Russian strategic bombers conduct exercise near Alaska

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The Russian military says that two nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown to the easternmost Chukotka Peninsula, near Alaska, as part of an air force exercise.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Tu-160 bombers flew about 7,000 kilometers (4,350 miles) from their home base near Saratov in southwestern Russia to Anadyr, on Chukotka, before returning to their home base. The ministry said the mission was the first time the bombers had flown to Chukotka, which faces Alaska across the Bering Strait.
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How Satan Makes Inroads Into Christian Revivals

Image result for praise and worshipIt was during the praise and worship service just before I was to preach in a very lively “revival” church. It was a very festive atmosphere with people shouting, waving banners and running the aisles. As I quietly worshipped, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “The stronghold of deception is pride.”
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Two French rivers disappear underground in large cracks and sinkholes: The Doubs River (Franche-Comté) and the Risle (Normandy)

The Doubs River has disappeared, The Doubs River has disappeared august 2018, rivers disappear france august 2018, rivers disappearing france august 2018, rivière disparaissent france, le doubs a disparu, la riviere du douds a disparueThe Doubs river flows normally in Franche-Comté, France. But since about a week or so, the river has totally dried up over a length of more than 1 km, between Pontarlier and Morteau, although precipitation has been abundant this winter and spring. The river has disappeared, and with it, the fauna and flora. Everything is dead. Two weeks ago, 13km of the Risle River in Normandy also disappeared underground in a large crater. According to geologists, this unprecedented event is due to large cracks and craters in the riverbed.
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Public Prayer Rallies Display Islam’s Growing Strength In Europe

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A few months ago, a global media tempest erupted after Polish Catholics held a mass public prayer event across the country. The BBC deemed it “controversial”, due to “concerns it could be seen as endorsing the state’s refusal to let in Muslim migrants”.
The same controversy, however, did not erupt in Britain when 140,000 Muslims prayed in Birmingham’s Small Heath Park, in an event organized by the Green Lane Mosque to mark the end of Ramadan.
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China “likely” training pilots to target US, Pentagon report says

Image result for China PLAChina is actively developing its fleet of long-range bombers and “likely” training its pilots for missions targeting the US, according to a new Pentagon report.

“Over the last three years, the PLA has rapidly expanded its overwater bomber operating areas, gaining experience in critical maritime regions and likely training for strikes against US and allied targets,” the report says, using the acronym for the People’s Liberation Army, the official name of the Chinese military.
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B.C. declares state of emergency as nearly 600 wildfires burn across the province, Canada

B.C. declares state of emergency as nearly 600 wildfires burn across the province, CanadaBritish Columbia has declared a province-wide state of emergency on August 15, 2018, due to raging wildfires. Although 2018 is already the 4th worst season on record, it’s still far behind record-breaking 2017. Previous declarations were in 1996, 2003 and 2017, which lasted 10 weeks.
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US to more than double the number of Marines in Norway, strengthening defenses along the border with Russia

Image result for US Marine howitzer in snowThe United States will more than double the number of Marines stationed in Norway, in line with plans first outlined in June, the Norwegian defense ministry said on Wednesday.  Read More…

CRACKDOWN ON CHRISTIANITY China rips down posters of Jesus and replaces them with President Xi and ban kids visiting Church

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For the government, China’s Christian community has long been a source of embarrassment, resulting in bans on the Bible and on public displays of the cross.

