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In a Vision (Supernatural Dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, in the morning of 14th September 2018, The LORD showed me Donald Trump. The LORD then showed me Trump (in a Past episode) wherein, I saw Trump in a sexual immorality with an intern (Perhaps in one of his Past endevours: a Reality TV Show?) whom she then promotes to a position of influence.

The LORD then shows me a Present/Current/Future scenario wherein a Scandal breaks out, and Trump is accused of mixing Private affairs (events/matters) with State (Federal) affairs. Despite the accusation, I saw that Trump did not back-down (did not admit to it/take responsibility for it). I then overhear, in the Vision of The LORD, a group of People then say how Barack Obama could keep State Secrets Private. So I thus saw some sort of Comparison therein.

I then see in the Vision of The LORD, Republicans find themselves “Cornered and Paralyzed” by Trump’s actions; thus Giving Democrats “Political Ammunition”, so to speak.

The Vision of The LORD then ended.

Tough Times coming for Republicans and Donald Trump? Looks like, from the above Vision of The LORD.

Generally (for USA as a whole), a House Divided (into Two), normally has Distress (Trouble) in Standing:—does not actually Stand.


Mathew 24: 7-8 ‘“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”’



Precious Jesus,

I acknowledge today that you are LORD and Savior of all mankind,

and today I have recognized my shortfall,

I Repent and turn away from all Sin.

Please cover me with your Precious Blood,

and establish your Word in my life,

that I may be found in Righteousness and Holiness

and write my name in your Book of Life

and Baptize me with the Power of The Holy Spirit

in The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


Your Brother in Christ Jesus, and a Shepherd of The LORD,

Kevin Mirasi


  1. Bro. Jeff u are right I am not critical of any of this what scare me like u said words brought and it be could years, but people who are not pray up may go o well that in future then start being lukewarm or lazy then suddenly it happens, I don’t concern myself of when concerned of other people who I seen just shrug it off, I have seen words way back in time like 2011 of judgment prophecies then read some mocking saying see another false 1 not realizing that God time is not our, so please don’t take me critical of it just caution on my part, I prepared spiritual and natural if events happened suddenly which I believe they will

  2. Amen Sister Catherine, the truth u told and Bro. Evan laid out is right on, it weary to read such things nothing happens which no doubt they will and maybe not like it been prophesied. Me I chose to draw close to him and trust he will help to discern the truth.

    1. David,that is what everyone needs to do! I pray more would start to draw closer to the Lord.
      As for prophets saying things are imminent…well they are! When the Lord speaks to us in a powerful way how can we not speak it? His timing is not ours…that is for sure! I wonder this…if the Lord had spoke everything that we are seeing now in 2008 and said “Thus saith the Lord this is what you will see on earth in 2018!…” Would most go ” Oh well that’s in 10 years, we got lots of time” and then go back into sin? I believe the answer is yes! Infact I fell into it myself so I know what I’m talking about… to fall away from the Lord right now is very very very dangerous because even though we haven’t scene the kickoff event happen yet it is coming for certain and we don’t know when but when it does happen there will be no time because it will happen so quickly if you’re not ready you’re not ready and that’s it! And after that kickoff event it will be like that until the end. That is why the Lord Warns in the way that he does. It will be suddenly after suddenly after suddenly after and then when you think it’s over there will be more… It will not stop!

      Please watch yourself that you did not become critical of the prophets and Watchmen because the Lord has warned us about that. The prophets and watch when they are not perfect I know I certainly am not but we do the best we can for what the Lord gives us. None of us get all of it and none of us understand everything perfectly. There is coming a day where prophecies will cease but until that day despise not prophecy.

      Blessings love and peace to you all!

      1. Brother Jeff, we are not against prophets and prophecy. I speak and preach in the streets about Endtime for many years now. But since the financial crisis in 2007/2008 so many “became prophets” and told us this September, or the 23 of October will happen this and that but nothing happened. It musst be responsibility, accountability. Almost everyday I warn people but when we say: tomorrow something will happen and nothing happens, something is wrong. All of us can make mistakes but here is not about mistakes.
        It’s our responsibility to warn and prepare people for what is coming but to give dates and nothing happens, musst have consequences or not?

        1. I will only say this…September is not over and ask those in the path of Florence if nothing has happened.Fall begins next week…

  3. Evan picking, I with u as I see these things prophesied and u wonder ok what the deal here, so take heart u are not the only 1 and everyday I keep looking and waiting as I pray for souls to be saved as u stated so eloquently it is frustrating as we see if doesn’t happen this month another year of depravity continues until next September or after. Take heart Evan something will give soon

  4. I must admit, I am very confused now on the timing of all these events. I don’t mean to negate that they will happen, if it is ordained by God, but with all of the words given out about how Trump’s removal is imminent, via either over blame for the economic collapse and cataclysmic events, loss of power from dividing Jerusalem, possible death/removal by God’s hand, etc., and with the word just recently given out by Kerry Ann Gidden about Trump’s remaining until the end of September (though no year was given), I can’t possibly imagine now how all of this will happen the short time span now of half-a-month.

