Five-foot tsunami strikes Spanish resorts in Majorca and Menorca deluging roads and flooding beach bars and terraces

A five-foot tsunami has hit tourist beaches in parts of Majorca and Menorca. A wave measuring almost five feet hit Ciutadella on the west coast of Menorca in the early hours of Monday morning. Nearby beaches were also flooded by the meteotsunami, called a rissaga in Catalan Spanish. These are large, tsunami-like waves are triggered by disturbances in air pressure caused by fast-moving weather events, like thunderstorms.

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Watch: Hawaiian ‘Lava Bomb’ Creates “Chaos”, “Terror” As It Smashes Into Sightseeing Boat


We’ve already reported on just how dangerous so-called “lava bombs” – solid pieces of debris that are ejected from active volcanoes – can be as the ongoing eruption of Hawaii’s Mt. Kilauea has threatened the lives of nearby residents, forcing them to flee. One man even suffered a broken leg after being struck by a seemingly small (but powerful) piece of debris. The latest close call unfolded on Monday, when a volcanic explosion sent a basketball-sized “lava bomb” crashing through the canopy of a tourist boat. It exploded, showering passengers with molten rock, according to the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

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The Pentagon Wants to Bring Mind-Controlled Tech To Troops

Image result for mind controlThe idea of humans controlling machines with their minds has spun off sci-fi blockbusters like “Pacific Rim” and entire subgenres of foreign film, but while today skyscraper-sized fighting robots exist only on the big screen, the Pentagon is building technology that could one day make them a reality.

Today, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is selecting teams to develop a “neural interface” that would both allow troops to connect to military systems using their brainwaves and let those systems transmit back information directly to users’ brains.  Read More…


Image result for ChicagoPointing to investments in autonomous vehicles by companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Uber, Pawar observed that long-haul trucking jobs, historically a source of middle-class employment, may become obsolete. More people out of work means more political polarization, says Pawar.”We have to start talking about race and class and geography, but also start talking about the future of work as it relates to automation. All of this stuff is intertwined.”  Read More…

Obama delivers veiled rebuke to Trump in Mandela address

Obama opened by calling today’s times “strange and uncertain,” adding that “each day’s news cycle is bringing more head-spinning and disturbing headlines.”

“We see much of the world threatening to return to a more dangerous, more brutal, way of doing business,” he said.

A day after Trump met in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Obama criticized “strongman politics.”

The “politics of fear, resentment, retrenchment” are on the move “at a pace unimaginable just a few years ago,” Obama added.

“Those in power seek to undermine every institution … that gives democracy meaning,” he said.

The first African-American president of the United States spoke up for equality in all forms, adding: “I would have thought we had figured that out by now.”

Obama praised the diversity of the World Cup champion French team, and he said that those countries engaging in xenophobia “eventually … find themselves consumed by civil war.”

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Day care provider who hanged toddler sentenced to probation

MINNEAPOLIS – A former day care provider convicted of hanging a toddler has been sentenced to probation.

Nataliia Karia received 10 years probation on Monday for hanging a toddler in her daycare and running over two men with her minivan, before attempting suicide. She had faced 13 years in prison. All of the victims of the November 2016 incident survived their injuries.

Through an interpreter, Karia asked for forgiveness.

“I apologize and I don’t know if you will be able to forgive me. I have no excuse for what I did,” she said.

Judge Jay Quam said this is one of the hardest cases he’s ever had adding if this was a normal case, given everything that happened, he would give the most severe sentence that he could.

But he says this was not a normal case.

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Netflix TV Series called “American Jesus” about a 12-year-old-boy who discovers he’s reincarnated as Jesus Christ

{You can’t make this stuff up!}

Well, we finally know what’s been going on in Millarworld since it relocated to Netflix, as the streaming service announced Tuesday its first slate of films and series based on the stories of “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman” comic book creator Mark Millar.

The lineup includes two TV shows: “Jupiter’s Legacy” (to be showrun by Steven S. DeKnight) and “American Jesus,” about a 12-year-old boy who discovers he’s reincarnated as Jesus Christ. “He can turn water into wine, make the crippled walk, and, perhaps, even raise the dead,” reads the network’s description of the show, based on a 2009 comic book series.

Millar’s Netflix slate also includes three feature films — “Empress,” “Huck” and “Sharkey the Bounty Hunter.”

