Woe Woe Woe to the Emerald City, the Jewel by the Sea, I Will Smite You – Julia Louise

Feb 2016

I received this message during my morning prayer and scripture devotional time. I am a resident of Spokane, Washington which is 300 miles east of the city of Seattle.
Initially, I heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ and then the voice changed and I realized that I was hearing the voice of God the Father Almighty. The voice that I heard was calm, stern and angry. God the Father Almighty spoke for a long time about his anger against our region. However, I was left with the following short message to share with others regarding Seattle, Washington:
“Woe, woe, woe to them. Oh, Emerald City, the jewel by the sea, I will smite you. Oh, how your ways grieve me. In your pride and arrogance, you mock me. I will bring destruction upon you.”
I was then given a vision. I saw God the Father Almighty on his heavenly throne. His face bore a look of fierce consternation, and his body was turned to the right while looking downward to the right. In this vision, God the Father Almighty had his right arm raised and in his right hand he held a lightning bolt.
I then saw a second clear image of downtown Seattle. After receiving this message from the Heavenly Father, I sensed that whatever judgment will come upon Seattle is much like what the ancient city of Alexandria Egypt experienced when that city collapsed into the sea during a massive earthquake.
Following this message from the Heavenly Father, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to research the meaning of the “three woes.” The prophet Amos warned of three woes against the nation of Israel. The biblical meaning of “woe” is destruction, and three is understood to mean completion such as three in the heavenly trinity. I think this message from God the Father Almighty foretells of complete destruction of the city of Seattle unless the residents of that city humble themselves and turn to the Lord in complete repentance, prayer, and fasting.