They will be mourning and lamenting in sack cloth and ashes. Pray for peace for My Israel… Father's judgment has come.

25 September Bible Study Sister Wendi Lee
In the beginning of My Holy Creation there was great bliss. There was beauty for situation. There will be again when My Beautiful Israel is cleansed. My Son will hear them call out to Him “Blessed is the Name of The Lord our Messiah Jesus Yeshua”. They will be mourning and lamenting in sack cloth and ashes. Pray for peace for My Israel and Holiest City on My Earth. Peace that can only be from the heart of My Son Yeshua. Mighty and Worthy is His Name they will say.  America Babylon you ignore My Judgments because it hasn’t affected many places. My Final Birth Pangs come and they will be your judgment. My Faithful Children do not jump to your fleshly conclusions concerning My Son’s Grace. The time of the Gentiles fullness will usher in a new and terrible era, The Great Wrath of God. Has Father not said to come to ME? Yet most do not. Father continues to tell all My Daughter has no answers and no opinions. She is in constant prayer with My Son about all of your comments. Why doesn’t she answer you say? Father tells you she only does as My Perfect Son Yeshua leads her. As many of you have a job that God Jehovah has given you she has been placed in My Ministry online and now in the world. Her job is most difficult for she and all of My Messengers deliver difficult sayings from Papa Yaheveh. How many of you dwell in My Secret Place? Those of you who are waiting for God Jehovah’s Instructions, be still and know that I AM God.
Papa God Yaheveh has spoken.
King Yeshua
My Beautiful Faithful and True Children of Mine. You have all been tested and put through the furnace of afflictions. I have recorded every tear and every heartache. But who AM I?  AM I not the great physician? AM I not the one who calms the stormy seas? I give My Children hind’s feet. I feed you from My Hand. I give you all of Me. Those who acknowledge Me and put Me as your Lord and Master of your life. Have you humbled yourself completely unto My Feet? Have you given your Risen Saviour the chance to show miraculous events? If you do not walk in My Spirit but walk in the flesh I tell you I cannot and will not bless you. I cannot and will not bless as stained garment. However use this time that judgments have not affected your area as of yet to get close to Me. Make Me your All in All. I will change your heart as you seek My Refreshing Waters. I will clothe you in My Glorious Presence. Hurry,  hurry, hurry as you see with your own eyes that Father’s judgment has come. Seek Me early in the morning and I will give you the desires of your heart. King Yeshua your Most Powerful Messiah for I AM that I AM have given these words directly to My Lowly and Humble Scribe Wendi Lee.