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Gaza’s Latest Weapon? Arson Bird Found Near Border With Israel

Gaza’s Latest Weapon? Arson Bird Found Near Border With Israel

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have used kites, balloons and flaming condoms to try to start wildfires across the border in Israel — and now a bird, according to Israeli authorities.

A falcon, outfitted with a harness tied to a steel wire with flammable material at the end, was found hanging in a tree near the Gaza border, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority said in a statement Tuesday. Inspectors putting out a fire nearby found the dead bird Monday afternoon, the authority said.

This is the first time an animal has been used to ignite fires during weekly border protests that began in late March, according to the authority. The organization said it’s considering filing a complaint under international treaties over the use of an animal for what it called terrorism.

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U.S. to Make More Drugs Easily Available, Cutting Role Docs Play

{This shouldn’t surprise you.  Ask yourself 1 question – how do the drug companies make more $? The 2nd question is why would they ever make a drug to fix you? Can’t sell more drugs to a healthy person}

(Bloomberg) — Americans may soon be able to get cholesterol-lowering medications and other widely used prescription drugs without seeing a doctor, a first step in what could amount to sweeping changes to how patients access treatments for chronic conditions.

The Food and Drug Administration in a draft guideline on Tuesday outlined how such a status, which the agency said could help lower health-care costs, would work. Patients could answer questions on a mobile-phone app to help determine whether they should be able to access a medication without a prescription.

“Our hope is that the steps we’re taking to advance this new, more modern framework will contribute to lower costs for our health care system overall and provide greater efficiency and empowerment for consumers by increasing the availability of certain products that would otherwise be available only by prescription,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement.

The proposal is meant to help companies start thinking about how they might seek approval for such drug sales. A new FDA regulation that would make the pathway official is expected next year. The move isn’t expected to lower the bar for shifting prescription drugs to over-the-counter status, Gottlieb said.

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Genetically modified babies given go ahead by UK ethics body

The creation of babies whose DNA has been altered to give them what parents perceive to be the best chances in life has received a cautious green light in a landmark report from a leading UK ethics body.

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics said that changing the DNA of a human embryo could be “morally permissible” if it was in the future child’s interests and did not add to the kinds of inequalities that already divide society.

The report does not call for a change in UK law to permit genetically altered babies, but instead urges research into the safety and effectiveness of the approach, its societal impact, and a widespread debate of its implications.

“It is our view that genome editing is not morally unacceptable in itself,” said Karen Yeung, chair of the Nuffield working group and professor of law, ethics and informatics at the University of Birmingham. “There is no reason to rule it out in principle.”

Shocking images and content on WBJ

There have been a few comments on some of the content & images that were posted on this site specifically by me.

First let me be clear, this website is NOT FOR KIDS. What kid should be reading about how the US will be split in 2 parts via a massive earthquake, how famine is going to come to our land, and how we will be invaded and destroyed?  Please tell me what is worst? Sex robot story how what I just described?  You are assumed to be an adult, you will be treated like an adult on this site, and you are going to be held accountable as such.

Having said that, apologies to people who have a hard time with some of the content, but did you read the disclaimer to the right of this website? The last sentence says “We do not endorse or necessarily believe everything in these articles, but we believe everybody should read and listen and make a decision for themselves.”. 

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Top icon Britney Spears has premiered a gender-free perfume.

On Monday, the former Disney child star released a highly-sexual ad for Prerogative, marketed as a “fragrance for all.”

description for the unisex product claims the new perfume “sets no boundaries” and “encourages you to release yourself from expectations, labels and judgements.”

“Be whoever you want to be. It’s your prages you [sic] to release yourself from expectations, labels and judgements. Be whoever you want to be. It’s your prerogative.”

The scent supposedly combines “Pink Pepper, Goji Berries, Apricot Nectar, mid notes of Red Calla Lily, Latex Petals, Espresso Foam and base notes of Smooth Sandal, Amber wood and Saffron Cream.”

Many fans on Twitter were appreciative, but expressed they’d rather have actual music than another fragrance.

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{WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT} FEELING BOT Sex robot addiction warning as clinic reveals risk of humans getting HOOKED on dirty droids

{SteveQ said these robots will become possessed by demons at some point.}

MORE access to artificially intelligent sex robots could fuel a rise in sex addiction, warn psychology experts.

The controversial pleasure droids are being manufactured by a range of companies in the US and Japan, including Californian sex tech startup Realbotix, makers of the Harmony 3.0 superdoll.

These male and female bots are expected to sell for around £8,000 in the UK.

