False Flag – Benjamin Faircloth

“The fog of war has settled upon your nation, but few people see this reality! They are blinded by the false narrative of peace and prosperity!
Gross darkness shall cover this nation and many will fall into dismay and despair!
My Veil of Grace that has covered this nation has been removed, this is why the exposure you see daily, it is your punishment to bear!
A False Flag event is coming that will shake this nation, the “pretense” for war and invasion; many will die for the sake of greed, many will hide for the sake of fear, but I say unto the nations, “I have warned you through My Word, I have foretold you through My Son, I have called you by My True Church, but like a dog who returns to its vomit, you have not listened and you will abide in your folly!
What shall I say to you, oh perverse and wicked nation? What more could I do to wake you from your slumber? Look around you and what do you see? Plenty-Abundance and Beauty, but it was not enough for you, you still cry for more!
My time of looking the other way is over! I will set My Head as a flint, for I have determined that I will visit you with sorrow and great pain. You have been weighed, the
balance is the proof that your iniquity is full! Prepare for WAR My Saints! Behold, I will visit you in this dark hour with My Glory and My Shield! Victory is mine and Victory will be yours!
(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 16)


4 thoughts on “False Flag – Benjamin Faircloth”

  1. This reminds me of a nearly identical blog post from Feb. 2007. She said the same thing about the fog of war and veil of grace being lifted and that war would come to the US in the summer of 2007. I bookmarked her blog but I no longer have that computer.

  2. Hi Jeff, This is Joe from Z3. Could this be the same Fiery False Flag event you saw? Also could it be a revenge attack against all the secret indictments initiated against deep state by President Trump?

    1. Yes I am thinking it is the same fiery event that I have been told about.
      I never thought about it being revenge for the Jerusalem decision but it could be!

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