Dream: Chad’s (America’s) Opponent got Him Immediately Down to the Ground – Adam Steiger

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I wanted to share a dream with you that I had this morning, which I believe symbolized part of America’s fall. The dream began with me watching a UFC fight (I used to be a big fan of mixed martial arts). It was like I was there live at the arena, and watching it from the perspective of just above and over the cage. There were two UFC fighters in the cage. The first one was an American fighter named Chad Mendez. He trains, I believe, on the West Coast in California. I believe Chad Mendez symbolizes America, here. The second fighter I cannot remember. He may have been a foreign fighter, whom represents one of America’s enemies. The fight then starts and they’re face to face, and it doesn’t last long at all — as Chad’s opponent got him immediately down to the ground with this very impressive looking jumping headscissors type of move; where he jumped up in a standing splits motion and wrapped his legs around Chad’s head and left shoulder, and then forced him to the ground much like a pro-wrestling hurricarana. From here, as Chad was down, he tapped out immediately in submission to this type of shoulder omoplata lock by his opponent (where his legs were wrapped over the back of his left shoulder in a joint lock, causing immense pressure).

After the fight ends, I see Chad then leaving the cage and heading towards this woman in the front row off to my left. She looks to be Chinese-American, has long black hair parted down the middle, and is wearing a skimpy black “tube top” type of dress. As Chad then reaches her, he kneels down and kind of looks like he is making a marriage proposal to her. He also looks like he’s trying to keep his spirits up, despite losing the fight like he did. As my dream begins to end, it looks like she had rejected his marriage proposal to her, however… Now I’m awake, but I’m still wanting to rest a little more so I lay my head back down while meditating on the symbols of this dream. After a little while, a second version of it starts again. In this second version, it’s like I’m watching a recap of it on ESPN on YouTube. The narrative of the fight was “How Can This Be?”. As in, this was Chad’s (America’s) fight to win and he should not have lost. In this recap video, they had also shown a British MMA fighter named Paul Daley in the cage with him, along with Floyd Mayweather (a famous American boxer). They were not fighting, but were dressed in street clothes as if they had accompanied him cageside to be in his corner. (England being an ally? Not sure about Mayweather)

Another VERY interesting new detail was revealed in this recap. The fight had ended at 4:45 of the 6th round. That’s impossible according to the current unified rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The maximum amount of rounds go up to 5. And the maximum time limit for rounds are 5 minutes. (in other words, 5 five-minute rounds) In addition, that 4:45 mark is just ONE SECOND after that 4-4-4 number; of which I, personally, see the #44 multiple times, almost every day. – – – – – – – I believe this was a prophetic warning dream, as it was also given twice in succession, according to His Word in Genesis 37:5-9 & Genesis 41:32 (out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall every word be established). I think it’s gotta have something to do with the number 44; which associates with Barack Obama (being our 44th President, as well as the “6th king” of Rev. 17, I believe..I think it’s gotta have something to do with the number 44; which associates with Barack Obama (being our 44th President, as well as the “6th king” of Rev. 17, I believe.

It’s so surreal that he’s THE guy. THE final antichrist. And false prophet Francis, to boot! It’s like — we’re it. We’re the final generation, and are actually seeing this all play out, in front of our very eyes (well, our laptops and phones, at least).
The fields are ripe, but the laborers are few!


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