Economic Damage Wrought By Hurricane Florence Nearly 10 Times Worse Than Expected

Rivers in the Carolinas are still rising and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has warned that it still isn’t safe for displaced residents to return to their property. But that hasn’t stopped Moody’s from releasing the first estimate of the economic damage wrought by Hurricane Florence.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the ratings agency’s estimates put the total economic toll at somewhere between $38 billion and $50 billion – more than double an initial estimate of between $8 billion and $20 billion from Goldman Sachs and S&P. And nearly ten times CoreLogic’s initial estimate of between $3 billion and $5 billion.

If damages reach the upper end of that range, it would leave Florence in seventh place among the biggest storms, just after 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, according to Moody’s estimates.

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A Path To War? China Cancels US Trade Talks As ‘Skirmish’ Escalates

The Journal  just reported on Friday that, according to sources, China has rescinded the proposals to send two delegations to Washington.

Chinese officials have said such pressure tactics wouldn’t induce them to cooperate.

By declining to participate in the talks, the people said, Beijing is following up on its pledge to avoid negotiating under threat.

“Everything the U.S. does hasn’t given any impression of sincerity and goodwill,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a press briefing Friday.

“We hope that the U.S. side will take measures to correct its mistakes.”

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Clinton Tells Staffers: “I will be post-Nibiru President, and so Will My Daughter.” –

At a private luncheon on Monday, Hillary Clinton told Clinton Foundation board members that she aims to be the first post-Nibiru President and expressed hope that her daughter, Chelsea, would ultimately succeed her, said a well-placed source who risks his life to provide the dark machinations of the Clinton cartel. Continue reading “Clinton Tells Staffers: “I will be post-Nibiru President, and so Will My Daughter.” –”

Attack on military parade in Iran caught on cam (DISTURBING)

READ MORE: An army parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz has come under attack. Journalists and children are among those shot in an assault that has reportedly left over 20 people dead and more than 50 injured.

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‘Remedy the mistake or bear the consequences’: China hits back at US over sanctions on military

Image result for Xi jinping mad

Beijing has threatened that Washington will face “consequences” if it doesn’t withdraw the recent batch of sanctions against China over military cooperation with Russia.

China’s Foreign Ministry did not mince words, saying Washington should immediately correct its “mistakes” before it’s too late or face the consequences for the decision.

We strongly call on the US to remedy the mistake and cancel the sanctions. Otherwise, the US has to bear the consequences,” spokesperson Geng Shuang said as cited by Chinese media.

The Trump administration slapped China’s Equipment Development Department – the country’s leading arms acquisition body – with penalties on Thursday. Beijing’s decision to purchase Russian Su-35 fighter jets and S-400 surface-to-air missile system drew Washington’s ire. The US stressed that Moscow is in fact is the “ultimate target” of the restrictions.

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The UN Is Normalizing Pedophilia: The Deep State Is Free to Prey Upon Your Children

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is sanctioning a sexual revolution that will culminate in the legalization and whole-hearted support of transgenderism but will also support the legalization of pedophilia.

As the Deep State is further exposed for their role in Pedogate, we can expect more counterattacks such as the legalization of pedophilia.

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Mother arrested for taking phone away from teenage daughter

See the source imageA Michigan mother arrested after stealing her teen daughter’s cell phone as a form of discipline has been vindicated.

The Ottawa County prosecutor dismissed the charges against the local woman on Tuesday. Questions remain, however, as to why she was arrested in the first place.
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Alleged Video of Idlib Chemical Attack Fabrication Circulated by Syrian Media

Idlib city, SyriaA video reportedly depicting a chemical attack fabrication in Syria’s Idlib has been circulating Syrian media, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported. The agency said that the footage depicts “White Helmets” group staging an attack in order to accuse the government forces of chemical weapons use.
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Will E.A.S. Oct 3 Declair National Emergency Start 50K Arrests? – Stan 09-21-18 Prophecy Club

Published on Sep 21, 2018
Stan discusses the possibility of American leadership being rounded up and arrested. Would this be a possible national emergency scenario? Continue reading “Will E.A.S. Oct 3 Declair National Emergency Start 50K Arrests? – Stan 09-21-18 Prophecy Club”

US Sends Ships to South China Sea ‘to Create Trouble’ – Chinese Envoy

This Mar. 6, 2016, file photo provided by the U.S. Navy, shows the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam (CG 54) sails in the South China Sea. China says it dispatched warships to identify and warn off a pair of U.S. Navy vessels sailing near one of its island claims in the South China Sea. A statement on the Defense Ministry’s website said the Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyer USS Higgins and Ticonderoga class guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam entered waters China claims in the Paracel island group “without the permission of the Chinese government.”

Ambassador of China to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming told the annual Induction Programme for Commonwealth Diplomats organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat Wednesday that regional powers had made major strides toward resolving tensions in the South China Sea by themselves.

“Yet to everyone’s confusion, some big countries outside the region did not seem to appreciate the peace and tranquillity in the South China Sea,” Liu said. “They sent warships and aircraft all the way to the South China Sea to create trouble.”

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This gorgeous $250 ring can replace your wallet, your keys, and even your train pass


In Token’s world, you’ll never need to carry your wallet. You won’t need house keys, or a transit pass, or even to remember your computer password.

All you’ll need is a ring.

I say it’s one step closer to the mark of the beast – Jeff 

Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout

Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout (VIDEO)

Before his links to the world was cut by his Ecuadorian hosts, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gave an interview on how technological advances are changing humankind. He said global surveillance will soon be totally unavoidable.

The interview was provided to RT by organizers of the World Ethical Data Forum in Barcelona. Assange, who is currently stranded in the Ecuadorean embassy in London with no outside communication except with his legal team, has a pretty grim outlook on where humanity is going. He says it will soon be impossible for any human being to not be included into global databases collected by governments and state-like entities.
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UN General Assembly 2018: What to expect from Trump and others


Then, on Sept. 25, the president will make his main speech to the assembly, before chairing a Security Council session on proliferation the next day. The US originally planned to focus the council session on the Middle East, risking a clash with allies, including France and the United Kingdom, over the Iranian nuclear deal. Presumably worrying Trump could look isolated, the US mission to the UN has broadened the agenda.

Nonetheless, Trump will surely have harsh words for Tehran in both UNGA and the council. It is harder to predict what he will say about the Korean situation. Since threatening Pyongyang at the UN last year, Trump has oscillated wildly between attacking and praising North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. With little real progress in nuclear talks, the president could use UNGA to ratchet up pressure on Kim — who will not be in New York unless he has a very, very big surprise indeed up his sleeve — or try to charm him with compliments.

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HE’S BACK!!!! 9/20/2018 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Direct hit near Guam — Unrest spreading and 9/20/2018 — 50,000 ft. high Volcanic blast @ Manam in W. Pacific + Multiple M5.0+ earthquakes – Dutchsinse

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Russia to beef up air defenses, aircraft to curtail Israeli air operations in Syria

In some ways, the Il-20 incident and these new measures have come at a convenient moment for the Russian deployment in Syria. On Sept. 7, Alexander Kinshchak, Russian ambassador to Damascus, quietly remarked: “We are helping our Syrian partners to restore, modernize and boost the efficiency of the integrated air defense system.” He explained: “Much is yet to be done because everything was in utter devastation, but certain results can already be seen.”
Our military sources inferred that the Russian envoy was talking about arming Syrian air defenses for the first time with advanced Russian S-300 batteries. Their delivery may well coincide with Moscow’s response to the Il-20 incident.
The Israeli Air Force will soon therefore be called on to tackle new and daunting challenges in its operations against Iran in Syria.

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