4 thoughts on “2018 Prophetic Show – Glynda Lomax”

    1. All that you spoke on your show Glynda is lining up with what others are saying, and with what I have been shown in the spirit through dreams, visions and often through events taking place here and abroad. One question I have that concerns me is the thought that Obama will be president again. I do not see how that can happen, unless laws are changed. There still seems to be enough people who stand on the truth to thwart any such idea. I believe we are in a season of extended grace as the Lord tries to warn His people of what is on the horizon. We must remember that : “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without reveling His plan to His servants the prophets. ( Amos 3:7 )
      I have often been deemed rebellious and “out of touch” when I have proclaimed Jer. 1:10 We first need to “uproot and tear down, overthrow and destroy” before we can “build and plant” I believe the Church is ill prepared for what is about to transpire, and as you say, many will fall from the faith during the coming times of sorrow. ( Mt. 12 ) Their roots ran parallel with the Word of God, never sinking deep into the heart of the Father.
      Yes, intimacy is key in this hour for those who understand the times and seasons we are in. I had an incident in which I wept bitterly for some time. I asked the Lord what this was all about. He told me: “I have given you a taste of my sorrow. Many want my love, my blessing, my gifts, but few want the burden of my heart.” Many “Christians” view God as some kind of cosmic teddy bear who chuckles at our transgressions. Yet: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” ( Pr. 9:10 ) Not as a treacherous ruler, but as a righteous and just judge.
      You spoke of the Bible being outlawed, it already has been in the hearts of many! Tear a page out of the Quran and millions rise in protest. In Afghanistan, 50, 000 Bibles were destroyed by American troops because it “offended” the locals…..( true story ) It will not be hard to outlaw the Word, simply because most of the Church does not follow what it written, let alone read it! Scripture says many will betray each other and have each other put to death. That’s a scary scenario! We are in a time when standing on the Rock will put your life in jeopardy. Many will not count that cost…..
      I will leave with the words of a nineteenth century theologian Abraham Kyuper: “When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your call, and peace has become sin; at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and foe, with all the fire of your faith…..Dwayne…..><(("< Heed the words of the watchman and be saved, or ignore them and be judged!!!

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