again thanks and many blessings to all

  2. The Lord’s never had me do this before but for David’s benefit and anyone else who needs it, here is the Transcription:

    Hello Everyone,
    Today is Saturday September 8, 2018 and I normally do not do a video but I was awakened by The Lord very early this morning. I know, approximately, 5:30 or so. Anyway, I’m trying to get this message out as He has instructed me to get as many as possible.

    I was woken up this morning and told to pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Intercede. Pray in your Spiritual Language or whenever you think of it.

    There is an attack The Lord told me that is coming across The US of America. I have no date. I have no time. I do not know what it is – so please just save questions. I do not know any details. The Lord was very emphatic. I could not go back to sleep this morning. I’ve told my husband our church will be praying in our time this afternoon and our service. We – I don’t know it was very impressed upon me this is a/an attack that is going to affect the whole US of America. We need to be praying. I have no time frame. But He said it is very urgent. That it is already about to come across America.

    Please share this video. Ah, those that know me know that I’m not doing date. There are a lot of things that have come to pass already. And I, I just don’t know. But, I am instructed to warn, to share this with as many people as I can.

    The Lord was very precise. It was very urgent. He would not allow me to go back to sleep. But the instructions were to pray – intercede. I don’t know that will even stop the Judgement – he did not say that it would stop it. He did not say it would avert it.

    I’m hoping many people will come to The Lord, quickly.
    We don’t have a lot of time.
    He told me this again.
    Time has been shortened.
    We do not have a lot of time
    We do not have a lot of time.
    We do not have a lot of time.
    This is what He told me.
    I am sounding the alarm – now.

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