I will not send My Son Yeshua until this world is turned completely upside down..there is no true repentance in your nation America Babylon – Wendi Lee

15 October Bible Study  Sister Wendi
Daughter it is I the Great I AM speaking through you for you are one of My Chosen Mouthpieces. Write My Words Wendi Lee. I sent My Holy Only Begotton Son not to bring peace to the world but a sword. This sword of my spirit separates the soul from the spirit and discerns the thoughts and intents of My Children. I God Jehovah know every one of you whether you accept this knowledge of Me is to your fleshly will. I made you in your uniqueness to give Me the Glory. Some of you bathe in My Perfect Son’s Presence and yes you can not get enough of Yeshua your Bridegroom. This pleases your Righteous and True Father so that I AM smiling from ear to ear. Hearken to Your Father My Unfaithful Bride you say that My Son is no wife beater as you want to justify in your wicked heart that you will simply disappear from off this earth when “things” begin to happen. Father says ask wisdom and knowledge of Me. I will not send My Son Yeshua until this world is turned completely upside down. However this time My Son’s Wise Virgins will be about My Business, working such miracles that even My Early Apostles never did and all will be done by My Power. This will be the last harvest and the sweetest. My Remnant Bride are you ready to take on the most exciting job I God Jehovah has ever given you? For when you are not expecting it, it shall come and you will feel My Holy Spirit Wind rushing upon you.  Love Father God Yaheveh Time Eternal.
King Yeshua
As My Daughter scrambles to be on time I calm her. Children of Mine  and will not tarry as My Father’s Timing is perfect. I nurture each and every one of you and raise you up to be doing My Purpose for me. When did I ever say in My Word that this life you are in was going to be a walk in the park. While I give you times such as those they are to refresh you and to revive you. The rest of the time I AM still working on My Prize possession. O how  I adore and dote upon you to My Father yes children I AM proud of you those who stay with Me and keep Me number one in your life even through your most agonizing hours. Remember I will restore up to one hundred fold. Hold on to My Promises there is no true repentance in your nation America Babylon. Therefore you shall continue to feel My Heat of My Father’s Wrath for you wicked children of mine. Yeshua speaks, hear what My Spirit is saying to My Prophetess and Friend Wendi Lee.