All Depressions Are Not Created Equal – Times Change And The Mechanism That Leads To Misfortune Changes With It

It has been said that history may not repeat but it sometimes rhymes. Just as the generals always seen to fight the last war people seem to prepare for the last depression. Times change and the mechanism that leads to misfortune changes with it. Looking at the past may not give us the clear answer to how to deal with the future but it can help us to determine what might happen and how to deal with it when the time comes.

We always look at the last incident because that is what we know. The problem is that social and economic conditions are always changing and they have a major impact on how things unfold. When people hear that they should prepare for another great depression they immediately think about how people survived the last one and how events unfolded. That is a good starting point but things will not be exactly the same the next time.

In the 1930’s people did not posses specialized skills, they had general knowledge that allowed them to take any job that was available. Today people are skilled in one area and loss of employment in that area requires them to obtain skills to work in a new area. The jack of all trades has been replaced by the specialist so when job loss comes they have a more difficult time finding a new one.

In the 1930’s we had a deflationary depression and anyone holding cash and bonds were able to hold on to their wealth and banks were allowed to fail. The farmers suffered from a drop in commodity prices but taxes were low and most people that had land owned it free and clear allowing them to stay in place. Today we are more likely to have an inflationary depression due to the mandate to save the banks at all costs. Anyone trying to save their wealth in cash and bonds will get slaughtered in the paper assets they hold due to massive money printing.

Why is all this going on right now?

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“Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.” Psalm 73:6 (KJV)

Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year when your Main Street is overrun with floating sex toys and guys wearing half-pants and walking other men on leashes to prove that the gay community is just like us proud of themselves or something.

I always thought embracing the vice of “pride” as a motto was risky. It’s one of the seven deadly sins, after all. Does anyone say to themselves when they have a baby, gee I hope he/she grows up to be prideful and vain! Embracing “pride” as your motto seems like you’re tempting fate, doesn’t it? Will the fat-acceptance crowd choose “Gluttony!” for their appreciation month? Maybe those of us with anger issues should grab the month of October for “Wrath Month!” It’s sure easier than restraining your darker inclinations. I explode with anger and rage! Celebrate me!

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Mesmerizing river of lava gushes rapidly from Kilauea toward the ocean as volcano leaves more than 467 homes destroyed

This fast moving lava was spotted pouring out of Fissure 8 at around 5pm on Friday, headed towards the ocean

Incredible footage has emerged showing the river of lava that continues to gush from Kīlauea on Hawaii’s Big Island.

The fast moving lava was spotted pouring out of Fissure 8 at around 5pm on Friday, as the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency warned that the fissure remains highly active.

‘Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that the eruption activity continues at Fissure 8 in the lower East Rift Zone,’ the agency said in a flash bulletin on Sunday morning.

‘Lava is entering the ocean at Kapoho Bay and producing a large laze plume. Heavy vog is blanketing the interior and southern parts of the island, impacting Hilo and wrapping around to Kona through the weekend.’

Go to website and see the video of the lave flowing. amazing!

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Volcanic unrest around the world: eruptions at Fernandina island (Galapagos), Sakurajima (Japan), Klyuchevskoy (Russia) and Kilauea (USA)

There are currently many volcanoes erupting around the world. Here the latest updates.

Eruption of Fernandina Island’s volcano in the Galapagos archipelago on June 16, 2018

On June 16, nine earthquakes hit off Fernandina Island in the Galapagos archipelago, starting at 8:37 am. The largest quake of this seismic swarm, a M4.1, occurred at 9:22 am.

volcanic eruption june 2018, volcano eruption june 2018
Fernandina – plumes and lava flows of June 16, 2018 – photo Esteban Chavez

The seismic unrest resulted in the eruption of island’s volcano between 11h and 11h15, as confirmed by a boat passing by. The eruption is located on the NNE side of the volcano and is currently characterized by lava flows, and 2-3 km high gas plumes.