While their creators claim they can prove a boon for struggling marriages and lonely or disabled men, experts aren’t convinced about their benefits to society at large.

Psychological therapist Dr Thaddeus Birchard told Daily Star Online that life-like robots featuring AI could be another outlet for sex addicts to express their compulsion.

Dr Birchard, who serves as the clinical director of the Marylebone Centre for Psychological Therapies, said they serve the same purpose as alcohol for people with drinking problems.

“It would just be another way of expressing sexual activity or addiction,” he explained.

“Sex addiction is a way to anaesthetise hard to bear feeling states…These include, but are not limited to, loneliness, shame, boredom, and stress.

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{WARNING: GRAPHIC WORDS} I live with my husband and my girlfriend

{Posted so you can see how messed up this world is and it just isn’t getting better! If you read the full article it speaks of how insane people are.  }

Man’s arm around woman’s shoulder and she’s holding the hand of another woman.

Gabby and Simon have been together for 10 years. While an open relationship had always been on the table for them, it became a reality 12 months ago.

The couple were on holiday in South Africa when Gabby spotted Nadine, who was their private chef in an up-market resort.

“The minute I saw her, I just knew it. The attraction was so incredible and so strong; all of our friends could see it,” remembers Gabby.

“I never considered myself to be into women, but I absolutely needed to be with her.”

And she was. They spent a passionate night together and their lives have been intertwined ever since. So how did Simon feel about his wife not only sleeping with someone else but that fact that she was a woman?

When your wife falls for someone else
“I actually encouraged it,” he says.

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Ron Paul Warns That When The “Biggest Bubble In The History Of Mankind” Bursts It Could “Cut The Stock Market In Half”

When this bubble finally bursts, will we witness the biggest stock market crash in U.S. history? “The bigger they come, the harder they fall” is a well used phrase, but I think that it is very appropriate in this case. From a low of 6,443.27 on March 6th, 2009, we have seen the Dow nearly quadruple in value since the last financial crisis. It has been a remarkable run, and it has lasted far longer than virtually any of the experts anticipated. But what goes up must come down eventually. This stock market bubble was almost entirely fueled by easy money from the Federal Reserve, and now that easy money has been cut off. The insiders can see the handwriting on the wall and they are getting out of the market at a pace that we haven’t seen since 2008. Could it be possible that the day of reckoning is finally at our door?

Of course we have been hearing warnings like this for a very long time. In fact, I have been warning about a market crash for a very long time. Just the other day, one of my readers insisted that if something was going to take place that “it would have happened by now”. In the Internet age, we have been trained to have very short attention spans, but financial bubbles don’t care about the length of our attention spans. They all inevitably come to a bitter end, but they don’t reach that end until they are good and ready.

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15 Flashpoints That Could Produce A “Perfect Storm” In H2 2018

Authored by Michael Snyder via The American Dream blog,

Events are beginning to greatly accelerate, and many believe that the ingredients for a “perfect storm” are starting to come together as we enter the second half of 2018.

Other than the continual drama surrounding the Trump presidency, things have been quite calm for the past couple of years. We have been enjoying a time of peace, safety and relative economic prosperity that a lot of Americans have begun to take for granted. But great trouble has been brewing under the surface, and many are wondering if we are about to reach a major turning point. Our planet is being shaken physically, emotionally and financially, and it isn’t going to take much to push us over the edge. The following are 15 flashpoints which could create world changing events during the 2nd half of 2018…

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Our Institutions Are Failing

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

Our institutional failure reminds me of the phantom legions of Rome’s final days.

The mainstream media and its well-paid army of “authorities” / pundits would have us believe the decline in our collective trust in our institutions is the result of fake news, i.e. false narratives and data presented as factual. Continue reading “Our Institutions Are Failing”

Scientist Discovers Mathematical Proof of God of Israel

The scientist who mathematically proved prophecy claims his formula has cosmic implications, showing that the creation of the world was calibrated according to the location of Jerusalem and the return of the Jews to Israel. According to the scientist, Saul Kullook, his discovery is indisputable proof of the existence of the God of Israel.

Last month, Breaking Israel News published a synopsis of Kullook’s remarkable discovery. Simply stated, he discovered that the dates of major events affecting the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel can be numerically obtained by a mathematical relation between two observable physical factors: the inclination of the planet and the latitude of the Biblical borders in Israel.