Church leadership is also required to request approval from the Communist party and even church teachings must now be in line with party ideals.
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Scientists Warn That Millions Of Sea Creatures Are “In Real Peril” As Pacific Ocean Temperatures Rise To Dangerous New Records

Ocean temperatures continue to rise, and scientists are extremely alarmed as a mass die-off of sea creatures appears to be imminent.  This week, environmental experts were stunned when ocean water off of the San Diego coast hit an all-time record high of 81.3 degrees Fahrenheit.  Daily measurements began all the way back in 1916, and since that time a higher ocean temperature has never been recorded off of the California coast.  Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.  Studies have shown that ocean temperatures have been rising rapidly all over the planet, and this has already had a devastating impact on many ecosystems.  The oceans are the foundation of the food chain, and if sea life starts dying off on a massive scale it could mean unprecedented famine all over the planet.
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In this KC-area district, boys and girls will share gender-neutral restrooms

Image result for gender neutralNo more separate restrooms for boys and girls, with rows of feet-showing stalls. The North Kansas City school district is going fully gender neutral at two new elementary schools, opening on Wednesday, as well as in a few renovated restrooms in North Kansas City High School and the sixth-grade centers.  Read More…

Canada’s Largest Private Christian University Drops Ban on Same-Sex Relationships


Trinity Western University, Canada’s largest privately-funded Christian university, will no longer require students to sign a Community Covenant agreeing to abstain from same-sex and other relationships outside marriage between a man and a woman.
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In Defiance of Trump, Turkey Aligns With ‘Global Jihad Movement’

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With Turkey’s currency crashing, the government’s response has been to blame outsiders and double down on bad economic policy that is only making it worse.

The Turkish lira had lost 44 percent of its value against the dollar this year before recovering slightly overnight. And there are already signs that it’s dragging down markets in Asia.
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Utah man flies plane into his own house after argument with wife

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A Utah man flew a small aircraft into his own house, kamikaze-style, hours after he had been arrested for assaulting his wife during an argument, police say.

Duane Youd, 47, died in the crash, as the light-skinned Cessna disintegrated on impact and burst into flames. Youd’s wife and a child, both inside the house, survived and the house remained intact.
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North Korea Could Strike with Swarm Weapons (From 1947)

Image result for An-2The threat of being swarmed by low-observable biplanes has apparently led South Korea to acquire two An-2s of its own, so that its F-15 fighters can practice interceptions, according to this article in NK News. The reality is that, while an An-2 infiltration swarm would be difficult to repel, it would still likely be a suicide mission for many of the pilots. However, the aircraft are expendable, costing less than most of the guided missiles that might be fired at them, and North Korean infiltrators have exhibited a willingness to sustain heavy casualties and fight to the death during their many previous misadventures.  Read More…

Toddler Killed in Ritual to ‘Cast Out Demonic Spirits’; Family Believed He Would Return as Jesus

Image result for new mexico desertA 3-year-old boy found buried at a New Mexico desert compound died in a ritual to “cast out demonic spirits,” but his extended family believed he would “return as Jesus” to identify “corrupt” targets for them to attack, prosecutors said in court on Monday.
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Hezbollah Chief Claims Terrorist Group Stronger than IDF, Ready for War

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (Credit: Stand With Us/Facebook)

In a televised address marking the 12th anniversary of the end of the 34-day Second Lebanon War with Israel in 2006, Hezbollah general secretary Hassan Nasrallah boasted that his forces were stronger than the Israeli army and prepared for a fresh war with Israel.

Nasrallah claimed that the Trump administration was “mistaken” in thinking sanctions would lead to riots in Iran that would topple the regime, or even force Iran to reduce support for activity abroad.  Read More…

Cash machines could be mass-hacked in global cyber attack, FBI warns

Image result for ATMBanks have been warned of an imminent threat that their cash machines could be mass-hacked by cyber criminals.

In a confidential alert on Friday, America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation told international banks that criminals are plotting a concerted global malware attack on cash machines in the next few days.
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Apocalypse by 2040? Shock as MIT computer model predicts END DATE for civilisation

Image result for destroyed cityAn apocalyptic computer model, processed by one of the world’s largest computers in 1973, has predicted the end of civilization  by 2040.

The prediction came from a programme nicknamed World One, which was developed by a team of MIT researchers and processed by Australia’s largest computer.

It was originally devised by computer pioneer Jay Forrester, after he was tasked by the Club of Rome to develop a model of global sustainability.