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Mexico’s goal celebration against Germany ’causes an EARTHQUAKE’ as fan reaction sparks seismic activity

Mexico’s goal celebration against Germany quite literally caused a minor earthquake as fans’ wild reaction sparked seismic activity in the nation’s capital.

Mexican authorities reported the reading was recorded at the exact time Mexico took the lead in their Group F World Cup opening match against Die Mannschaft.

Germany were the strong favourites going into the clash, but it was Mexico who started much the brighter side at the Luzhniki Stadium.

PSV winger Hirving Lozano found the back of the net with a spectacular effort ten minutes before the break, sparking wild scenes both inside the packed ground, and back in Mexico.

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BREAKING: Blackout as powerful earthquake ROCKS major Japanese city

The tremor struck near the city of Osaka

The 5.9 quake struck the western Japanese city on Monday morning, according to the country’s meteorological agency.

According to the organisation the quake hit north of Osaka Prefecture.

It also said there were more than 170,000 households without power in Osaka and neighbouring Hyogo Prefecture.

Trains in the area were halted as a precaution, public broadcaster NHK said.

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UPDATED – US-Led Coalition Aircraft Bombs Syrian Military Positions – Reports

Military plane of the US led coalition. (File)

A US-led coalition aircraft has bombed one of Syrian military positions, local media reported citing a source in the military. Pentagon denied the coalition’s involvement in the reported airstrike.

Syrian SANA news agency reported, citing a military source that one of US-led coalition aircraft had made an airstrike on the positions of the Syrian troops in al-Harra settlement, which is southeast of Al Bukamal, killing several servicemen and injuring others.

The Syrian city of Al Bukamal is apart of Deir ez-Zor Governorate and is situated near the border with Iraq.



Is The Federal Reserve ‘Public Enemy Number One’?

Image result for federal reserve

“… these problems clearly have their origin in the Fed’s monetary mismanagement and the failure of the dollar to maintain even a fraction of its value over time.”

The chart below speaks volumes about the disastrous impact of Fed policies since 1971.  The chart also reveals how the credit inflation the Fed has created, actually masks the disastrous impact of the Fed’s policies.  Specifically, the Fed-induced inflation makes it difficult for the average worker to realize that even though their salaries have soared in dollar terms, these salaries now purchase much less than they used to.

One dead, multiple injured in shooting at New Jersey art festival


Father’s Day fun turned into chaos at a New Jersey all-night arts festival when two gunman opened fire — injuring over a dozen people, including a 13-year-old boy, early Sunday.

Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri said that 16 of the 20 people injured were treated for gunshot wounds, and that four, including the teen, were in critical condition.

One of the suspects, a 33-year-old man, was killed and the other was in custody.

The Art All Night festival in Trenton NJ., didn’t appear to have been targeted and the shooting was prompted by a fight at the event, Onofri said.

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“The Global Bond Curve Just Inverted”: Why JPM Thinks A Market Crash May Be Imminent

“The Global Bond Curve Just Inverted”: Why JPM Thinks A Market Crash May Be Imminent

The last time the global bond index turned negative was in 2007 ahead of the global financial crisis; before then it turned very negative in late 1990s also, just before the bursting of the dot com bubble…

Inside America’s Largest Child Migrant Detention Center: An Old Texas Walmart

Casa Padre, an immigrant shelter for illegal minors, in Brownsville, Texas. This photo was provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, June 14, 2018. (Source: ACF/HHS/Handout via Reuters)

Inside America’s Largest Child Migrant Detention Center: An Old Texas Walmart

The US govt has released some memorable images revealing the inside of a mysterious new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) immigration detention center for migrant children.

The End Of Merkel? CDU Lawmaker Admits Germany Could Have A New Chancellor “By The End Of Next Week”

Image result for angela merkel

The End Of Merkel? CDU Lawmaker Admits Germany Could Have A New Chancellor “By The End Of Next Week”

“This kind of has the potential to diminish the authority of [Merkel] and Horst Seehofer and it could well be that at the end of next week we have a new situation. Probably a new Chancellor.

