Prophetic Newsletter By John Shorey 9-12-2018 What Will September Bring?

Dear Prophetic Friends,
This Newsletter will not have a long study, as I am leaving on Thursday morning to share my thoughts on what is coming soon prophetically, on the Jim Bakker Show.
Before I leave I want to share some prophetic words I have received in the last few days and share some insights on what September could bring.
In my last newsletter I shared a Prophetic Word Jeff Byerly received in 2016. In this prophetic word God gave Jeff great detail of a coming Kick-off event, Jeff was not told a date except that it would happen in the fall. September is the month that fall begins but fall officially starts September 23rd. After rereading this Word that Jeff received I noticed something very interesting. God told Jeff that the Kick-off event would be by the hands of man. Then God said that there would be a catastrophic event by the hand of God before the Kick-off event.

What perplexed me at first was this word Jeff received said in one place that the catastrophic event would come first and then in another place in this same word from the Lord, God said that the catastrophic event would happen after the kickoff event. I now think it is possible that a God made catastrophic event will come both before and after the kick-off event.
What does this mean for the coming days and weeks? I believe the first
catastrophic event at the hand of God is Hurricane Florence due to hit the
Carolinas on Friday. Weather experts are saying this could be the worst storm in history.

What is there about this hurricane that could make it so bad? I see some
dynamics about this storm that could make it historic? Number one reason is because it is heading straight into the coast. Usually these storms move up the coast. When a storm comes straight in, the storm surge acts as a dam of water that will stop the rivers from flowing into the ocean. If you look at the maps of North and South Carolina you will see there are a large number of rivers that will be affected. This dam effect will cause the water to back up and flood many miles back, possibly beyond the damage area of the storm itself. Imagine the rivers not being able to drain for three days or more and then they are saying that this storm will dump 20 or more inches of rain in a short period of time. They are also saying that the storm could stall in place and dump feet instead of inches ofwater. There are around twelve nuclear power plants in harm’s way of this storm. I havebeen told it takes too much time to shut down these power plants as a means of protecting them from the danger of a meltdown as what happened in Japan in 2011. The Japan nuclear plant Fukushima is still contaminating the Pacific Ocean.
If even one of these twelve nuclear plants in the Carolinas was to become another Fukushima, it could mean the destruction of the Atlantic fisheries.
David Wilkerson has taught us from the Bible that God’s judgments begins at the coasts. This coming event could certainly qualify as a judgment hitting the coast of America.

I cannot shake the prophetic dream the Prophetess Jeanette received. She saw America attacked and then God gave her my name and the month of September.
She did not like this dream because she does not like setting dates. But she could not deny that God gave this dream to her. I cannot shake the strong possibility that America will be attacked this month as is described in Jeff Byerly’s dream that I shared in my last newsletter.
If hurricane Florence is the first event that is followed by the kickoff event that destroys a city in America, what could the second catastrophic event delivered by the hand of God be? A few weeks ago there was a 6.3 earthquake on the Cascadia Fault of the coast of the Northwest. This was the biggest earthquake on the Cascadia Fault in more years then I have been watching. In recent weeks since that quake there have been many earthquakes on the ring of fire between 7 and 8 on the Richter scale. I shared in a recent newsletter how after seeing this 6.3 quake on the earthquake map, that within two hours of seeing this, I was reading my Bible for my devotions and I read Psalms 18:6,7. “In my distress I called to the Lord, I cried to my God for help. From His temple He heard my voice: my cry
came before Him, into His ears. The earth trembled and quaked, and the
foundations of the mountains shook, they trembled because he was angry.”
These verses in Psalms are the verses God Gave me when I had my dream of the coming Northwest quake in 2012. I called a Prophet friend and ask for his opinion and he told me that he had just read the same verse in Psalms that morning. I am not a prophet but I still believe God gave me this as a confirmation that the Northwest quake is imminent. Days, weeks or a few months are still imminent in my opinion.
In many of my recent studies I have shown from the Bible that the events from the last several years have been pointing to a year that started last September.
We are now in September a year later. We made it past Rosh Hashana but we are not off the hook. We still have a little time left to prepare, in that I rejoice.

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7 thoughts on “Prophetic Newsletter By John Shorey 9-12-2018 What Will September Bring?”

  1. To soon to speculate, September is almost halfway over and Hurricane Florence is only a category 3 at the moment and is being blown way out of proportion by the mainstream media, same as they always do to cause panic and fear and chaos and especially to ensure that these city officials get billions of dollars in relief aid for the areas affected, even if the actual people affected by these disasters never see a dime of this money and even if the damage to these affected areas are minimal.

    If anything I believe Hurricane Florence is just a warning from God using Mother Nature to warn the United States of what is to come, and that one, or more of the other Hurricanes/Typhoons, lining up out in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans could very well cause much more damage to an already rain soaked flooded region, than Hurricane Florence ever could.

    Also you have to remember, President Trump is about to give a speech to the United Nations in New York in a week or so, about his desire to force Israel to accept his peace proposal to divide Israel/Jerusalem or else, in a kind of “I’m gonna make them an offer that they cannot refuse”; kind of deal, so I believe that these actions by President Trump, during or after this speech to the United Nations, could actually cause America to face Gods Judgment for President Trump trying to divide the “Apple of Gods Eye”, the nation of Israel, just to satisfy the ego and pride of a selfish man who only cares about being known as the President who resolved the middle east peace process, and who doesn’t care about what is good for Israel or not.

    Do you think that if President Trump was a True Christian he would ever even consider doing such a thing? No he wouldn’t because he would know the Truth about the scripture that say’s, “God shall bless those who bless Israel and God shall curse those who curse/betray Israel”.

    And so I’m afraid that we as Americans are about to soon reap what the leader of America is sowing. Division and destruction!

    Believe, Pray, Worship and Repent unto the Lord Jesus Christ, all else is futile.

  2. to shut down power plant or take off line. takes only 8 hours. to trip a pier plant by it not getting fuel, water or hitting the wrong button takes 20 sec. I was a poet plant operator at 1x in my life n I worked on a crew putting them on line or taking them off line. I have watch them trip n go down them go down in 20 sec, n heard the noise they make when they go off line… over in Japan. I dont know. maybe the whole crew left their position s. I speaking from experience here

    1. Jolie, do you know if they shut down the you nuclear power plants? Any information that you can share with us would be very helpful

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