    I’m not saying it’s not at all possible (anything is possible with God), but the picture has become blurred for me, and I have not been able to put the pieces together anymore, not that I don’t know we are not to know everything that will happen either way (only God truly knows). But with all of the words about soon coming economic collapse, destruction in September, and nuclear fallout, it will truly catch even me, who has been watching for these things and waiting on the Holy Spirit for guidance and discernment, unaware and off-guard, although I have prepared for it in my heart and in the physical.

    It feels like the days are going by just as normally as ever and that nothing bad will happen, although I do know that even now, the alliances formed between Russia and China are stronger, North Korea is still continuing its nuclear armament program, and the Middle East is heated as always, so something *will* occur eventually as a result. But to say that I’m expecting the kick-off event to happen in the midst of these things, seemingly out of nowhere, would not be entirely accurate. Don’t get me wrong, I believe all of this is set like a stage for a play, and that God is in control, but it seems too out of this world to even conceive, and I hope that doesn’t equate to me being faithless. I really have been trying my hardest to ready myself and get my house in order.

    I suppose I just really can’t tell anymore what’s going to happen as far as timing goes and the alignment of these things, which frustrates me, because I have been following for a long time. I know God’s timing is not at all like ours, so it really could be a year, two years, or even up until 2024, when that second solar eclipse rolls around, but that would mean Trump would have completed one term, which some prophets have claimed would never happen, as Trump would be removed for Obama to take his place. It’s very well possible all of these things could still happen this September and fall, but the events would be taking place so rapidly, it would be making our heads spin. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens…

    I feel like I’m a hypocrite for calling myself a Christian sometimes and quite literally waiting for a “disaster” by God’s righteous judgement, which could bring about the deaths of many lives, but I do not look forward to that part, as I do love people, but can’t stand the sin in our society right now. I feel like Lot sometimes, weary of all the depravity going around me, and in all honesty, I do just sometimes secretly wish these events would take place so that we would have the assurance Jesus was truly returning for his bride sooner than ever, but again, the death part still scares me. It is God’s righteous judgement, yes, but it will be painful to see the after-effects.

    Nevertheless, our nation is declining so rapidly, it would be better that judgement happened soon and many died who were already never going to accept Jesus, to have even a few who were on the fence or needed that shaking to come to the Lord and accept His free sacrifice. I hope I haven’t sounded too callous. I just needed to vent, I guess. I truly am troubled by what I see every day and hear about regarding this country, and I know God is going to have to put His foot down and intervene soon to stop humanity from regressing any further, lest an entire generation almost be cast into the pit, sadly. Thank you for this word, and God bless.

    1. Dear brother, I understand you. Many christians have enough of the many “prophets” of today. Somedays ago, a “prophet” said: Imminent…this and that will happen. Wenn somebody says imminent, than I think it will happen in the next hours and days but nothing happened. And what is doing the “prophet”? he continues because nobody will judge him.
      In the old Testament the Prophets spoke in the market places in the front of the people, so they experienced a lot of things, they could’t speak so light. Today through the websides of other people and often anonym, they can tell us what the want.
      Is economic collapse coming? of course, we know that but since 2007 almost everyday we have some “prophets”, who dreamt about this. For ten years now, everyday.
      Are nuclear wars coming? of course. Are natural catastrophes coming? of course. God showed me many things in the last 32 years but today everybody want to be a prophet. Not a poor missionary somewhere in Africa or Asia or even in America. Prophecy today has a lot to do with sensation. Many christians want everyday a new prophecy, run behind “prophets” but they don’t do anything else. A sister wrote in a webside, she likes to live near Perry Stone, because she feels, she will be more secure, when the catastrophe comes. Something like this. Excuse me, do we follow Jesus or Perry Stone, Jonathan Cahn and others? something is wrong and many christians are tired of the many “prophets”. I want to see many witness of Jesus Christ, who preach in the streets also about Endtime and prepare people. Some weeks ago God showed me after long time again, that He didn’t forget me and I saw His Glory. When I fell on my face under the power of God, it was like a giant falls. I’m only a woman of 1,60 m, but the earth under me was shaking and God spoke….Our lives should be lives of prayer but also of preaching, of sacrifices…in other way, we are not ready.
      I am sure some people are serious prophets of God but many not. Learn to discern!

    2. Evan,

      I hear you, and I understand many of us question timing. I would refer to Revelation 17:10…
      “And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.”
      Is Trump not the 7th King? This would make Carter thru Obama the first 6 Kings. Each of them served 4 (Carter and Bush Sr) or 8 years (Reagan, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama). For the 7th King to be singled out in this statement, doesn’t this mean his reign must be shorter than the first 6 Kings?
      I see no way that Trump can make it to the end of his first term (or longer) and still fulfill this prophecy….

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