UPDATED 9:15 AM EST 8-20-18 : A Word from the Lord/ The Fall of Bali and America – Alison Pound (Huge Wave Anomaly Hits Lombok Area Where Strong 6.9M Earthquake Struck)


Just a word regarding latest quake in Indonesia today mag7. I remembered this word the Lord spoke back on Friday 14th October 2011. At the time, my daughter was in Bali on holiday, which is right near Lombok Indonesia. She had a terrible time coming up against a corrupt police force amongst other things. As she was in a taxi going to the airport, a mag6 earthquake struck. This is what the Lord told me afterward which concerns timing of Americas fall: Continue reading “UPDATED 9:15 AM EST 8-20-18 : A Word from the Lord/ The Fall of Bali and America – Alison Pound (Huge Wave Anomaly Hits Lombok Area Where Strong 6.9M Earthquake Struck)”

Wisconsin Company Injecting RFID Microchips Into Hands Of Employees

…For those unconcerned about being sniffed, or a dystopian future in which corporations and governments use the chips to track and collect private data on citizens, or machete-weilding thugs who might take your severed hand on a shopping spree, or that the chips are the “mark of the beast,” sounds like a great idea!

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Very bright fireball reported over Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina

A very bright fireball, at least 40 times as bright as the Full Moon, streaked across the night sky over the U.S. Southeast at 05:19 UTC (12:19 CDT) on August 17, 2018. The event lasted several seconds and was followed by a sonic boom. The American Meteor Society has so far received 42 reports from people living in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

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UN Forces will soon Be In Israel – Steven BenNun

The Vatican plan is moving along while the rest of the world listens to false teachers that tells them all is well. Israel will come under a UN force in the very near future and while Netanyahu plays the defense card to delude the people in believing the lies he knows the plan was to justify a UN force to protect Palestinians this way the NWO stage can be set.

California Christians, Prepare for Civil Disobedience

As California appears poised to pass a draconian bill that directly attacks your religious freedoms, it’s time for you to draw a line in the sand. If the bill passes, you must choose to obey God rather than man. It’s time for civil disobedience. I’m speaking about AB 2943, which the Senate just approved with by a vote of 25-11. Next is the Assembly, then the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown, then the length and breadth of your great state.

In an August 16 email, Greg Burt, Director of Capitol Engagement, California Family Council, explained the significance of AB 2943, which I previously dubbed the “Must Stay Gay” bill. He wrote, “With Thursday’s [Senate] vote, elected leaders told churches and those with biblical beliefs about gender and sexual orientation that advocating for their views could get them sued.” READ MORE

Pentagon says China military ‘likely training for strikes’ on U.S. targets

Image result for chinese Bomber

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China’s military has expanded its bomber operations in recent years while “likely training for strikes” against the United States and its allies, a Pentagon report released on Thursday said.

The assessment, which comes at a time of heightened U.S.-China tensions over trade, was contained in an annual report that highlighted China’s efforts to increase its global influence, with defense spending that the Pentagon estimates exceeded $190 billion in 2017.

“Over the last three years, the PLA has rapidly expanded its overwater bomber operating areas, gaining experience in critical maritime regions and likely training for strikes against U.S. and allied targets,” the report said, using an acronym for China’s People’s Liberation Army.

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(((ALERT!!!)))50000 Muslims in US Bank Stadium Celebrating Eid Al-Adha August 21 and 22, 2018

The Secret Plan of Muslims – Sneak Thousands Into the U.S. Bank Stadium for “Show of Power” YouTube has crippled our video. You can go to BitChute to watch and comment without censorship! YouTube, why are you such haters of freedom of speech? There is a secret plan to literally sneak fifty thousand Muslims into the Minnesota Vikings US Bank Stadium. Secret organizing! Secret entity rents the stadium. Fifty thousand people – two-day event on the 21st and 22nd of August at our Minnesota Vikings US Bank Stadium. That folks is tantamount to two Super Bowls back to back. We just had a Super Bowl here recently and capacity is between 60 and 65 thousand people! These folks have, in a very stealth fashion, invited 50 thousand people to be in the stadium on the 21st and 22nd – both days. Full story: https://wp.me/pa5V0g-41

Report: Trump, Putin, Agree to Push Iran Out of Syria

Many were wondering at the time what Presidents Trump and Putin were talking about when they met for two hours behind closed doors in Helsinki last July, raising speculations regarding Trump’s troubles from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of a collusion between the two prior to the 2016 elections. There was a lot of that, as well as a discussion of extending two arms control treaties between the US and Russia. But reports emerging from the White House on Thursday suggest that secret meeting was mostly devoted to Iran’s presence in Syria.
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More & More & More DEW Aerial Laser Proof ~ DEW Attack on Italian Bridge?