However, the shocking result of the computer calculations showed that the level of pollution and population would cause a global collapse by 2040.
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Glacier National Park wildfires force evacuations and have destroyed structures

Image result for glacier national park wildfireThe fast-growing Howe Ridge fire that forced evacuations at Glacier National Park on Sunday has destroyed some structures on the north end of Lake McDonald.

Park spokeswoman Lauren Alley says details are not available at this time about the number or type of structures. She also noted that a Flathead County structural fire task force provided a significant response.  Read More…

Smoke from California wildfires is drifting to New York City

Image result for WildfireCalifornia is in the midst of a pretty serious wildfire crisis. Emergency management officials are working tirelessly to contain the fires as they jump rivers and roads and spread to new areas, but while the danger is highest in California itself, the effects of the raging infernos can be felt as far away as New York City.
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Russia Claims to Be Developing New Aircraft that Can Disable U.S. Satellites

Image result for russian fighter jetsIf Russia can in fact disable the electronics on American satellites, and the NPR does reflect U.S. policy, then turning off a satellite could be construed as an act of war sufficient to justify a nuclear response. Whether a U.S. president would in fact risk thermonuclear war over a disabled satellite is another matter. Nonetheless, Russia’s new toy could have dangerous implications.
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ANTI-AGEING BREAKTHROUGH: Ageing process REVERSED in human cells for first time

Image result for DNAMany people hope to reverse the process of ageing in a bid to remain healthier and live longer or ultimately to live forever.

And now researchers have made a breakthrough.

As the body ages, it loses its ability to control how genes are regulated and they ultimately become more damaged until we ultimately die.

A gene is activated by signals from inside or outside the cell to make a molecular message known as RNA.  Read More…

Churches in Bars, Movie Theaters, in the Bible Belt, As Other Churches Close

Image result for bar signAmid dozens of church closures in the heart of the Bible Belt, some in South Carolina are planting congregations in bars, movie theaters, and in homes.

South Carolina newspaper The State reported Thursday that across the traditionally conservative state, many churches have closed — 97 since 2011 — and others are slowly dying, reflecting a nationwide trend, yet there is new growth amid the decay.  Read More…

Strongest-ever earthquakes hit Alaska’s North Slope region as M6.4 and M6.0 quakes and an unprecedented swarm of more than 200 tremors strike near Kaktovik

M6.4 earthquake hits Alaska North Slope on August 12, 2018. The strongest-ever earthquake in the area. Map via USGS
M6.4 earthquake hits Alaska North Slope on August 12, 2018. The strongest-ever earthquake in the area. Map via USGS

A pretty large swarm of more than 200 earthquakes is currently hitting Alaska’s North Slope region. The seismic unrest was triggered by a M6.4 earthquake, 84km SW of Kaktovik, on August 12, 2018. This is the strongest-ever earthquake that hit Alaska’s North Slope region. Since then, more than 200 aftershocks have rumbled the area with several above M4.5 and one reported at magnitude 6.0 seven hours after the first large one. This is the second strongest-ever earthquake that hit Alaska’s North Slope region.  Read More…

UFO hunter Max Spiers who died aged 39 after vomiting two litres of black liquid told mum to investigate if anything happened to him

Related imageA BRITISH UFO hunter who died after vomiting two litres of black liquid had his laptop wiped by authorities before it was returned to his family, a court today heard.

Mystery has shrouded the sudden death of Max Spiers, 39, of Canterbury, Kent, who was in Poland for a conference in July 2016 when his body was discovered by a friend.  Read More…



The tears of the heart weigh heavily on the soul.  I have watched man’s transgressions against Me.  Do they not know that I see all?  Continue reading “NO WEAPON AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER – GODSHEALER7 (with transcript)”

WARNING – 278pikelk (with transcript)


“Let Me say to you My Children, Let me be very clear, come back to Me now, back to your first Love so that you may escape the things that shall be coming upon the earth. I have warned through My Messengers and Scribes, through their Writings, Dreams and Visions for many years now. Continue reading “WARNING – 278pikelk (with transcript)”