Syria Sends More Troops To South Despite New US Warnings

The United States once again warned this week it would “take firm and appropriate measures” against the Syrian government forces should they continue pushing into the southwest of the country, which has long been held by Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other groups fighting the Assad government.

The state department issued a statement Thursday saying that any Syrian government action risks igniting a broader conflict, but didn’t specify what actions the US or its allies might take.

Image source: Sputnik

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A disturbing image of former President Barack Obama dressed as Satan has emerged online.The , which appears to have been taken by hope herself, was uploaded to her profile with a caption that included the phrase “class & grace” – a term often used by Obama supporters to describe the ex-POTUS:The image was deleted shortly after it was uploaded, but not before it was archived.When asked why she deleted the image, Hope responded saying:Copies of the photo have now begun circling on online message boards causing a huge amount of debate.Obama Dressed as Satan

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‘The Rampage’ – Israeli Supersonic Missile Built To Destroy High-Quality Targets In Iran And Syria

Image result for Israeli Supersonic Missile

The missile’s warhead will be guided by GPS-assisted inertial navigation system (INS) guidance package to hit enemy targets, which will allow the warhead to strike its target during the day/night and in any weather condition.

IMI Systems told Ynet that the missile could repel an electronic warfare attack, the company added, “additional algorithm-based navigation system as a backup will give the missile immunity.”

At the beginning of 2018, Syrian anti-aircraft missiles downed an IAF’s F-16 returning from a bombing campaign on Iran-backed positions in Syria.

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IG Report Confirms Obama Lied About Hillary Email Server

Thursday’s DOJ Inspector General report covering the Obama DOJ/FBI conduct during the Hillary Clinton email investigation confirms a bombshell that had previously been hinted at through WikiLeaks disclosures:

Obama lied when he said in 2015 that he learned of Hillary Clinton’s private email server through a New York Times report. 

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‘DISEASE X’: New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills 40% Of Those Who Contract, 100s Dead In China

Image result for bird flu

A “new” strain of deadly bird flu dubbed “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO) has killed hundreds of people in China, and is just three mutations away from becoming transmissible between humans, according to experts.

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This Abandoned Macy’s Is Now A Homeless Shelter Housing Its Former Employees

Image result for homeless

The Macy’s at the Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia used to be an iconic and historic building. In what is now undoubtedly a sign of the times, it has been converted into a homeless shelter until the property can be razed and its owner, the Howard Hughes Corporation, can repurpose the property and build something new at its location.

Even more telling, this homeless shelter houses many of those who used to work at the very same Macy’s.

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Hoover Dam incident and the OIG Report

Around noon, Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers received information that a man, later identified as Mathew P. Wright, armed with a rifle and in an armored vehicle was blocking the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge, which extends over the Colorado River at the Hoover Dam.

The black armored vehicle was parked crossways across the southbound lanes of the bridge, where the Arizona/Nevada state lines meet. The male suspect was reported outside of the vehicle holding a sign that said, “release the OIG report.”

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Engineered System over Chicago, 6-14-18

Patrick Roddie  – Manufactured storm during night – A giant fake system was engineered over Chicago, June 14, 2018 – and was captured by the GOES-16 geostationary satellite. A huge upburst of something that looked like steam billowed up before the sunrise and grew into a massive system shedding creepy tendrils. If this was water vapor, what heat source was available to create so much steam in the middle of the night?

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An Ice Age Is Near According to Hyperdimensional Physics

{This actually matches what the Lord has been saying, it is a really good read, and it might open your eyes to stuff – like why pyramids were build where they were built.}

Nikola Tesla (1857-1943) American inventor.

The premise of this paper is that there exists a science which can explain the increased seismic and volcanic activity on the planet and how it is a precursor to an impending and catastrophic ice age.