Russian strategic bombers conduct exercise near Alaska

Image result for Tu-160 supersonic

The Russian military says that two nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown to the easternmost Chukotka Peninsula, near Alaska, as part of an air force exercise.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Tu-160 bombers flew about 7,000 kilometers (4,350 miles) from their home base near Saratov in southwestern Russia to Anadyr, on Chukotka, before returning to their home base. The ministry said the mission was the first time the bombers had flown to Chukotka, which faces Alaska across the Bering Strait.
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How Satan Makes Inroads Into Christian Revivals

Image result for praise and worshipIt was during the praise and worship service just before I was to preach in a very lively “revival” church. It was a very festive atmosphere with people shouting, waving banners and running the aisles. As I quietly worshipped, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “The stronghold of deception is pride.”
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Two French rivers disappear underground in large cracks and sinkholes: The Doubs River (Franche-Comté) and the Risle (Normandy)

The Doubs River has disappeared, The Doubs River has disappeared august 2018, rivers disappear france august 2018, rivers disappearing france august 2018, rivière disparaissent france, le doubs a disparu, la riviere du douds a disparueThe Doubs river flows normally in Franche-Comté, France. But since about a week or so, the river has totally dried up over a length of more than 1 km, between Pontarlier and Morteau, although precipitation has been abundant this winter and spring. The river has disappeared, and with it, the fauna and flora. Everything is dead. Two weeks ago, 13km of the Risle River in Normandy also disappeared underground in a large crater. According to geologists, this unprecedented event is due to large cracks and craters in the riverbed.
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Public Prayer Rallies Display Islam’s Growing Strength In Europe

Image result for Islamic Prayer

A few months ago, a global media tempest erupted after Polish Catholics held a mass public prayer event across the country. The BBC deemed it “controversial”, due to “concerns it could be seen as endorsing the state’s refusal to let in Muslim migrants”.
The same controversy, however, did not erupt in Britain when 140,000 Muslims prayed in Birmingham’s Small Heath Park, in an event organized by the Green Lane Mosque to mark the end of Ramadan.
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China “likely” training pilots to target US, Pentagon report says

Image result for China PLAChina is actively developing its fleet of long-range bombers and “likely” training its pilots for missions targeting the US, according to a new Pentagon report.

“Over the last three years, the PLA has rapidly expanded its overwater bomber operating areas, gaining experience in critical maritime regions and likely training for strikes against US and allied targets,” the report says, using the acronym for the People’s Liberation Army, the official name of the Chinese military.
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UPDATE: 16 AUG 2018; the 17-20 Aug 2018 Dead Clown image – Penitenziagite


16 AUG 2018; the 17-20 Aug 2018

Dead Clown image which I think to be Trump. It may be a “political hit” that they do on The Donald.  But with many other conservative sites banned or throttled-down this will allow CNN, MSNBC, NY Times…etc (even FOX news) to set the narrative and keep repeating until the majority of the sheep bleat the tune they want. The deep-state take-down of conservative media may be to place MSM in the narrative setting seat when a major event occurs. Trump and the white hats are going after the Deep-state, elites and black hats in earnest.  What does a desperate animal do when cornered?

On the Mushroom cloud, the only event that I think could match is the Gaza uprising in Israel which matched the date range.  I am not a prophet folks.  All I do is look at current events and then look at the cover and see what ‘could’ take place… not what ‘will’ take place.

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London Mayor Wants A CAR BAN, Since Regulating Guns And Knives Failed

The mayor of the ever increasingly violent city of London is now seeking a ban on cars in certain areas after a “car attack.”  Since banning guns and regulating knives hasn’t worked, Sadiq Khan said he’s likely to ban cars to prevent future terrorist attacks.

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B.C. declares state of emergency as nearly 600 wildfires burn across the province, Canada

B.C. declares state of emergency as nearly 600 wildfires burn across the province, CanadaBritish Columbia has declared a province-wide state of emergency on August 15, 2018, due to raging wildfires. Although 2018 is already the 4th worst season on record, it’s still far behind record-breaking 2017. Previous declarations were in 1996, 2003 and 2017, which lasted 10 weeks.
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US to more than double the number of Marines in Norway, strengthening defenses along the border with Russia

Image result for US Marine howitzer in snowThe United States will more than double the number of Marines stationed in Norway, in line with plans first outlined in June, the Norwegian defense ministry said on Wednesday.  Read More…