“This is not a theory,” Kullook explained to Breaking Israel News. “It was there, waiting to be seen. I just worked out the mathematical proof.” Continue reading “Scientist Discovers Mathematical Proof of God of Israel”

New San Francisco Mayor: “There’s More Feces… Than I’ve Ever Seen”

In an interview with local station NBC Bay Area, Breed acknowledged that the poo-coated city she was born and raised in has a “huge problem” she aims to clean up.

I will say there is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here,” Breed said.  “That is a huge problem and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans.”

Unfortunately, her solution is to simply ask the city’s estimated 7,500 vagrants to kindly stop with all the street-squatting and clean up after themselves. Considering that 39% of homeless surveyed in San Francisco’s “homeless census” claim to have mental health issues, we’re not entirely sure how this policy will work.

When pressed about whether her plan calls for harsher penalties against those who litter or defecate on city streets, Breed said “I didn’t express anything about a penalty.”  Instead, the mayor said she has encouraged nonprofits “to talk to their clients, who, unfortunately, were mostly responsible for the conditions of our streets.” –NBC Bay Area

“I work hard to make sure your programs are funded for the purposes of trying to get these individuals help, and what I am asking you to do is work with your clients and ask them to at least have respect for the community — at least, clean up after themselves and show respect to one another and people in the neighborhood,” Breed told NBC, referencing her conversations with nonprofit groups aimed at serving the homeless.

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Most Americans want some form of religious identity – Even atheists are creating churches

The number of self-proclaimed Christians is shrinking in America.

I’ve been collecting data on this trend for over 10 years, and the surveys reveal an important truth: Fewer people claim a Christian affiliation than ever before, and those who claim no religious affiliation are the fastest growing group in America.

But while fewer people may belong to Christian churches or communities, Americans will likely retain some form of religious identity – especially if what’s happening in Europe is an indicator of things to come.

new Pew Forum survey conducted in Western Europe reveals that Christianity is waning there even faster than it is in the United States. And while “most adults surveyed (in Western Europe) still do consider themselves Christians,” the vast majority of them don’t attend church services.

“In the United Kingdom, for example, there are roughly three times as many non-practicing Christians (55%) as there are church-attending Christians (18%).”

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Heartwarming moment cops buy boy a new pair of shoes after spotting him running around the park in dirty socks and bleeding from a cut on his foot

{Sometimes we all need some news about how people can be good!}

Two police officers are being hailed after they bought a boy a new pair of shoes (pictured) after they spotted him running around in dirty socks at a park in Everett, Washington 

Two police officers have warmed hearts across the nation after they spotted a boy running in the park with dirty socks and bought him a new pair of shoes.

The Tukwila Police Department sergeant and officer were patrolling at Cascade View Park in Everett, Washington, when they saw the boy on Thursday.

He was running around in torn-up dirty socks and they immediately noticed he was bleeding from a ‘decent sized cut’ on the bottom of his foot.

The sergeant cleaned up and patched up the boy’s foot with a first aid kid and asked where his shoes were.

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Beheadings Are Now Occurring: UN Sponsored Mexican Cartel Justice Comes to America

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) has previously met with officials from the U.S., Mexico and various Central American countries on the pretense of labeling the thousands of illegal immigrants as refugees. Indeed, the United Nations is now categorizing the present wave of immigrants as refugees from political and domestic violence that are merely seeking asylum in the United States. By declaring this to be the case, the United Nations is “lawfully” exerting their international power to force the United States to openly take in any and all refugees with welcoming arms, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

However, we are not just letting in people are in need of asylum, we are admitting a highly organized network of terrorists and their drug cartel partners. They have two missions: (1) create a narco-state in America like they have in Mexico; and, (2) to bring as much chaos to the country as possible in order to give the UN the justification to enter our country in force under the Kigali Principles.

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ALERT: Greyerz – The Global Reset Will Come Like A Thief In The Night

ALERT: Greyerz – The Global Reset Will Come Like A Thief In The Night

As the world edges closer to the next crisis, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies, told King World News that the global reset will come like a thief in the night.

Where have all the dollars gone? Long time passing
Where have all the dollars gone? Long time ago
Where have all the dollars gone? Uncle Sam has spent them everyone
When will he ever learn? When will he ever learn?

The Global Reset Is Coming
July 15 (King World News) – 
Egon von Greyerz:  When Pete Seeger wrote the famous song “Where have all the flowers gone” back in 1955, little did he know that the total US debt, which was a few hundred billion dollars at the time, would, 63 years later, be almost $70 trillion. 

