MESSENGERS – 278Pikelk

October 18, 2017
My daughter write My words for those with ears to hear. Do not undervalue your messages, My messengers. Each one of you are fulfilling a specific job. Your own hearts also benefit from My words in important ways. These words are encouragement to many, but are meant to also aid in completing My journey within your hearts as well. Listen carefully for My voice now, My loves. There are many who are searching to fill the emptiness left in their hearts by your dark and cruel world. Many that may not pick up, let alone possess the Bible, will seek and find Me through these messages. My messengers, grow not weary of spreading My truth and good news regarding My love for My creation, and My perfect plan of salvation, allowing for My creation to be reconciled to Me. Serve in joy and the peace now, My children. Do not shrink back, do not give up when the mockers and the religious come against you. Rejoice, for even the most prideful heart can be circumcised by My mercy. Always remember, My loves, that I am right by your side, and I will never leave you or forsake you. Serve Me joyfully knowing that the messages you receive and share will not come back void. These messages will begin to melt hearts and keep people searching for Me. Peace will be fleeting in these last days, so much so, that people who have never given Me a thought will begin to wonder and seek after Me. Your manmade religions have left many people empty and feeling confused and hopeless. I am not confusing, and I AM hope. Share this, My loves. Share My pure and simple gospel of love and perfect reconciliation. My work is finished, and though the pride of man is a stumbling block put in place by the enemy to lead many astray, the truth of My simple gospel will always win out. When a man allows Me to remove his pride, his eyes will open to My truth, and he will realize that there is no other way and that nothing can be added to or removed from My truth. My children, you are in a fallen world, full of darkness and deceit. Focus on Me and receive My love for you. Allow Me to keep you moving forward in your walk. When you stumble, look up. When you stray, I am a glance away. I heal broken hearts and dry tears, My children. There is nothing you will face that I have not already conquered. Though we reside in this world of darkness, spread My love, spread My joy, and spread My peace that passes all of your understanding. Live every day in the midst of the Blessed hope that is Me, and let no one steal this from you. My face shines upon you My loves, and I will never look away. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Jesus