 Greatest Scientist of All Time

Tesla discovered the-so-called  “unified theory” principle which explains catastrophic volcanic and earthquake activity across our planet in which the central power source is coming from the 19.5 latitude on the planet. The 19.5 latititude is the key grid line on every celestial body. The grid line even runs through our solar system and across the galaxy.

Essentially, the Earth is presently going through a geological upheaval which has uprooted past ancient civilizations on our planet. For example, the past ice age on earth, well over 10,000 years ago, interacted with the pyramids. The British and the Egyptians repaired the Sphinx for water erosion damage at least three different times. The problem in believing that the Egyptians built the pyramids along with the Sphinx, is that climate experts tell us that there has not been enough water in the Nile River Valley to achieve that kind of water erosion that high up on the Sphinx and the pyramids since the last ice age. That kind of leaves the Egyptians out of the equation doesn’t it?

This paper is not about who built the pyramids in Egypt. However, understanding how ice ages occur explains why we can conclusively say that the Egyptians merely inhabited and incorporated the pyramids into their culture, but they had nothing to do with building them. And what happened to the pre-Egyptian region of the Nile River Valley is happening again on the planet earth and we are close to another ice age and the evidence strongly suggests that there will not be much warning.

The recent earthquake activity is predictive of what is coming.

Hyperdimensional Physics

When Tesla demonstrated that he could send free energy along the earth’s magnetic lines and light up a house in Denver with a power source emanating from Colorado Springs, a distance of 75 miles away, science changed forever. Unfortunately, Tesla, who had become darling scientist of the industrialists, was rejected because the elite could not put a meter on free energy. At this point in time, the discovery of what we most commonly call quantum physics, was buried, and the Newtonian 3 dimensional model was embraced to the exclusion of the hyperdimensional model. Newtonian physics  continues to be the dominant scientific model despite evidence that quantum physics (ie Hyperdimensional physics) was the far more complete theory.

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CONFIRMED: Google is actively censoring natural health websites to protect Big Pharma and destroy knowledge of natural medicine

(Natural News) There’s a strong argument to be made that if iron-fisted tyranny ever comes to America, the statists in Silicon Valley will be leading the charge. These people (including workers at Facebook, Twitter, and especially Google) think nothing of undermining the United States Constitution and the freedom of speech in order to fulfill the Left’s twisted political agendas. Silicon Valley’s ongoing and seemingly unstoppable censorship of the Internet is, to a large extent, planting the seeds of tyranny in the fabric of America.

Google censors content it doesn’t like

Late last month, Ray Gano published an article on his website discussing how Google is suppressing medical information and other content that the company deems unfit for readers. On page 108 of Google’s handbook, for example, Google states that “pages that directly contradict well established scientific or medical consensus for queries seeking scientific or medical information” are suppressed on its search engine, “unless the query indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.”

Notably, Google also states that “pages that directly contradict well-established historical facts (e.g., unsubstantiated conspiracy theories)” are also hidden from users, again, “unless the query clearly indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.”

The question, of course, is as follows: does Google have to abide by the United States Constitution and the freedom of speech as outlined in the First Amendment, or does it get to dictate which users get to practice their rights and which users don’t? Considering the fact that the Constitution is the highest law in the land, Google should be compelled to abide by it, regardless of whether or not the page contradicts “well established scientific or medical consensus” or “well-established historical facts.”

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The Trade War Begins: US Announces Target List On $50BN In Chinese Tariffs; Beijing Retaliates

Update:  Beijing responded that it would retaliate with tariffs in equal scale to the $50BN of duties on Chinese goods unveiled by the Trump administration.

“China will immediately introduce countermeasures of the same scale and strength,” an unnamed Chinese commerce ministry spokesperson announced on the ministry’s website.


Earlier in the day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a regular daily news briefing said that “If the United States takes unilateral, protectionist measures, harming China’s interests, we will quickly react and take necessary steps to resolutely protect our fair, legitimate rights.”

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