But there is no reason why Seeger should have known. He was a singer-songwriter and his legacy will last a lot longer than Nixon’s, Greenspan’s, Bernanke’s, and all the other players that have contributed to this massive growth in credit and destruction of the dollar. While Seeger’s song – a work of art – is likely to be around for at least another 50-100 years or longer, all the opportunists that have destroyed the US economy, and thus the world economy, will soon be forgotten…

Egon von Greyerz continues:  “It is absolutely unreal how the world pays so much respect to mediocrity or even incompetence when it comes to running the financial system. Central banks and their heads have created this monster balloon which is now waiting to be popped. They have given the world the impression that they have been instrumental in saving the world economy. The central bank chiefs that managed to retire before the balloon burst can count themselves lucky. In my view, the luck is now in the process of running out for the present ones.

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The $247 trillion global debt bomb

{Did you read this post? Think about this, the blast will come from inside America, but the effects will be seen and felt around the world? What did you think the Lord was thinking of? It is ECONOMIC – the kick-off event was being described in that post, and the effects of that event will be seen and felt around the world.  Things won’t go the way people think it will, this will be long and painful, don’t assume 1 and done, take a look at those people in Venezuela. Folks, we are sheep being setup for the slaughter! Look around you, deception and distractions abound!}

The untold story of the world economy — so far at least — is the potentially explosive interaction between the spreading trade war and the overhang of global debt, estimated at a staggering $247 trillion. That’s “trillion” with a “t.” The numbers are so large as to be almost incomprehensible.

Households, businesses and governments borrow on the assumption that they will service their debts either by paying the principal and interest or by rolling over the debts into new loans. But this works only if incomes grow fast enough to make the debts bearable or to justify new loans. When those ingredients go missing, delinquencies, defaults and (at worse) panics follow.

Here’s where the trade war and debt may intersect disastrously. Since 2003, global debt has soared. As a share of the world economy (gross domestic product), the increase went from 248 percent of GDP to 318 percent. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, global debt rose by a huge $8 trillion. The figures include all major countries and most types of debt: consumer, business and government.

But to service these debts requires rising incomes, while an expanding trade war threatens to squeeze incomes. The resort to more tariffs and trade restrictions will make it harder for borrowers to pay their debts. At best, this could slow the global economy. At worst, it could trigger another financial crisis.

Chicago’s last Sears to close for good Sunday

Mike Lord remembers treating the Sears at Six Corners as a neighborhood hangout when he was a kid.

When his parents pushed to turn off the TV and get outside, he would sneak over to the store’s TV department to watch Cubs games.

“It was my babysitter when I couldn’t get friends together to play ball,” said Lord, 59, who was shopping at the store Friday and still lives a few blocks away.

The Six Corners store, on the edge of Chicago’s Portage Park neighborhood, will shut its doors for the last time Sunday, two months shy of its 80th anniversary. The closure is part of Sears effort to turn around its business after years of losses and declining sales, but when the store rings up its final sale, the city will lose one more link to a hometown company that used to be the world’s largest retailer.

Plans to redevelop the site already have been announced, but neighbors have seen a redevelopment across the street drag on. They’re waiting to see whether Six Corners, at the intersection of Milwaukee and Cicero avenues and Irving Park Road, can regain its status as a bustling retail district.

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US Message To Assad: “We Will Pull Out Of Syria If Iran Withdraws” (This is Laughable!)

As Presidents Trump and Putin are set to meet Monday in Helsinki, efforts toward winding down the proxy war in Syria will no doubt be high on the agenda.

We explained previously that the diplomatic cards for ending the war seem to have fallen into place as just days before the historic summit Netanyahu said in a stunning turnaround for Israeli policy fresh off his own visit with Putin in Moscow that “Israel does not object to President Bashar al-Assad’s regaining control over all of Syria” so long as Iranian forces are pushed back from the Israeli border, according to the New York Times.

And now according to a new bombshell report, US military commanders have conveyed to Syrian President Assad via Russian mediation that “we will pull out of al-Tanf and the North if Iran withdraws from Syria.”

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Israeli Rockets Strike Syrian Military Position in Aleppo – Reports

Related image

Israel has made a rocket strike on Syrian military position north of Nairab airport in Aleppo, local media reported.

The strike by Israeli armed forces on Syrian military position has caused material damage, Reuters reported, citing Syrian state media.

Syrian Arab News Agency has quoted a military source as saying that Israel had struck Syrian military position north of the airport in Aleppo.


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