Great destruction is coming to the earth – Ken Roberts

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It’s time I posted this. I received this in the early morning hours on 7/19/18.

Great destruction is coming to the earth, My son. You and your family will not be prepared for it. NO ONE WILL! Take heed and take warning. THIS WILL NOT BE STOPPED!

My people have NOT listened and they will NOT listen, so MANY will perish. Keep praying on your KNEES, reading and studying My Word.

I, the Father have spoken this, so you know it to be true that these things WILL COME TO PASS.

Prepare yourself, your family and your loved ones the best you can for this GREAT DESTRUCTION. I will NOT relent, I will NOT stop, I will NOT let up UNTIL THE DESTRUCTION IS COMPLETE, thus saith the Lord. Jeremiah 15

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I release this now. We were warned and had been continually warned.

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    1. This is a Mark Taylor-like prophecy load of crap! Without national repentance, there will be no saving of America. Like my good friend, Ben Faircloth says, “You can’t legislate love.” Trump is arrogant and he will fall…and hard. Faircloth also said, “Financial prosperity is not a sign that a nation is blessed, peace is.” There’s no peace. Trump is about to do something incredibly stupid and if it weren’t for the protection of the Father, he would get us all killed. It’s time to wake up and realize we are NOW under God’s judgment! No reprieve, no respite, no governmental solution. No repentance equals death and destruction!

  1. Also don’t forget in about a week or so, which yes, it kind of coincides with Yom Kippur, President Trump will give a speech to the United Nations in New York between September 18-27 2018, about his desire to force Israel to accept his peace proposal to divide Israel/Jerusalem or else, in a kind of “I’m gonna make them an offer that they cannot refuse”; kind of deal, so I believe that these actions by President Trump, during or after this speech to the United Nations, could actually cause America to face Gods Judgment for President Trump trying to divide the “Apple of Gods Eye”, the nation of Israel, just to satisfy the ego and pride of a selfish man who only cares about being known as the President who resolved the middle east peace process, and who doesn’t care about what is good for Israel or not.

    Do you think that if President Trump was a True Christian that he would ever even consider doing such a thing? No he wouldn’t because he would know the Truth about the scripture that say’s, “God shall bless those who bless Israel and God shall curse those who curse/betray Israel”.

    And so I’m afraid that we as Americans are about to soon reap what the leader of America is sowing. “Division and Destruction!”

    Believe, Pray, Worship and Repent unto the Lord Jesus Christ, all else is futile.

    1. Hear the word of the Lord.. Word given to Wendi Lee from Papa 10Dec17 .

      Sweet Child of Mine, write Papa’s Prophetic Words as you My Child I have anointed to be My Mouthpiece saith the End All and Be All of All Life, saith the Great I AM that appeared to Moses in the burning bush, saith the Father of All Things for My Glory. Write My Child. Are you being diligent in My Holy Son Yeshua? Do you yearn for His Presence to be upon you through My Ruach HaKodesh? Are you able to do anything in your own strength? Do you die to your flesh and allow My Spirit to strengthen your inner man? My Son is Your Truth My Child.

      The world wants you to indulge in its fornications against Me and some who say that I have sent them, I have sent them not. Do not listen to man. How much has Father and My Son Yeshua been warning about My Judgment coming? How much has Me and My Son written through Our Chosen Mouthpieces about judgment coming to Babylon America? Father and My Son Yeshua have been pleading with Our Children to be prepared, to get ready. We have made it abundantly clear that We do what We do and when We will do for your good, that We Elohim God adore each one of you and to have eternal life you must turn to My Son Yeshua.

      Yes America has begun to admit My Jerusalem is My Capital of My Israel, however, My Children this is not all going to be for My Jerusalem and Israel. Did not your president America still admit he is for dividing My Land? While this is written, I know the betrayal that will come against My Israel. Father will rain His Mighty Fires upon the betrayer, that will be you O America Babylon. Do not get caught up in this My Children for I see and know all that no one else sees, not even the enemy. I AM The Creator of All, you cannot do anything that escapes My All Seeing Eye.

      I AM the redeemer of My Children and yes Father uses My People to say and to speak My Mysteries just as I used Paul and My Other Apostles. You try to convince My Son’s Children that they are not good enough to stay saved by My Son’s Innocent and Perfect Blood. Woe to you those who reap this other Gospel, this wormy fruit, this is Not what My Son crucified Himself for, for self righteous saints to condemn other saints when you yourself have not asked Me Your Father of Righteousness? How is it that you may gain back your salvation when I AM the All Knowing God Jehovah Elohim and have chosen you for you have not chosen Me? Read My Word for My Son said “It is Finished”! Papa God Yaheveh has spoken,

      YouTube 10Dec17 Come to Yeshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth

  2. I would like to tell you about a dream my mother had three weeks ago. She saw a huge 8 that was drawn in the air by an invisible hand. And she was made to understand that when the 8 is completed, it ( judgement) would begin. The 8 she knew presented the 8th month, August….so she (and I agree) is sure that all will start in September.

  3. I wonder if this is a 7 day warning, since another sister in Christ was told on Sept 13, 2016 that GOD was sending a “terrible thing on Sept 19th” …but was never given a year…she has been on pins and needles since that day…exactly 2 years ago today…her name is Shelley…

      1. Lydia, that is exactly what I was thinking. We are in the 10 days of awe which is a time to repent. It makes sense to me that after the 10 days if there was not repenting, then on the day of attonement, Yom Kippur, that God would unleash his judgement.
        There is also a lot of different opinions but I have also heard that we are in a year of Jubilee and that will end on Yom Kippur. That would also make sense that judgement would come after the completion of Year of Jubilee because that is to be a year of cancelling debt.

        1. Bonnie,

          I finally realize Yah does not work based on our Time (primarily because He created it) and after reading more into Genesis, Exodus and Numbers last night that His timing is much more related to that which is related to the Torah and Feast Days. I concur it will be fascinating to watch and see what might transpire in the coming days and weeks. I pray that we are blessed by His Spirit, led and protected by His Clouds by Day and Fire by Night – even as the storms and tempest may arise.

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